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more thrust less thirst turbocharging is one way the 2.0l inline‑4 engine punches above its weight with 208 hp and 258 lb‑ft of torque it’s both responsive and responsible — up to 34 highway mpg.14 its advanced direct injection and multispark ignition can self-tune on the fly in milliseconds to help keep performance at its peak more traction ready for action available 4matic® all-wheel drive varies how much torque it sends to the front and rear axles based on the grip at each wheel.15 also included a one-touch driving mode for rugged terrain downhill speed regulation to maintain a preset “crawl speed.”3 and a graphic display that can show your steering angle tilt incline and more on the central screen style from road to roof standard 18 alloy wheels1 are offered in a choice of two styles three 19 options are paired with the bold standard styling the aggressive attitude of the amg line exterior or the black-accented night package tailored transformation indulging in hand-fitted leather upholstery brings a suite of cabin upgrades the dash is topstitched in mb‑tex sport front seats and the outboard rear seats feature racing-inspired integrated head restraints and adding the 12‑color ambient lighting integrates subtle downlighting beneath those head restraints doing many things well while making all of them seem easy is a defining trait of a natural athlete it also happens to be the definition of versatility and of elegance and of the gla please see endnotes at back of brochure the elegance of versatilit y the gla 250 and gla 250 4 matic suvs let’s get the obvious part out of the way with room for up to 43.6 cubic feet of cargo,4 the gla’s spacious cabin fulfills the basic premise of versatility all by itself but being good at one thing does not earn a mercedes-benz the star in its grille so the gla is also an enthusiastic performer with a 4‑wheel independent suspension 18 or available 19 wheels,1 a turbocharged engine a sporty 7‑speed that has two shift-quickening clutches but no clutch pedal and driving modes you can vary from easygoing eco to sharpened sport with a few taps of a button of course like every sporting mercedes-benz — which is arguably all of them — the gla is also a thoughtful and well-thought-out luxury car the front seats power-adjust via intuitive seat-shaped switches a smart sensor turns on the headlamps as you enter a dark garage but not with every shade tree or overpass if you have the windshield wipers on and shift to reverse the gla sweeps its rear window even the electric parking brake releases as you drive off versatility measures how hard the gla works to please you how well it all works is pure elegance 21