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t h e 2 018 mercedes m ay bach the bellman remembers your name it has extended benefits been nearly a year since you’ve stayed in the last time you came here you flew even this hotel but as he opens your car door though it’s only a few hundred miles from you know exactly why you’ve come back it home and while you were seated in first isn’t just the spaciousness and furnishings cabin the remainder of your journey made nor the location and view it’s a feeling on you long for the glamorous days of flying arrival that you won’t be disappointed — in portrayed in old photos and movies the fact as far from that as one can get you final announcement on the plane — the one glance back from the walkway as the bell where they say “we know you have a choice man’s gloved hand gently guides the car’s in airlines”— got you thinking if you were door to its latch he not only knows you he to choose a mode of travel based purely on knows your mercedes-maybach he lets enjoyment elegance and easiness where the soft-close mechanism finish the task —  would you be seated on your next trip like it’s the bellman’s bellman as he turns toward the lobby with your bags you share you pictured yourself reclined in a leather a brief grin yours is for the way he earned lined oasis while you relax with a movie a your trust his is for knowing he has extraordinary furnishings an exceptional level of handcraftsmanship and exclusive new luxuries raise the fine art of traveling by automobile to a new state of the art chilled beverage and a hot stone massage there were no lines no turbulence and no waiting for your luggage it would be finer than first class it would be even more special than the mercedes-benz s‑class —  itself a pinnacle of luxurious travel the forefront of innovation and a beacon of inspiration for its entire industry it would lengthen the wheelbase of that iconic sedan and heighten its ability to satisfy your every sense it would be grander in presence yet even finer in its details with exquisite materials incomparably crafted it would be travel at your own pace in your own space to your own standards it can be — it is — your own mercedes-maybach 4