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built for connectivity 3 bundles for every connectivity need mercedes pro connect is made up of the following elements optimized assistance services included • accident and breakdown management • emergency call system15 • live traffic information16 • car-to-x communication17 • software updates18 • internet in the car19 • maintenance and repair management20 • online map update21 mercedes pro connect app30 — the direct line to the driver the driver can now easily access valuable vehicle and job-related information • navigation functions22 vehicle management tool31 — the control center the fleet manager’s customized hub of connectivity that provides a comprehensive overview of fleet resources — simplifying logistics and increasing productivity communication module 32 — standard in every new sprinter this is the central point of contact that ensures the broadest range of connectivity quickly transmitting data with the permanently installed 4g lte sim card • multimedia functions23 efficient fleet management services included • remote control24 for the business owner for the fleet manager • eco monitor • increase overall business efficiency • vehicle operations26 • easy location of a stolen vehicle through the vehicle management tool which shows the vehicle s current position • integration into multi-brand vehicle management systems • vehicle supervision25 • fleet communications incl send2car27 • digital driver’s log28 making your job easier mercedes pro connect is the first of several mercedes pro solutions it works harder to make your job easier — intelligently connecting fleet managers drivers and vehicles to increase the efficiency and productivity of your company in the long run 14 16 mercedes pro connect is standard on every new sprinter benefits at a glance • digital trip management • theft warning29 • potential for a reduction in fuel consumption and therefore lower fuel costs for the driver data interface mercedes-benz vans services included • vehicle data interface extended • vehicle data interface light • clear overview of the fleet as each vehicle’s information is clearly shown in the vehicle management tool • trips can be planned more efficiently and at shorter notice as the fleet manager has all the current data available at a glance • effective assistance in case of an emergency • makes work easier as vehicle remote control also works when the vehicle key is not available • more efficient working procedures as addresses can be directly adopted into the vehicle s navigation system for faster arrival 17