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sl facebook.com/mercedesbenzusa linkedin.com/company/mercedes-benz-usa instagram.com/mbusa twitter.com/mbusa youtube.com/mbusa 2018 the personal rewards of striving to be the best are even more meaningful in the development of young people than they are for automobiles instilling the values of leadership goal-setting discipline and teamwork in youth is an investment in everyone’s future it’s why mercedes-benz usa is collaborating with the laureus sport for good foundation with an ongoing commitment to train and place hundreds of coaches for after-school and in-school sports programs in communities around the country sports offer kids more than the chance to be physically active and have fun it’s also an opportunity to have a mentor who can guide them help them learn how to deal with major life issues and help them grow stronger not just physically but in their character as a mercedes-benz driver you become a part of this effort to give hundreds of thousands of

standard and available equipment may vary by model please see back of

t h e 2 018 s l “go faster dad!” the words nearly burst remember the first time you laid eyes on from your mouth but he kept his steady one the fleeting glimpse of a glamorous calm pace you felt the shoulder belt tug neighbor whisking away the flash of lights as you leaned forward as if it were agree as it spun on an auto-show turntable the ing that your father would not be playing film footage of it dashing past a checkered paparazzi today the sports car rounded flag or stealing the scene in a hollywood the next bend bouncing a flare of sunlight romance wherever it happened the vision off its shiny deck before it vanished from has remained vivid in your head because sight but the vision etched into your mind the dream has stayed strong in your heart a glimpse a glimmer a lifelong dream you imagined what it must feel like behind if you know what a mercedes-benz sl is —  the wheel which sensation would prevail not just what one looks like but the soul

2018 sl keyfe at ures performance biturbo power v6 v8 or handcrafted amg v8 and v12 biturbo power is deftly delivered via seven or paddle-shifted 9‑speed or amg speedshift® 7–speed nine paddle-shifted speeds and announced via a symphonic exhaust five drive modes from comfort to sport fine-tune its reflexes transmission with electronic console selector dynamic select drive modes sport exhaust with active sound adaptive-damping or amg fully active suspension design 19 or mixed 19 20 wheels in a variety of designs1 advanced aerodynamics and technology diamond-block grille with chrome pins sl 450 sl 550 are enveloped in timeless style the power panorama roof transforms the sl from skyview coupe to open-air roadster in seconds power-retractable panorama roof eight cabin trim options from fine woods to carbon fiber amg exterior carbon fiber and night styling packages amg sl 63 and amg sl 65 safety radar-based active brake

performance time r aces on the red needle of the tachometer grazes in part that’s because the sl’s bloodline the large number 4 as you exit the curve traces to the very first auto race its agile you squeeze the right shift paddle letting chassis has roots in such mercedes-benz the revs unwind as the road follows suit a suspension firsts as 4‑wheel independent symphony of engine sounds and g‑forces multilink and active — debuted over a wide accompanies a sequence of grips — hands span of decades yet each still a benchmark on the wheel seats bolstering your sides and all still present on the sl spec sheet brake pads turning friction to confidence even the range of driving modes that you and ultimately tires converting your inten can dial in via its dynamic select system tions to intensity motion and pure elation has origins in the electronic controls that mercedes -benz introduced to cars’ trans poised under

craftsmanship    t imestandsstill you didn’t even notice when the sun went stitched leathers are treated to reflect down but the clock atop the dash tells the ravages of sunlight and available in as you it was over an hour ago a faint scat many as 14 colors trim options include a tering of stars begins poking through the range of satin and gloss woods two colors dark blue canvas of the sunday evening of piano lacquer natural bamboo textured sky a few more miles and you’ll be home aluminum or carbon fiber you can choose but you’re in no rush to turn this weekend from five steering wheels — three trimmed getaway into “got back.” your sl has given in matching wood — and black red or silver you plenty of rushes in the last two days —  seat belts and the ambient lighting lets winding through the mountains until you you accent it all in any of three colors you can see the

engineering new-age enlightenment seductive style is an sl tradition that started with the first ones the 1950s “gullwing” and roadster so is wrapping that style around advanced body construction that benefits the way an sl balances roadster freedom with the serious needs of safety handling precision and efficiency like the first the latest sl features an aluminum body structure that’s light in weight but loaded with innovation a mode for every mood while the rigid construction of the sl contributes to its handling precision dynamic select lets you flex its muscle five selectable modes fine-tune the throttle mapping shift points adaptive suspension damping and more — all with the touch of one button i n n ovat ionwithinsight an advanced network of standard and available systems utilizes radar cameras and other sensors to watch traffic ahead and all around.5 from cruising to changing lanes to parking an sl offers numerous ways to help make every

