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t heall n e w 2 0 2 0 gle suv 04 key fe at u r es a consummate leader with a comfortable lead models when mercedes-benz first introduced its pioneering suv to america it was a class of one but not for long soon it seemed every automaker offered an suv and then everyone drove an suv so an entirely new generation must do more than set the pace it has to be a mercedes-benz the 2020 gle wraps a stylish body and breathtaking cabin around its innovative driving systems intelligent voice assistant and indulgent luxury in the family tradition many are suv firsts for your family the gle does more than set a standard once again it sets an example g l e 35 0 s u v 1 06 mo d el over v iew 16 g l e 35 0 4 m at icsuvgle 4 5 0 4 m at icsuvgle 58 0 4 m at icsuv pac k a ges 1 18 s uvs 24 b u i ld you r own 28 owner sh ip