2019 MB Sprinter by Mercedes-Benz USA

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built to lead ground-breaking game-changing over one hundred years of leadership brought us to this the new sprinter is an innovative van with a unique inspiration it’s not about us — it’s about you it’s the van you would build modular customizable scalable with hundreds of variations and solutions so you can create a vehicle that’s ready to meet your needs today and tomorrow it has the brawn to get the job done and the brains to keep you safe connected and cost-efficient along the way built for you the new sprinter built in the usa 120 years of van innovation 1896 benz company invents the motorized van dubbed a “combination delivery vehicle.” 4 1929 introduction of the mercedes-benz l 1000 express van 1956 mercedes-benz introduces the l 319 and reinvents the light truck segment mercedes-benz vans come to the us 1967 mercedes-benz introduces the new large-capacity van the l 406 d 1977 mercedes-benz launches a new light van lineup internally called the tn or t 1 1986 mercedes-benz presents a new van range internally called the t 2 1995 the first-generation sprinter van launches in europe and wins “international van of the year.” 2006 the second-generation sprinter enters the european market 2010 the mercedes-benz sprinter enters the us market 2015 the mid-size mercedes-benz metris enters the us market 2018 the new sprinter brings an entirely new concept to the large van segment 5