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performance enviable position for any true leader being envied is neither but reading the specs of your mercedes the goal nor a benefit admiration can feel maybach can’t compare to feeling them rewarding emulation is an honor to earn and it’s engineered to be uniquely reward and while imitation can flatter it’s far more ing from any of its seating positions from gratifying to be an inspiration but none of the helm eight or 12 twin-turbocharged these are what motivate a leader to lead cylin­ders deliver a red-blooded rush in a that comes entirely from within the drive cool-headed hush from the spacious rear to invent and reinvent to create and rede cabin the rigid body supple chassis and fine to advance and enhance for wilhelm advanced technology perform every move maybach it was the drive to engineer the with poise and precision passengers may engine and assist gottlieb daimler in the admire the driver’s enthusiasm the driver creation of automobiles that would go on is sure to notice the passengers’ bliss but to race and sell under the name mercedes neither is likely to wish they could trade places that sense of envy is left to those a history of making history in other cars — and those who make other what began more than 130 years ago has cars for anyone who can turn admiration only accelerated since more than 100,000 into inspiration someday they may get to patents offer evidence more important are experience what you’re enjoying right now the number of breakthroughs that set new perhaps you’ll even lead them there standards for all cars upon their debut and through continual advancement — some for decades — remain benchmarks today the mercedes-maybach is also an s‑class which means generations of firsts unify to form a new state of the art consider its agile yet supple suspension it is 4‑wheel independent first innovated in the 1930s multi­link ’80s and either adaptive ’90s or fully active the s 650’s camera-based magic body control® adds a new curve function that can lean into corners like a skier or cyclist you’ll also find catalogs of breakthroughs in the new biturbo v8 and 4matic® all-wheel drive of the s 560 7 the performance legacy that a mercedes-maybach advances can be summed up in two ways unsurpassed experience and an unsurpassed experience for you.