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slc facebook.com/mercedesbenzusa linkedin.com/company/mercedes-benz-usa instagram.com/mbusa twitter.com/mbusa youtube.com/mbusa 2018 the personal rewards of striving to be the best are even more meaningful in the development of young people than they are for automobiles instilling the values of leadership goal-setting discipline and teamwork in youth is an investment in everyone’s future it’s why mercedes-benz usa is collaborating with the laureus sport for good foundation with an ongoing commitment to train and place hundreds of coaches for after-school and in-school sports programs in communities around the country sports offer kids more than the chance to be physically active and have fun it’s also an opportunity to have a mentor who can guide them help them learn how to deal with major life issues and help them grow stronger not just physically but in their character as a mercedes-benz driver you become a part of this effort to give hundreds of thousands of

standard and available equipment may vary by model please see back of

t h e 2 01 8 s l c weekends are for sleeping in right but invitation to drive with a plus one the sun is barely peeking over the rooftops there’s something about the way a sports and here you are basking in the first of car made for two makes you feel if there’s its glimmers let the others cling to their one word that covers all of it it’s romance pillows you’ve got an empty winding road sure there’s passion elation even a good to embrace and a sports car to bond with amount of focused intensity as your hands the morning world feels fresh today as if grip the wheel your foot squeezes the “go” you’re the first to discover it — even though pedal and you find that perfect line out of someone must have unrolled this ribbon this curve and toward the next but above of pavement and painted yellow stripes on all it’s what happens as two become one its sides before today “thanks for doing that,” you

2018 slc keyfe at ures performance inline‑4 turbo or amg-enhanced v6 biturbo power turbo-boosted power and a quick-shifting paddle-shifted 9‑speed or amg-enhanced 9‑speed 9‑speed collaborate with a range of curvecarving chassis setups five drive modes from comfort to sport team up with you transmission with electronic console selector dynamic select drive modes sport exhaust with active sound sport amg sport or adjustable -damping suspension design 17 or 18 alloy wheels in no fewer than four designs1 brilliantly modern details highlight classic diamond-block grille with black or chrome pins sports-car proportions the power panorama roof transforms from coupe to open roadster in seconds with a view of the sky anytime power panorama roof led headlamps and taillamps amg line exterior and night package slc 300 amg performance studio redart package and amg night package amg slc 43 safety radar-based active brake assist

performance winning formula it’s a june day in 1895 and you’re arriving boost and fuel-injection pressure team up in paris like no one before you ever has by to deliver 362 hp and 0‑60 in 4.6 seconds crossing a finish line winning history’s first official auto race in a daimler-powered car the paddle-shifted 9g ‑tronic 9‑speed —  fast-forward 36 years and you’re reveling enhanced by amg in the slc 43 — lets you as each wheel embraces the road thanks to enjoy eager response or relaxed efficiency the first fully independent suspension as the five drive modes of dynamic select the road straightens it’s 1954 and you’re let you vary the throttle shifting steering racing your gullwing sl reliably to victory exhaust and more from comfort to sport celebrating the production debut of fuel or with your own custom individual mode injection you whisk by another checkered and the

design    t ouchingmagic it takes more than a couple of seats and a detail ergonomic controls clear gauges retractable top to make a sports car there and vivid displays greet your touch with needs to be emotion in its engineering the satin aluminum accents the air vents fea evidence of character in its craftsmanship ture aluminum rings and vanes and the and most of all a sense of fun at the root electronic gearshift is a sculpture of metal of its functionality a sports car is created and embossed leather the classic layout not just to transport you it’s supposed to of a two-seater is asserted by a wide con transform you and an slc starts to do all sole whose trim options range from sleek of this in the way it transforms itself from grained aluminum to hand-polished woods a cosseting coupe to a wide-open roadster and which you can outline via led illumina in seconds by bringing you the sun and tion in a choice of colors in every way the stars in either

comfort roadster weather redefined the slc brings new meaning to “better late than never.” when the fading sun or waning summer makes ordinary roadsters close up shop the slc’s innovations let you keep its top open later into the season even after you put it up it’ll still let you bask in the sunshine and travel by starlight block the wind not the view a rigid fine-mesh wind deflector attaches to the aluminumtrimmed roll bars to sharply reduce turbulence in the cabin during top-down driving developed in the wind tunnel it’s designed to let you enjoy normal conversation when driving with the windows lowered and to preserve your rear view a more enlightened skylight the standard power hardtop is also a panorama roof with a see-through panel of lightweight heat-rejecting tinted polycarbonate it’s also available with magic sky control,® a mercedes-benz innovation that darkens the panel electrically to block uv and infrared rays at the touch of a