passion that can’t be contained an sl has a way of uniting some seemingly opposite perspectives in perfect harmony its classic roadster proportions are at once highly advanced — aerodynamically honed and embossed leather they further assert to hold the road and equally balanced as their performance credentials in a number a closed coupe or with its hardtop folded of ways the driving modes of dynamic compactly into the trunk its interior keeps select let you vary the adaptive damping you coddled in its thoughtful luxuries even and the exhaust note among other param as it delivers you the great outdoors it can eters torque vectoring brake can favor turn a chilly evening into the ideal time for the outside rear wheel as you power out of a top-down drive and it can bring you the turns for more confident control.5 and for sun and stars even with its top up but with a near-supernatural level of composure the top down an sl lets you openly dis active body control

extrovertible even its power hardtop moves with the grace of an athlete acrobatically vaulting into the trunk in a matter of seconds the standard hardtop is a panorama roof —  airscarf® can wrap your shoulders and and weather.7 also standard are apple a concept first introduced to the industry neck in warm air from vents below each carplay™ and android auto they pair your by the sl its tinted heat-rejecting trans head restraint a heated steering wheel is iphone® or android® phone with the sl’s parent panel lets you take in the sky even available too — or you can opt for a wheel displays and controls to bring you their when the top is up or block it out with a trimmed in wood to match the console or own interfaces apps and voice control.9 manual sunshade also pioneered by the with dinamica microsuede side grips protective instincts sl is its magic sky control standard ® on the sl 65 and optional on the others its

since 1967 when two engineers began turning mercedes-benz sedans into championship racecars amg has turned victory on the track into passion on the streets of the world a pair of roadsters born from dual racing legacies competitive spirit superlative specs if racing improves the breed imagine a sports car bred from two based on active body control the amg performance suspension champion bloodlines actually there are two both with handcrafted teams advanced electronics and hydraulics to actively counteract biturbo power the 577‑hp v8 amg sl 63’s litany of amg hardware pitch dive and roll with millisecond-quick response and multiple includes high-performance compound brakes a limited-slip diff modes an optional setup adds two-stage damping that’s also multimode exhaust and 19 amg 10‑spoke wheels the 621‑hp v12 30 firmer damping in sport mode silver or optional red calipers amg sl 65 ups the ante with forged 19 front and 20 rear wheels

2018 sl build your own specifications engine type power torque automatic transmission acceleration 0–60 mph4 mbusa.com/sl sl 450 sl 550 amg sl 63 amg sl 65 dimensions sl 450 sl 550 amg sl 63 amg sl 65 3.0l v6 biturbo w/direct injection 362 hp 5,500–6,000 rpm 369 lb‑ft 2,000–4,200 rpm 4.7l v8 biturbo w/direct injection 449 hp 5,250 rpm 516 lb ‑ft 1,800–3,500 rpm handcrafted amg 5.5l v8 biturbo w/direct injection 577 hp 5,500 rpm 664 lb ‑ft 2,000–4,500 rpm handcrafted amg 6.0l v12 biturbo wheelbase overall length 101.7 182.3 101.7 182.3 101.7 182.3 101.7 182.3 51.2 82.6 51.2 82.6 51.2 82.6 51.2 82.6 9g -tronic 9-speed w/shift paddles 9g-tronic 9-speed w/shift paddles amg speedshift® mct 7-speed w/shift paddles amg speedshift plus 7g -tronic 7-speed w/shift paddles curb weight 3,825 lbs 4,012 lbs 4,123 lbs 4,222 lbs

upholstery leather paintwork nappa leather   sl 450 sl 550   sl 450 sl 550 designo exclusive nappa leather   sl 450 sl 550 amg nappa leather amg designo exclusive nappa leather amg exclusive nappa leather black polar white brilliant blue metallic dolomite brown metallic iridium silver metallic magnetite black metallic obsidian black metallic selenite grey metallic designo cardinal red metallic designo diamond white metallic designo selenite grey magno matte amg designo exclusive nappa leather   amg sl 63  nappa   amg sl 63  designo nappa   amg sl 65  nappa   amg sl 65  designo nappa upholstery color black ginger beige espresso brown bengal red/black crystal grey/black saddle brown/black leather nappa/amg nappa exclusive/amg exclusive nappa leather nappa/amg nappa18 exclusive/amg exclusive nappa18 leather nappa/amg nappa exclusive/amg

mercedes me makes it easy to stay connected to your car — and to your life it can make any trip easier more enjoyable or more entertaining and it’ll bring you a world of rewards for being part of the family get started at mbusa.com/mercedesme genuine accessories yo urworldisright at yo urfingertips from connection to inspiration the power of a tap or your voice driving a mercedes-benz opens up a world with mercedes  me you can remote-lock of special benefits the mercedes me app unlock locate and monitor your car from on your smartphone teams with five years your iphone® or android® phone as well as of mbrace® connect services — standard.3 google home or amazon® alexa you can together they can keep you in touch with also send a destination directly to your your car let you remote-control numerous car’s navigation system get more from its features and offer you easy access to your features with helpful