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luxury that’s exclusive and inclusive perhaps even more surprising than the huge array of innovative luxuries in the gls is how many come standard on the gls 580 five climate control zones massaging front seats soft-close doors every gls also includes a hands-free tailgate keyless‑go,® power-folding mirrors and wireless phone charging a mode for any road or mood countless gls features are reconfigurable to suit a season situation or state of mind dynamic select drive modes let you fine-tune the shifting steering and suspension dual 12.3 digital displays let you customize info readouts and instrumentation and you can set the cabin aglow in a range of 64 colors emphasize and supersize your style both gls models offer a choice of five wheel styles.1 choose from 19 to 21 sizes on the gls 450 for the gls 580 amg® wheels from 21 to an incredible 23 option fill out the flared fenders of its amg body styling a night package adds black body accents beyond active suspension proactive available e‑active body control is so advanced its road-scanning camera can prepare for a bump or dip before you reach it high-output electronics and hydraulic pressure help it respond quickly on-road and let it rock the suspension to escape a sand trap wherever you ride in a gls you’re seated at the forefront of luxury and the leading edge of innovation technology that reaches into the future is united with the timeless appeal of room to stretch out please see endnotes at back of brochure its excellence is evident everywhere the gls 450 and gls 580 suvs go ahead take a good look at the gls examine all three rows of seating and you’ll find an abundance of luxuries amid ample room to lounge peek under the power domes of its hood and you’ll see an innovative gasoline-electric powerplant plus a turbo or two now take its good looks on the road — solo or with a full team of passengers — and prepare to be surprised as you revel in how uncannily agile it is for a large suv — a benefit of its adaptive air suspension — those in third row may not even notice how the gls quashes the “pitching” typical of lesser suvs a gls is not just outfitted to reward you no matter where you take a seat it’s engineered to be confident capable and comfortable wherever you take the entire suv— offroad4 or traffic jam crosstown errands or epic roadtrip in standard form it sets new standards in responsiveness — from variable-torque 4matic® all-wheel drive to its “hey mercedes” voice assistant that gets to know you and with options like cockpit gesture control or arguably the most advanced active suspension ever in an suv how far can you take your gls you’ll find the answer is everywhere 23