2019 MB Sprinter by Mercedes-Benz USA

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sprinter 4x4 the new sprinter 4x4 vans are available in 2500 3500xd series passenger one roof height one length high roof 92.3 max 117.6 233.5 144 wb crew one roof height two lengths high roof max 95.5 233.5 144 wb make your own roads whether you’re on the job or off the main road you can run up against situations you can’t control like bad weather or rough terrain you can try and avoid them or meet them head-on with the new sprinter on-demand 4-wheel drive option the new sprinter 4x4 features a higher wading depth a low-range gear and a standard v6 turbo diesel engine11 that can power you through even the toughest conditions max 111.3 274.3 170 wb cargo three lengths two roof heights standard roof high roof max 95.5 max 95.5 233.5 144 wb the sprinter 4x4 option is available in select cargo crew or passenger van configurations 30 274.3 170 wb max 100.1 max 111.3 290 all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors a complete listing of models and specifications begins on page 40 170 ext wb 31