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passion that can’t be contained an sl has a way of uniting some seemingly opposite perspectives in perfect harmony its classic roadster proportions are at once highly advanced — aerodynamically honed and embossed leather they further assert to hold the road and equally balanced as their performance credentials in a number a closed coupe or with its hardtop folded of ways the driving modes of dynamic compactly into the trunk its interior keeps select let you vary the adaptive damping you coddled in its thoughtful luxuries even and the exhaust note among other param as it delivers you the great outdoors it can eters torque vectoring brake can favor turn a chilly evening into the ideal time for the outside rear wheel as you power out of a top-down drive and it can bring you the turns for more confident control.5 and for sun and stars even with its top up but with a near-supernatural level of composure the top down an sl lets you openly dis active body control abc® is a fully active play your affection for the sport of driving suspension option whose curve function four roadsters for the open road slalom skier to elevate the joy of cornering leans into corners like a motorcyclist or few cars have earned such singular recognition over their lifetime as the sl — from a pair of amg sl roadsters combine hand track star to movie and tv star and yet crafted horsepower with a racing pedigree few cars also offer you so many choices in evident throughout their running gear the how you configure your own starting with a amg sl 63’s 5.5l v8 unleashes 577 hp and range of four models — all featuring biturbo 664  lb‑ft of torque with a snarl of its power and staggered-width 19 wheels.1 a active exhaust and a 4.0‑second run to 60 362‑hp 3.0l biturbo v6 whisks the sl 450 its quick multiclutch amg speedshift® from 0 to 60 in just 4.9  seconds.4 amg® mct 7‑speed can offer rev-matched multi lower body styling wraps its sculpted front gear downshifts the sl 65 claims the top apron side sills and rear valance around rung in the ladder with a 621‑hp/738‑lb‑ft 5‑spoke wheels v8 power in the sl 550 v12 amg speedshift plus 7g‑tronic nets you 449 hp 516 lb‑ft of torque and a 7‑speed and a 0–60 time of 3.9 seconds 4.3‑second rush to 60 mph amg 5‑spoke amg dynamic select in both models wheels are standard both models greet adds a race mode while torque vectoring admiring eyes with a diamond-block grille is provided by esp ® curve dynamic assist tipped in glistening chrome and they each wears its own 10‑spoke amg wheel treat enthusiastic drivers to a 9g ‑tronic style and setup with the sl 65’s in forged transmission with nine speeds shift pad aluminum with inch-larger 20 rear wheels dles and an electronic gear selector in the console that’s a sculpture of aluminum multiple ways to take in the sky no matter which sl you choose it’s like how an sl moves is also how it moves you it brings its athletic achievements to life just as elegantly as its aesthetic ones having two cars in one with the top and all four power side windows closed you can enjoy coupelike quiet and sleek style in less than 20 seconds via a console control the windows lower and the top acrobati­ cally vanishes into the trunk in the process an electric trunk partition automatically extrovertible moves into place while the rear window pivots 180° so the folded top can nest more compactly — to retain more space for luggage or golf bags with the top down a power trunklid with hands-free access optional on the sl 450 eases loading 15 please see endnotes at back of brochure.