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standard and available equipment may vary by model please see back of

t h e 2 018 mercedes m ay bach the bellman remembers your name it has extended benefits been nearly a year since you’ve stayed in the last time you came here you flew even this hotel but as he opens your car door though it’s only a few hundred miles from you know exactly why you’ve come back it home and while you were seated in first isn’t just the spaciousness and furnishings cabin the remainder of your journey made nor the location and view it’s a feeling on you long for the glamorous days of flying arrival that you won’t be disappointed — in portrayed in old photos and movies the fact as far from that as one can get you final announcement on the plane — the one glance back from the walkway as the bell where they say “we know you have a choice man’s gloved hand gently guides the car’s in airlines”— got you thinking if you were door to its latch he not only

2018 mercedes-maybach keyfe at ures performance biturbo v8 or v12 power adaptive or active suspension and available all-wheel drive take to the road with confidence composure and the elegant grace of a true athlete biturbo v8 s 560 9 speeds 4matic® all‑wheel drive and self-leveling adaptive airmatic® suspension handcrafted biturbo v12 s 650 7 speeds rear-wheel drive and fully active magic body control with curve function and camera-based road surface scan dynamic select drive modes design 19 or 20 cast-alloy or forged-alloy wheels1 artfully aerodynamically sculpted sedans majestic double-bar grille new chrome lower trim heighten your comfort with their extended length exquisite new details advance their style while elevating their timeless appeal elegant bodywork on a wheelbase lengthened by 8 new ultra wide beam led headlamps “stardust” led taillamps and 64‑color led ambient cabin lighting panorama roof available with

performance enviable position for any true leader being envied is neither but reading the specs of your mercedes the goal nor a benefit admiration can feel maybach can’t compare to feeling them rewarding emulation is an honor to earn and it’s engineered to be uniquely reward and while imitation can flatter it’s far more ing from any of its seating positions from gratifying to be an inspiration but none of the helm eight or 12 twin-turbocharged these are what motivate a leader to lead cylin­ders deliver a red-blooded rush in a that comes entirely from within the drive cool-headed hush from the spacious rear to invent and reinvent to create and rede cabin the rigid body supple chassis and fine to advance and enhance for wilhelm advanced technology perform every move maybach it was the drive to engineer the with poise and precision passengers may engine and assist gottlieb daimler in the admire the driver’s enthusiasm the driver creation of automobiles that

craftsmanship undiluted grandeur there was a time when one didn’t merely of embroidered pillows for the rear cabin buy a luxury automobile one would com careful inspection will reveal that your mission it sending a bare chassis off to a eyes are not the first to do so note for coachbuilder who would fabricate its body example how the stitches never touch the and fashion its interior a notable exception tiny perforations that ventilate each seat was germany’s sindelfingen coachworks or how square button tufts embellish the here the most highly skilled of mercedes available designo semi-aniline leather benz artisans painstakingly crafted cars in-house that occupied the same echelon while eight additional inches of wheelbase in motoring society as other marques’ out extends rear-seat comfort appreciably the side body makers today they may share body is not merely stretched bespoke rear the same museum floor or the lawn at a doors and quarters flow with grace and

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extraordinary measures nothing overlooked fast finesse to changing loads challenging nothing overstated a mercedes-maybach sedan extends the roads and driver-selected modes thanks polished chrome accents highlight a new pleasures of motoring to new dimensions to computer-controlled air springs with front apron and underscore a grand double its basis is a car that has set the standard 463 hp 516 lb‑ft of torque and a smooth bar grille redesigned led headlamps dis for all automobiles for generations but it’s new 9g‑tronic 9‑speed transmission it play distinctive triple-band running lamps no mere stretch of the iconic s‑class far can whisk you to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds4 —  by day by night their new ultra wide beam more important than its added length are to make merges seamless and the acqui technology reveals more of the road while the lengths it goes to satisfy your comfort sition of cruising speed feel effortless the

