2020 MB E-Class by Mercedes-Benz USA

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empowered to inspire engineered to accelerate the pace of progress whether four cylinders six or eight every e‑class engine takes a more enlightened approach to delivering enthusiastic response with a sense of environmental responsibility turbos — sometimes two of them — team with high-pressure direct injection and rapid multispark ignition that can self-tune every few milliseconds the amg e 53 models feature an electric auxiliary compressor plus an eq boost integrated starter-generator that can add 21 gas-free hp to an advanced beltless engine in a classic layout the inline‑6 an e‑class is engineered to move you and to motivate other cars performance highlights 255‑hp turbo inline‑4 362‑hp v6 biturbo amg‑enhanced 429‑hp inline‑6 turbo with eq boost or handcrafted 603‑hp amg v8 biturbo engine rear-wheel drive 4matic® all-wheel drive or amg performance 4matic selective-damping suspension self-leveling air body control,® or amg sport suspension based on air body control dynamic select drive modes eco start/stop system even if you drive the same roads every day change is a constant from the weather to traffic to your driving mood an e‑class is engineered to adapt with ease 11