solar energy empowered by the sun pair of flaps that are logic-controlled for a engine revs and g‑forces can be a formula more subdued growl at lower revs with a for fun in almost any car stir in some sun more throaty rumble at higher rpm during shine and breezes and a transformation gear changes and at full throttle occurs lower the top in your slc and you feel an instant boost in energy and a smile light of day dark of night that comes from the soul the elements led taillamps and daytime running lamps feel close enough to touch — and not just along with available active led headlamps the ones that make up the weather your are one way an slc gets noticed so is its sense of motion is clarified the sounds of diamond-block grille with 221 hexagonal speed are amplified and every sensation pins radiating around the iconic central of being in your world is intensified star gloss black pins are standard on the slc 300 or tipped in chrome with the amg put

solar energy what’s the perfect day for driving an slc it’s any day when you want to feel far from the everyday tailored fit refreshing tech with a single control under the console the standard rearview camera displays the slc is equipped to make you feel com handrest the four side windows lower an active guidelines on its screen to help fortable in its luxury and comforted by its electric trunk divider moves — alerting you you steer as you’re backing up.6 also stan safety systems power sport seats feature if there’s cargo in its way — and the top folds dard attention assist® monitors up to deep bolsters and 3‑position memory the compactly into the trunk the rear window 70 different parameters to help sense a flat-bottom steering wheel is stitched in pivots along the way to make the folded driver becoming drowsy on a longer trip.7 fine leather and power-adjusts four ways top more compact preserving cargo

since 1967 when two engineers began turning mercedes-benz sedans into championship racecars amg has turned victory on the track into passion on the streets of the world please see endnotes at back of brochure passion for the road born on the racetrack polished to a brilliant shine honed even sharper the mercedes -amg slc 43 takes a 50‑year motorsports legacy in muscular bodywork wraps around the slc 43’s standard 18 amg® a fresh direction with an infusion of technologies proven in racing wheels available in three styles.1 a fourth option in black with red amg has created a sports car with a competitive spirit and the tal accents is part of a new amg performance studio redart package ent to back it up a biturbo v6 that’s fortified to 362 hp a quicker bright red elements contrast matte designo selenite grey magno shifting 9g‑tronic 9‑speed big perforated brakes with 4‑piston paintwork and two -tone nappa leather or add the

2018 slc 2.0l inline‑4 turbo with direct injection 241 hp 5,550 rpm 273 lb‑ft 1,300–4,000 rpm amg ‑enhanced 3.0l v6 biturbo with direct injection 362 hp 5,500 rpm 384 lb‑ft 2,000 rpm 9g -tronic 9-speed with shift paddles amg ‑enhanced 9g -tronic 9-speed with shift paddles 5.8 sec 4.6 sec wheels1 17 10‑spoke with high performance tires 18 amg® multispoke with high-performance tires suspension 4‑wheel multilink with sport tuning 4 ‑wheel multilink amg sport suspension drivetrain rear wheel drive rear-wheel drive acceleration 0–60 mph 3 wheelbase overall length 95.7 162.8 95.7 163.1 51.3 79.0 51.3 79.0 curb weight 3,384 lbs 3,541 lbs headroom legroom shoulder room 38.0 42.5 52.2 38.0 42.5 52.2 10.1 cu ft 6.4 cu ft 10.1 cu ft 6.4 cu ft cargo capacity slc 300 automatic transmission amg slc 43 keys ta ndardfe at uresw/mirrors with top up with top down option

upholstery trim mb -tex nappa leather/dinamica leather designo nappa leather nappa leather aluminum with dark carbon grain burl walnut wood slc 300 amg slc 43 slc 300 amg slc 43 slc 300 amg slc 43 slc 300 amg slc 43 slc 300 amg slc 43 slc 300 black ash wood designo black piano lacquer slc 300 amg slc 43 slc 300 amg slc 43 amg carbon fiber amg slc 43 paintwork black polar white brilliant blue metallic diamond silver metallic indium grey metallic iridium silver metallic obsidian black metallic selenite grey metallic designo cardinal red metallic designo diamond white metallic designo shadow grey magno upholstery colors black sahara beige black w red stitching saddle brown bengal red black slc 300 mb -tex leather nappa leather mb -tex leather auburn classic red leather platinum white black amg slc 43 nappa leather nappa leather nappa leather nappa leather dinamica

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