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performance time r aces on the red needle of the tachometer grazes in part that’s because the sl’s bloodline the large number 4 as you exit the curve traces to the very first auto race its agile you squeeze the right shift paddle letting chassis has roots in such mercedes-benz the revs unwind as the road follows suit a suspension firsts as 4‑wheel independent symphony of engine sounds and g‑forces multilink and active — debuted over a wide accompanies a sequence of grips — hands span of decades yet each still a benchmark on the wheel seats bolstering your sides and all still present on the sl spec sheet brake pads turning friction to confidence even the range of driving modes that you and ultimately tires converting your inten can dial in via its dynamic select system tions to intensity motion and pure elation has origins in the electronic controls that mercedes -benz introduced to cars’ trans poised under pressure a rush anytime mission throttle and braking systems you muse at the numerals on the tach and all they represent a thousand revolutions that 1,000‑mile race record from 1955 has of the engine and countless revolutions never been broken neither has the prom in performance that the sl has pioneered ise the victory held for every sl to come progressed and propagated to other cars not just to win races but to make sports cars that win the trust of their drivers the in the course of a 1,000‑mile race in 1955 admiration of their competitors and the a mercedes-benz 300 slr earned a place the hearts of pretty much everyone — but in the record books by completing it in just most of all you right now and anytime under 10 hours 8 minutes in the current minute the duet of turbos under your sl’s hood spins as many as 200,000 times to compress the intake air before it’s fed into the engine direct injection — an innovation introduced to production cars by an sl —  uses piezoelectric technology to introduce a finely atomized incredibly precise spray of fuel rapid-multispark ignition fires the mixture up to four times in a row — within the milliseconds of a combustion cycle in the few seconds4 it takes to reach 60 mph less than five in the sl 450 four seconds when your story starts at the first checkered flag and reads like a glossary of performance milestones that’s more than a history it’s a soul or less if you’re in an amg model it’s as if the history of motorsports has coursed through your sl’s veins — and yours 7 not available on some models please see back of brochure.