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performance to set elegance in motion the morning sun turns the damp road into and quicker to respond — even if you need a glistening ribbon of gold a long sweep to downshift multiple gears at once so you ing curve tempts you with its glow as you can make a passing maneuver the sus approach but you’re wise to its wiles its pension self-lowers to save fuel and feel slight outward tilt the well-masked bumps more secure at speed it also self-levels as and the subtle sharpening that sneaks up loads vary and adapts as roads vary and on you midway through your s‑class keeps with programs from comfort to sport you in charge of it its minuscule responses new dynamic select offers more than may be imperceptible but you can feel the a range of driving modes it gives you the sum of it all tenacity precision and focus power to suit your driving mood invoking calm composure on a family trip inspiring the elegance of athleticism confidence in sketchy

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foreseeing star best performance in a leading role and more responsive and both the s 450 standard-bearer trendsetter beacon of and s 560 send torque to the tarmac via a inspiration with all the roles the s‑class choice of sporty rear-wheel drive or nim is known for it’s anything but famous ble fuel-efficient9 4matic® all-wheel drive for being famous for generations it has been an object of desire for drivers and for a pair of amg super-sedans unite the many passengers and the subject of emulation enhancements for 2018 with handcrafted for virtually every other automaker it has biturbo engines that each unleash more pioneered and patented countless innova than 600  hp in the s 63 a v8 conspires tions in safety performance and luxury —  with amg performance 4matic all-wheel from antilock braking to adaptive cruise drive to achieve 0–60 in 3.4  seconds a control to ambient cabin lighting all while v12 can catapult

senses of occasion along with a visionary preview of the car of tomorrow an s‑class delivers a one-of-a-kind experience you can enjoy today first-class comfort crafted to last and six massage programs — including two front-row entertainment even in back from the abundance of space to its most with a spa-like “hot stone” effect the cen germany’s renowned handcrafter of fine precisely tailored stitch the s‑class cabin ter and door armrests can be heated too home audio burmester ® has created two goes about everything on a grand scale it systems for the s‑class both continually welcomes you with soft-close doors and the rear cabin offers a variety of seating reprofile the sound spectrum not merely illuminated front door sills it invites you configurations including numerous power the volume and feature exquisitely drilled to stay with fittings that are finely tailored adjustments such as reclining outboard aluminum grilles

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since 1967 amg has turned victory on the track into passion on the streets of the world from touring-car racing to the formula 1,® no one can match the track record of mercedes-amg and it all started with an s‑class in its first half-century amg has made racing history over and over it began not with a sports car but with the “red sow,” a big brash s‑class sedan that amg founders aufrecht and melcher transformed into a track champion what amg learns in racing they take to the street developing technologies that don’t merely perform they outperform case in point new amg performance 4matic can send up to 100 of the s 63’s massive torque to its rear wheels and with their exquisitely crafted cabins and industry-advancing innovations the amg s 63 and amg s 65 elevate performance to two distinct pinnacles and accelerate the legacies of both the s‑class and the red sow please see endnotes at back of brochure determined

upholstery leather   s 450 paintwork nappa leather exclusive nappa leather designo exclusive semi-aniline leather   s 450 s 560   s 560   s 450   s 450 s 560 nappa leather   amg s 63 exclusive nappa leather or designo exclusive semi-aniline leather nappa   amg s 65   amg s 63 black ruby black metallic magnetite black metallic anthracite blue metallic lunar blue metallic emerald green metallic obsidian black metallic selenite grey metallic diamond silver metallic iridium silver metallic designo diamond white metallic designo mocha black metallic designo allanite grey magno matte designo cashmere white magno matte semi-aniline   amg s 63 s 65 upholstery colors black silk beige espresso brown nut brown/black porcelain/black magma grey espresso brown leather nappa leather or exclusive nappa leather leather nappa leather or exclusive nappa

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