2018 MB S-Class Maybach by Mercedes-Benz USA

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extraordinary measures whether you’re its pilot or a passenger a mercedes-maybach raises first-class travel to new heights without leaving the ground crafted for comfort appointed for ambiance screens and wireless remotes for individ whether you’re driving or being driven a powerful yet quiet 4‑zone climate control ual control of viewing and comfort options mercedes-maybach is designed to elevate is augmented by an ionizing purifier and standard comand® includes navi­gation6 your experience its front seats are heated an atomizer that can subtly diffuse any of with live traffic and integrates apple car and ventilated their support is precisely six fragrances pleasing your senses with play™ and android auto.7 wireless charging and easily adjustable via visual on-screen out lingering on surfaces new 64‑color for compatible phones8 is available in the menus from your shoulders down to your led ambient lighting offers multiple zones front and rear cabins and voice control thighs in corners they can actively boost dual-color themes or gently changing hues can learn how you talk and operate a vari your side support the menu of massages that tie in with energizing comfort control ety of entertainment and comfort features might outdo your favorite spa from sooth you can welcome in the sun and stars via ing “hot stone” treatments to invigoration the panorama roof or keep harsh rays and engineered to ease your way of your muscles on a long journey and in prying eyes at bay with power sunshades a pioneering network of standard cameras addition to the steering wheel all the arm overhead behind you and in the rear-cabin multirange radar and other sensors can rests and door trim can be warmed too side windows and by embedding electro­ watch the road ahead and all around to magnetic particles into the glass of the help make driving safer and easier its sys virtually all of these benefits are afforded panorama roof the available magic sky tems include active distance assist dis to the rear cabin as well — whether the control lets you darken it electrically tronic® cruise control and active steering ® outboard positions of the standard 3‑pas assist,9 active blind spot10 and lane keep senger configuration or the available twin from germany’s renowned handcrafter of ing11 assists cross-traffic and pedestrian executive seats both seating setups also fine home audio the burmester high-end detection,12 and night view assist plus.13 provide power calf rests and up to 43° of 3d surround sound system’s 1,190‑watt new enhancements include route-based recline on both sides the right passenger amp mixes analog and digital signals for speed adaptation that taps into gps data ® also enjoys a power footrest plus controls natural sound in any musical genre its to enhance distronic cruise control plus on the door to power-adjust the right front 26 speakers include rotating illuminated one-touch active lane change assist,14 seat for even greater legroom when there tweeters surround-sound speakers in the active speed limit assist,15 evasive steer is no front passenger present dividing ceiling and a trunk-mounted subwoofer ing assist,16 and congestion emergency the twin executive seats a wood-trimmed with its own 400‑watt amp the rear seat braking.12 in all it’s the state of the art in console conceals heated and cooled cup enter­tainment system includes a pair of flat staying ahead of delay and above the fray holders and a pair of sleek aluminum and leather-trimmed fold-out writing tables a refrigerated compartment5 can be provided behind the center armrest as can a set of magnetic-base champagne flutes by renowned silversmiths robbe berking.® exclusive nappa leather is fitted by hand to the seats ceiling dash and virtually every cabin surface that’s not already trimmed in wood or satin aluminum nor occupied by a functional feature even more exquisitely crafted designo semi-aniline leather is available in diamond-quilted silk beige with any of three contrasting color accents and a pair of matching lap pillows your options in hand-polished wood trim include the classical warmth of light burl walnut dramatic black poplar and black hand-finished wood and hand-fitted leather let you ride in timeless luxury groundbreaking technology drives the automobile into a new age of motoring piano lacquer with or without blonde pinstripes in a “flowing lines” pattern 17 please see endnotes at back of brochure.