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space and sky for four any convertible can offer unlimited headroom the long wheelbase of the e‑class cabriolet also offers generous legroom at all four of its seats the open-air e‑class also shows off its occupants in style with a spectrum of trim options and a ring of brushed metal encircling the cabin and sculpted rear deck tailored in three layers between the rich fabric outside — available in four colors — and the fully lined ceiling of the power soft top is a thick inner layer in addition to minimizing the appearance of the top’s framework it’s highly effective at insulating noise and temperature side windows and the heated rear window are expansive a convertible for all seasons what’s under the top is engineered for year-round driving as well available 4matic® all-wheel drive and multimode self-leveling air body control both adapt to changing conditions seamlessly practical magic for the real world innovation cancels many compromises of ordinary convertibles intelligent climate control adapts for top-down driving airscarf® neck-level heating is dreamy on a chilly evening aircap® quells top-down turbulence available magic vision control® can wash the windshield with virtually no overspray like every mercedes-benz cabriolet in history the e‑class is engineered for a golden age of motoring known as tomorrow its greatest tradition is the continual advancement of the elements — and joys — of driving please see endnotes at back of brochure grand to urings ta rtswitha grand opening the e 450 and e 450 4 matic cabriolets driving alfresco has a way of making every mile feel like a special moment and with generations of innovation milestones so does driving an e‑class so if you’ve never experienced the road and sky from the four seats of an e‑class cabriolet consider this a personal invitation its power soft top whisks from sight in just 20 seconds its rigid body structure dual pop-up roll bars9 and virtually every other safety system available in an e‑class help vanish your cares along with it and while it brings you the sky above its performance bonds you with the road a 362‑hp biturbo v6 9‑speed transmission dynamic select drive modes and selective-damping suspension let you enjoy anything from a relaxed cruise to a paddleshifted romp and when the sun fades the fun need not there are comfort innovations like a virtual scarf to warm your neck a triple-layer top to keep the cabin cozy and quiet without making it feel dark or cramped and on the e 450 4matic the benefits of all-wheel drive all convertibles promise the sun the e‑class cabriolet shines all the time — starting with the star in its grille 39