2020 MB AMG GT by Mercedes-Benz USA

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t h e 2020 t w o s e at e r s amg gt 04 key fe at ures the car drivers dream of and racers dreamed up models the stampede of horsepower and taut muscular body lines get your heart racing the engineering that creates superbly strong hardware fast-acting technologies and uncanny agility gets your mind racing the result of it all doesn’t just want to go racing it’s where it comes from the drivers who bring home trophies for mercedes-amg also bring their knowledge experience and insight to the development of the cars you get to drive on the street foremost among those is the amg gt racers always aim for a podium finish that’s where this car started amg gt coupe 06 mo d el o ver v iew amg gt roadster 16 amg gt c coupe pac k a ge s amg gt c roadster amg gt r coupe amg gt r roadster 18 gt a nd gt c 26 gt r 34 b u i ld you rown 38 o w ner sh ip