2020 MB GLA-Class by Mercedes-Benz USA

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the 2020 gl a 04 key fe at ures modestly sized boldly everything else models when your name starts with “mercedes-benz g,” you have some wellknown suv shoes to fill the compact gla proves you can measure up to your family values without a big footprint its engineers covered a million-plus miles — from the alps to the nürburgring to a test site for tanks — to bestow it with diverse capabilities and deep character the result is an suv that’s modest in size but doesn’t shy away from adventure its moves are agile and turbo-fed its body is firm muscle outside flexible inside it’s proof you can go bold without going big g l a 25 0 suvgla 25 0 4 m at icsuv 06 mo d el o ver view 16 pac k a ges 18 s u vs 24 b u i ld you r own 28 owner sh ip