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sprinter passenger specifications the new sprinter passenger vans are available in 1500 2500 series one roof height high roof 92.3 the new sprinter passenger van now offers seating for up to 15 adults max 114.2 two lengths an impressive interior standing height of up to 6 3 provides greater passenger comfort with plenty of room to move 233.5 144 wb 274.3 170 wb two interior configurations 12-passenger 144 wb 15-passenger 170 wb roof air conditioning comes in two output levels including a high-performance air conditioner sprinter passenger quick facts seats 15 stands alone the ergonomic rear seats have individual headrests and an available reclining option engines 3,441 lbs 2.0l 4-cylinder turbo gasoline 3.0l 6-cylinder turbo diesel11 maximum cargo volume tbd looking to carry more passengers the new sprinter accomplishes that in a big way with totally new seating for up to 15 people and provides an experience every one of them will enjoy usb-c ports can keep them connected and the spacious rear storage area provides ample room for luggage all the while you’ll know that they’re protected by a level of safety only mercedes-benz can deliver maximum towing capacity:35 5,000 lbs transmissions the maximum 69.8 floor width and generous legroom mean there’s plenty of room to sit and stretch out 26 maximum payload 9g-tronic 9-speed automatic transmission 7g-tronic plus 7-speed automatic transmission maximum interior standing height 75.5 standard front rear a/c seating capacity up to 15 gasoline engine not available on all models all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 45 for a complete listing of models and specifications 27