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sprinter cab chassis/cutaway specifications the new sprinter cab chassis/cutaway vans are available in 3500xd 4500 series one roof height 95.5 max 94.4 choose between the standard 3500xd model gvwr of 11,030 lbs or the new 4500 model gvwr of 12,125 lbs and build the new sprinter cab chassis cutaway that works best for you two lengths 273.5 170 wb 245.9 144 wb built for your future a successful future starts with a strong foundation that’s exactly what the new sprinter cab chassis/cutaway gives you from a box truck to a technologically advanced rv its flat unobstructed frame rails let you design virtually anything you’d like motivation for your plans comes from the powerful and efficient v6 turbo diesel engine11 with a 7g-tronic plus 7-speed automatic transmission the new sprinter’s flat unobstructed frame rails are the perfect place to bring your vision of the ideal business vehicle to life sprinter cab chassis/cutaway quick facts maximum payload maximum towing capacity:35 7,430 lbs 7,500 lbs engine seating capacity 3.0l 6-cylinder turbo diesel11 up to three transmission 7g-tronic plus 7-speed automatic transmission 28 all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 46 for a complete listing of models and specifications 29