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extraordinary measures nothing overlooked fast finesse to changing loads challenging nothing overstated a mercedes-maybach sedan extends the roads and driver-selected modes thanks polished chrome accents highlight a new pleasures of motoring to new dimensions to computer-controlled air springs with front apron and underscore a grand double its basis is a car that has set the standard 463 hp 516 lb‑ft of torque and a smooth bar grille redesigned led headlamps dis for all automobiles for generations but it’s new 9g‑tronic 9‑speed transmission it play distinctive triple-band running lamps no mere stretch of the iconic s‑class far can whisk you to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds4 —  by day by night their new ultra wide beam more important than its added length are to make merges seamless and the acqui technology reveals more of the road while the lengths it goes to satisfy your comfort sition of cruising speed feel effortless the new taillamps glisten with a “stardust” and yet be a joy to drive the spaciousness of its accommodations is outmeasured by effect and whether parked or in motion in the new s 650 a handcrafted biturbo v12 its wheels match presence with poised how accommodating it is from seats that matches sublime smoothness with extra­ performance a sizable 20 they’re avail support and soothe to technology that can ordinary strength sending peak output of able in a variety of styles that includes two adapt to and even anticipate your needs 621 hp and 738 lb‑ft of torque to its rear exclusive forged-alloy wheels.1 if your road and while its majestic design and meticu wheels it can reach 60 mph in 4.6 seconds conditions demand a more complaisant lous detailing are distinctive it’s also one fully active magic body control uses a tire specification 19 wheels are available of the most distinguished ways to travel camera to scan ahead to sense bumps and as well the promise a mercedes-maybach ® dips before you feel them its advanced makes with its styling it upholds with its hydraulics can actively generate forces to substance a powerful sense of grace born the 2018 mercedes-maybach portfolio lets help counteract the effects of the road equally from athleticism and aesthetics you choose from two powertrains to suit surface on ride and handling and a new nothing underachieved your driving needs and then outfits both curve feature can lean into corners much of them to the same exquisite standard like a slalom skier does to help maintain the new s 560 4matic sedan teams a 4.0l your comfort even on winding roads quite biturbo v8 with the added year-round likely the most advanced suspension in 3 confidence of permanent all-wheel drive production the dramatic moves it makes its airmatic® suspension responds with at each wheel aim to keep the car’s body steady — and more importantly to keep your body at rest and feeling at ease please see endnotes at back of brochure a mercedes-maybach carries itself as elegantly as it carries its passengers it’s not merely stretched but artfully and aerodynamically sculpted to command the eye as well as the road 16