2018 MB SL-Class by Mercedes-Benz USA

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craftsmanship    t imestandsstill you didn’t even notice when the sun went stitched leathers are treated to reflect down but the clock atop the dash tells the ravages of sunlight and available in as you it was over an hour ago a faint scat many as 14 colors trim options include a tering of stars begins poking through the range of satin and gloss woods two colors dark blue canvas of the sunday evening of piano lacquer natural bamboo textured sky a few more miles and you’ll be home aluminum or carbon fiber you can choose but you’re in no rush to turn this weekend from five steering wheels — three trimmed getaway into “got back.” your sl has given in matching wood — and black red or silver you plenty of rushes in the last two days —  seat belts and the ambient lighting lets winding through the mountains until you you accent it all in any of three colors you can see the ocean — but right now you’re can change at any time — to suit the mood in the mood to savor time not save it you’re in or set a new one for a car that’s so good at doing things quickly your sl is staying power even more adept at making every moment a roadster embraces the sky above just as matter and every mile memorable eagerly as it hugs the road underneath it and while an sl roadster always charges into the future it also embraces traditions that have defined it for nearly two-thirds of a century how it feels comes not just from its engineering but from the artistry of its design and the artisanry with which it’s crafted its chassis inspires you to go places its cabin invites you to stay which is the basic formula for enjoying the ride few cars inspire love at first sight like a roadster no roadster makes the passion endure like an sl how your sl comes to life is a formula you can concoct for yourself supple carefully 10