extraordinary measures whether you’re its pilot or a passenger a mercedes-maybach raises first-class travel to new heights without leaving the ground crafted for comfort appointed for ambiance screens and wireless remotes for individ whether you’re driving or being driven a powerful yet quiet 4‑zone climate control ual control of viewing and comfort options mercedes-maybach is designed to elevate is augmented by an ionizing purifier and standard comand® includes navi­gation6 your experience its front seats are heated an atomizer that can subtly diffuse any of with live traffic and integrates apple car and ventilated their support is precisely six fragrances pleasing your senses with play™ and android auto.7 wireless charging and easily adjustable via visual on-screen out lingering on surfaces new 64‑color for compatible phones8 is available in the menus from your shoulders down to your led ambient lighting offers multiple zones front and rear

2018 mercedes-maybach build your own specifications mbusa.com/maybach mercedes-maybach s 560 4matic sedan mercedes-maybach s 650 sedan dimensions mercedes-maybach s 560 4matic sedan mercedes-maybach s 650 sedan 4.0l v8 biturbo with direct injection 463 hp 5,250–6,000 rpm 516 lb‑ft 2,000–4,000 rpm handcrafted 6.0l v12 biturbo 621 hp 4,800–5,400 rpm 738 lb‑ft 2,300–4,300 rpm wheelbase overall length 132.5 215.0 132.5 215.0 automatic transmission 9g-tronic 9-speed with shift paddles 7g-tronic 7-speed with shift paddles overall height overall width 59.0 83.9 59.0 83.9 acceleration 0–60 mph4 5.8 sec 4.6 sec curb weight 5,181 lbs 5,324 lbs wheels1 staggered-width 20 multispoke with all‑season extended mobility tires staggered-width 20 multispoke with all‑season extended mobility tires suspension 4‑wheel multilink with self-leveling airmatic®

upholstery paintwork exclusive nappa leather designo exclusive semi-aniline leather   all models ruby black metallic magnetite black metallic anthracite blue metallic lunar blue metallic emerald green metallic obsidian black metallic selenite grey metallic diamond silver metallic iridium silver metallic designo diamond white metallic designo mocha black metallic designo allanite grey magno matte designo cashmere white magno matte   all models upholstery colors black nut brown/black silk beige espresso brown porcelain/black magma grey espresso brown exclusive nappa leather exclusive nappa leather exclusive nappa leather exclusive nappa leather exclusive nappa leather mahogany silk beige silk beige deep sea blue silk beige titanium grey pearl silk beige satin red pearl exclusive nappa leather designo exclusive semi-aniline leather designo exclusive semi-aniline leather designo exclusive semi-aniline leather trim black poplar wood black light burl walnut wood designo black

the vision mercedes-maybach 6 cabriolet heritage charges toward tomorrow a vision of the future debuts at the world’s most prestigious classic car event the annual pebble beach concours d’elegance gathers some of the most significant and celebrated automobiles in history and while many are one of a kind their common link is that each was once boldly ahead of its time the vision mercedes-maybach 6 concept is both a tribute to the handcrafted cabriolets of the past and a sensual emotional preview of the future riding on 24 wheels it wraps a body nearly 20 feet long around a 750‑hp all-electric powertrain and a truly haute couture cabin in crystal white nappa

mercedes me makes it easy to stay connected to your car — and to your life it can make any trip easier more enjoyable or more entertaining and it’ll bring you a world of rewards for being part of the family get started at mbusa.com/mercedesme maybach accessories yo urworldisright at yo urfingertips from connection to inspiration the power of a tap or your voice driving a mercedes benz opens up a world mercedes  me lets you remote-start your of special benefits the mercedes me app car from your iphone® or android ® phone on your smartphone teams with five years plus lock locate and monitor it via your of mbrace® connect services — standard.2 phone google home or amazon® alexa together they can keep you in touch with you can also send a destination directly your car let you remote control numerous to its navigation system get more from its features and offer you easy access to your features with helpful how‑to