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distinctively diverse the pioneering luxury sport sedan lets you put the accent where it suits you best sport styling leads with a grille-mounted star amg lower body styling and an athletic stance opting for luxury styling puts the star on the hood over a slatted grille and takes a more classical approach inside and out expressively individual additional styling packages take sport styling up a notch or two the amg line exterior adds 18 or 19 amg® wheels1 and sport brakes standard on the e 450 and the night package tops that with gloss black accents on the wheels and key body elements expressly efficient a new 255‑hp turbo inline ‑4 propels the e 350 with enthusiasm and efficiency the e 450 is even more thrilling with a 362‑hp biturbo v6 the year-round handling confidence of 4matic® all-wheel drive is available on the e 350 and standard on the e 450 uniquely attentive from standard dust pollen and odor filtration for the climate control to a suite of available driving assists e‑class luxury is thoughtful and well-thought-out optional distronic® adaptive cruise control can help keep you centered in your lane and can use gps map data to slow for exits and school zones.15 even with a wide range of options in styling performance and driving enjoyment an e ‑class sedan won’t make you choose between sensible and sensual few cars let you follow your heart without losing your head please see endnotes at back of brochure t re ndsettings ta r t s by resetting standards the e 350 and e 450 sedans a lot can change in half a century when mercedes-benz introduced the sedans that would later become known as the e‑class they were a revolution luxury now came in a cleanly styled package that despite its sensible size delivered spacious comfort advanced safety and sporty handling generations later the e‑class sedans continue to revolutionize driving by wrapping industry-changing innovations in design that’s trendsetting but not trendy if you think about it setting the pace of progress is one thing about the e‑class that’s never changed and won’t with so many first-of-their-kind features driving an e‑class sedan is like a personal preview of the future yet you also get to live in the moment enjoying its finely crafted artfully designed cabin seamlessly interacting with its intuitive controls thoroughly engaged by its turbocharged response and simultaneously fascinated and reassured by the countless driver assists available to ease your every journey it’s just what an e‑class does like no one else’s luxury sport sedan and while it keeps living up to its own legacy you simply get to live it up 21