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t h e 2 018 s ‑ class the last time you went to a school science example by leading fair you were competing with homemade after the fair you walk with your niece to volcanoes and a clock powered by a potato the parking lot some parents are quietly tonight you’re here at the request of your holding trophies the students carry their niece and what you’re discovering most is projects they’re all still excitedly talking that times sure have changed the kids are to each other about them — and you join in writing code not peeling potatoes and any as you reach your car one of them notices fake lava tonight will be erupting from an your new s‑class — its leds greeting you accurately 3d-printed miniature of kilauea with their glow “whoa!” he gasps “is this the one with the hot stone massage and the students and adults shuffle from one aroma­therapy?” your niece rolls her eyes display to

driver assists toantici pat e w h at ’ snexta few years ago in your previous s ‑ class it help detect a range of hazards6 perhaps seemed like a feature from the future but it’s a car you’re closing in on too quickly it wasn’t long before using cruise control or a pedestrian in a city crosswalk a deer in stop-and-go traffic — letting radar adapt in the darkness a car about to rear end your speed5 — felt totally natural you knew yours or you making an evasive move or it wasn’t auto-pilot staying extra-focused getting drowsy or even unresponsive in situations like offramps — when the sudden lack of a car in front told the radar to as it senses these dangers your s ‑ class resume your set speed even though it was can alert you assist your actions initiate time to slow down but today you watch as braking if you don’t prepare the cabin its your new s ‑ class slows

technology to renew your energy it’s been a long day but if the traffic coop the 64‑color ambient lighting and even the erates you might make it home for dinner available massaging driver seat and heated with your family for a change but now that armrests — to help create a wellness expe you’ve left the office goal number one is rience like vitality freshness joy or even to actually leave it behind steering your three programs to exercise your muscles s ‑ class onto the freeway you notice your suitable music accompanies each session tight grip on the wheel you want to find the including five stored tracks plus the music switch that turns off your business brain on your own device — analyzed in the back the budget you’re still juggling the debate ground based on their beat and tempo you’re still arguing the presentation you keep editing it’ll all be there tomorrow coincidentally by resting your

the sedans with every generation an s‑class starts out ahead of its time and in any crowd it stands apart by staying ahead of it looks that everyone looks up to distance assist distronic® cruise control never keeps you in the dark can one car set the benchmark for stylish­ and active steering assist.5 active versions the s‑class innovated led ambient cabin ness not likely but the s‑class continues of the standard lane keeping11 and blind lighting in the 1990s as research showed to inspire both admiration and imitation a spot assists.12 a radar and camera-based that riding in a completely dark cabin was few years down the road other cars might system that can alert you to vehicles or stress-inducing for 2018 you can choose attempt to capture its elegant detailing pedestrians crossing into your path and from 64 colors to suit — or set — your mood refined aerodynamics and athletic stance even initiate braking if you

sedan cabin along with a visionary preview of the car of tomorrow an s‑class delivers a one-of-a-kind experience you can enjoy today first-class comfort crafted to last and six massage programs — including two front-row entertainment even in back from the abundance of space to its most with a spa-like “hot stone” effect the cen germany’s renowned handcrafter of fine precisely tailored stitch an s‑class sedan ter and door armrests can be heated too home audio burmester ® has created two goes about everything on a grand scale it systems for the s‑class both continually welcomes you with soft-close doors and the rear cabin offers a variety of seating reprofile the sound spectrum not merely illuminated front door sills it invites you configurations including numerous power the volume and feature exquisitely drilled to stay with fittings that are finely tailored adjustments such as reclining outboard aluminum grilles the

since 1967 amg has turned victory on the track into passion on the streets of the world determined dominant decisive a handcrafted v8 takes the s 63 to a new chrome mesh grilles in its front apron are an amg steering wheel and amg instru­ peak its 603 hp is the work of twin turbos the first clue that the amg s 65 is brilliant menta­tion imprint the luxurious s‑class set into the engine’s “hot v,” camtronic by every measure a handcrafted 621‑ hp cabin with a performance pedigree the variable valve lift and dynamic engine biturbo v12 thrusts to 60 in 4.2 seconds super­sized brakes feature 6‑piston front from touring-car racing to the formula 1,® no one can match the track record of mercedes -amg and it all started with an s‑class mounts a multi­clutch amg speedshift a paddle-shifted amg speedshift plus calipers with red calipers or ceramic com in its first half-century amg has made racing history over

the cabriolets when you reach for the stars they all also ride on air — and handle too if you set your sights high and drive yourself the semi active airmatic® suspension to reach your goals you’re likely to achieve can instantly adapt to driving dynamics success achieving a position of leadership and your inputs as the driver the multiple takes far more and maintaining it — in an modes of new dynamic select can also ever-changing world — is yet another level vary the throttle response shifting behav entirely in the driving world it’s likely no ior and more from composed comfort to car has driven the world like the s‑class enhanced efficiency to aggressively ath and while it continues to bring the future tune the car’s character to suit the condi closer it’s never lost touch with its history tions or your state of mind letic one switch on the console lets you which is one reason it

2018 s‑class mbusa.com/s -sedan mbusa.com/s coupe mbusa.com/s cab specifications s 450 sedans s 560 models amg s 63 models amg s 65 models engine 3.0l v6 biturbo w/direct injection 362 hp 5,500–6,000 rpm 369 lb‑ft 1,800–4,500 rpm 4.0l v8 biturbo w/direct injection 463 hp 5,250–6,000 rpm 516 lb‑ft 2,000–4,000 rpm handcrafted amg 4.0l v8 biturbo w/direct injection 603 hp 5,500–6,000 rpm 664 lb‑ft 2,750–4,500 rpm handcrafted amg 6.0l v12 biturbo automatic transmission 9g-tronic 9-speed w/shift paddles 9g-tronic 9-speed w/shift paddles amg speedshift mct 9-speed w/shift paddles amg speedshift plus 7-speed w/shift paddles acceleration 0–60 mph9 5.4 sec rwd sedan 4.6 sec all others 4.5 sec 3.4 sec sedan 4.2 sec coupe cabriolet 4.0 sec wheels1 18 twin 5‑spoke w/all‑season extended mobility tires staggered-width 19