2018 MB S-Class Sedan by Mercedes-Benz USA

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t h e 2 018 s ‑ class the last time you went to a school science example by leading fair you were competing with homemade after the fair you walk with your niece to volcanoes and a clock powered by a potato the parking lot some parents are quietly tonight you’re here at the request of your holding trophies the students carry their niece and what you’re discovering most is projects they’re all still excitedly talking that times sure have changed the kids are to each other about them — and you join in writing code not peeling potatoes and any as you reach your car one of them notices fake lava tonight will be erupting from an your new s‑class — its leds greeting you accurately 3d-printed miniature of kilauea with their glow “whoa!” he gasps “is this the one with the hot stone massage and the students and adults shuffle from one aroma­therapy?” your niece rolls her eyes display to another each one briefly earning but her smile tells you she’s enjoying the their fixation a few garner audible gasps attention just a bit you smile back for the of amazement at one end of the gym an same reason as she gives her classmate army of trophies stands on a table — rows of a tour of your car “you can change lanes little golden soldiers and a few tall ones with the turn signal,” she tells him “and it even from a distance it’s pretty easy to uses gps to adjust the cruise control.” calculate that no kid will be going home empty-handed tonight it makes you sigh a on the drive home you and your niece talk little but only until you realize it’s the only about science technology and people she display that all the kids are ignoring and beams about how her ideas might some you go back to being amazed day make people’s lives better — maybe safer or healthier or just more enjoyable year after year the s-class stays true to its mission to be the one car that every car looks up to and every driver looks forward to it’s clear she’s inspired to improve not just her world but the world and it’s obvious she’s been studying up on your s‑class she knows which features are the first of their kind she knows its life story starts at the very first car and she’s really enjoying the hot stone massage the only thing she isn’t talking about is what’s in the trunk the tallest trophy from that table it’s clear she’s like you that way sure awards and races can be won but respect admiration and emulation — those can only be earned 6