2020 MB GLS-Class SUV by Mercedes-Benz USA

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sociable climber torque and tenacity raised to a higher power like its name implies the gls inherits its family values from the iconically rugged g‑class suv and indulgent innovative s‑class its powerful engines feature eq boost a 48‑volt breakthrough that adds efficient electric torque its 4matic® all-wheel drive can vary the torque sent to either axle from 0 to 100 based on each wheel’s grip its suspension can adapt its firmness and ride height as roads and loads vary or you can raise it at the push of a button there’s also an advanced active suspension option that scans the road with a camera tilts into curves and can even rock the gls free in sand capability highlights 362‑hp inline‑6 turbo or 483‑hp v8 biturbo engine with electric eq boost 4matic® all-wheel drive with fully variable torque to front/rear wheels adaptive airmatic® suspension or e‑active body control with roadscanning camera and curve tilting off-road package4 with 2‑speed transfer case downhill speed regulation dsr 7,700 lbs of towing capacity,5 with standard trailer stability assist an advanced 48‑volt architecture — quadruple the capacity of ordinary vehicles — is the force behind the innovative gas-electric powertrains and available active suspension optional or not available on some models please see back of brochure 11