2018 MB SLC-Class by Mercedes-Benz USA

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design    t ouchingmagic it takes more than a couple of seats and a detail ergonomic controls clear gauges retractable top to make a sports car there and vivid displays greet your touch with needs to be emotion in its engineering the satin aluminum accents the air vents fea evidence of character in its craftsmanship ture aluminum rings and vanes and the and most of all a sense of fun at the root electronic gearshift is a sculpture of metal of its functionality a sports car is created and embossed leather the classic layout not just to transport you it’s supposed to of a two-seater is asserted by a wide con transform you and an slc starts to do all sole whose trim options range from sleek of this in the way it transforms itself from grained aluminum to hand-polished woods a cosseting coupe to a wide-open roadster and which you can outline via led illumina in seconds by bringing you the sun and tion in a choice of colors in every way the stars in either configuration and doing it slc cockpit is outfitted to celebrate the all at the command of your fingertip blacktop below the blue sky and the car whose magic lets you touch them both radiant luminous and glowing an slc is designed to brighten your mood from first glance to the end of every drive it starts with classic proportions and an agile stance to that the slc 300 amg line exterior and the amg slc 43 add more aggressive lower bodywork along with chrome-tipped pins for the diamondblock grille illuminated logos projected the experience here is far more than transportation and nothing short of a transformation on the ground welcome your approach the cabin rouses your senses further with a fusion of intuitive logic and intriguing 10