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craftsmanship undiluted grandeur there was a time when one didn’t merely of embroidered pillows for the rear cabin buy a luxury automobile one would com careful inspection will reveal that your mission it sending a bare chassis off to a eyes are not the first to do so note for coachbuilder who would fabricate its body example how the stitches never touch the and fashion its interior a notable exception tiny perforations that ventilate each seat was germany’s sindelfingen coachworks or how square button tufts embellish the here the most highly skilled of mercedes available designo semi-aniline leather benz artisans painstakingly crafted cars in-house that occupied the same echelon while eight additional inches of wheelbase in motoring society as other marques’ out extends rear-seat comfort appreciably the side body makers today they may share body is not merely stretched bespoke rear the same museum floor or the lawn at a doors and quarters flow with grace and concours d’elegance but unlike most of grandeur a fitting — and tailor-fit — tribute those coachbuilders — and even many of to the coachbuilders in its unique heritage the car brands — automobiles of the finest it’s sculpted to carry itself with elegance order are still being crafted in sindel­fingen and to carry you with a sense of majesty on a grand scale to the finest detail the time it takes to create your mercedesmaybach is evident on every surface from its brilliant chrome grille to the hand-polished wood encircling its cabin its ceiling door sills and sunvisors are tailored in fine nappa leather nappa leather also swaths the seats doors armrests and dash trim —  what makes a car tomorrow’s classic starts with how captivating it is today with diamond-pattern stitching plus a pair 10