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metris cargo 126 wb metris cargo 135 wb 1 roof height 13 available paints seating capacity up to two maximum payload up to 2,425 lbs cargo volume up to 199 cu ft 2 wheelbases turbocharged direct injection engine displacement cylinder drive fuel 1,991 cc 4-cyl rwd gas metris passenger 126 wb 1 wheelbase 1 roof height 14 available paints seating capacity up to eight maximum payload up to 1,896 lbs cargo volume up to 38 cu ft estimated combined epa rating transmission horsepower torque cargo 22 mpg passenger 21 mpg 7g-tronic plus automatic 208 hp 5,500 rpm 258 lb-ft 1,250–4,000 rpm measured by results 4 when it comes to working efficiently the right size for the job works better from wheelbase length options in the cargo van to seating configurations in the passenger van metris is built to meet your specific needs and with mercedes pro you can seamlessly connect the metris to the digital world factor in standard safety features like crosswind assist1 load adaptive

sophisticated technology old-school grunt all the cargo volume in the world doesn’t mean a thing if your van can only crawl under the weight of a heavy load the metris drivetrain is specifically designed to accelerate under these conditions — and save you money along the way the metris is equipped with a 2.0l 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine that produces substantial torque at low rpms the combination of high torque and horsepower provides impressive performance throughout the operating range m e rc edes ben z metris 2 0 l 4 -cyl ind e r tur bo charg e d d ir e ct in j ec tion ga soline eng inewith 7 s p eed g -t ro nicp lu stransmission turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine displacement 1,991 cc 208 hp 5,500 rpm rated torque 258 lb-ft 1,250–4,000 rpm tank capacity 18.49 gallons battery 12v/92ah alternator 14v/190a estimated combined epa rating 22 mpg cargo 21 mpg passenger 9 “the metris is quiet and feels competent around town and on the

we’re in business to help your business minimizing downtime is crucial for your business with its award-winning residual value the metris keeps your total cost of operation low and your productivity high if you spend less time and money on maintenance and more time on the road your whole company will run more smoothly metris is the winner of the 2018 alg residual value award me r c e de s be nz me tr is 7g-tronic plus automatic transmission up to a 15,000-mile service interval10 refined for maximum efficiency and unmatched comfort this quick-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission delivers better fuel economy reduced noise and longer service life with an impressive service interval of up to 15,000 miles,10 your van will spend less time in the shop and more time on the job efficient gasoline engine eco start/stop a 208 hp 2.0l 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine gets you up and moving quickly at an estimated combined epa rating of 22 mpg for cargo and 21

cargo floor length only the metris stacks up cargo dimensions metris 120.5 in metris lwb 55 in 50 in 49.8 in 48.7in 87.6 in vs ford transit connect lwb metris lwb the metris ford transit connect lwb metris lwb ford transit connect lwb 21.4 in is longer 3.2 in is taller works like a large van metris delivers large-van capabilities but lets you maneuver city streets with a tight turning diameter and park in a home garage plus the 4-cylinder engine 7-speed transmission up to a 15,000-mile service interval,10 and an estimated combined epa rating of 22 mpg 9 will maximize cost efficiency 800 holds lbs more payload 71.6 has cu ft more cargo volume ma ximum cargo volume ma ximum payload metris lwb 5,000 lbs 199 cu ft ford transit connect lwb 11 2,000 lbs 60 127.4 cu ft 36 4,500 lbs 127 186 cu.ft 100 cu ft 150 cu ft 200 cu ft 250 cu ft 38.7 metris lwb 40 ford transit connect lwb ft curb-to-curb ford transit connect lwb ford transit connect lwb 1,570 lbs 34 turning diameter metris

treat passengers like you’re one of them whether you’re riding or driving it’s all about how you feel in the vehicle take the metris passenger van it’s just the right size to seat up to eight people comfortably and gives you the flexibility of three seating configurations add in optional features like electric sliding doors and your passengers will have even more reasons to enjoy their journey — and you’ll certainly enjoy the low cost of operation our groundbreaking safety innovations deliver an extra level of protection for you and your passengers giving you one less thing to think about put your passengers first with the metris passenger van airbags 4 all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 28 for a complete listing of models and specifications sp e cif ications driver and passenger front airbags,4 driver and front passenger side thorax airbags,4 and window curtain airbags4 throughout help protect every

not just vans — game-changers the metris worker is the line of vans that’s as focused on your bottom line as you are without compromising any of the core values of a mercedes-benz van metris worker cargo and passenger vans offer a streamlined selection of packages and options with a low total cost of operation and the advanced safety features you’d expect from mercedes-benz metris worker vans bring an entirely new level of efficiency and value to your vehicles numbers don’t lie the metris worker cargo van’s payload cargo volume and horsepower prove that you can get big-time capabilities and affordability in one van it’s just the right size to get the job done and with three optional packages convenience utility and mercedes pro connect ordering a metris worker cargo van has never been easier options that work at a price that works for you the metris worker cargo van it’s all business spec if ication smetr is wo r ke r ca rgo qu ic k fac

3 bundles for every connectivit y need mercedes pro connect 21 is made up of the following elements o p t im ize d a ssista nc e m e rc e de s p ro co nne c t 21 a p p ve hic lema nage m e nt tool 2 2 communication module 2 3 — the direct line to the driver — the control center — optional in every new metris • easily access valuable vehicle and job-related information • the fleet manager’s customized hub of connectivity that provides a comprehensive overview of fleet resources this is the central point of contact that ensures the broadest range of connectivity quickly transmitting data with the permanently installed 4g lte sim card • accident and breakdown management • emergency call system 13 • software updates14 • remote lock-unlock feature makes work more efficient • simplifying logistics and increasing productivity e ffic ie nt fl eetma nage m e nt services included • remote control15 • vehicle

through mercedes-benz financial services we offer a variety of financing products and solutions with flexible benefits tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business.25 for more information visit www.mbvans.com/sprinter/shopping-tools/finance-solutions retail loan fmv lease trac lease 26 these simple-interest fixed-payment packages lock in interest rates and can include van and upfit equipment as well as aftermarket products in one contract a closed-end lease agreement is also known as a “walkaway lease,” since the lessee can simply turn in the vehicle and walk away at lease maturity after meeting all contractual obligations subject to certain return conditions and mileage restrictions a terminal rental adjustment clause trac lease26 doesn’t require any acquisition fee up-front payment or excess mileage charges and lease payments may be expensed against income owners are responsible for the residual value of the vehicle taking care of you so you can take

metris specifications metris cargo worker cargo standard features overview applies to all models standard features for all metris models mechanical mechanical • • • • • • • • 2.0l 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine 7g-tronic plus automatic transmission adjustable steering wheel with shift paddles agm battery:12v 92ah 850a all-season tires alternator efficiency management alternator 14v/190a axle ratio 3.46:1 • • • • • • • • • eco start/stop function not available in worker engine emissions lev iii ulev70 electric booster for heating pre-wiring communication module speedometer miles/km tire pressure monitoring lamp trailer brake controller connection trailer pre-wiring washer fluid level warning light se ating interior • • • • • powertrains adjustable driver seat adjustable front passenger seat adjustable steering wheel angle with

metris passenger worker passenger standard features metris exterior interior mechanical • • • • 14v/190a alternator active retainer for sliding door attention assist®3 automatic headlamps • bodybuilder connector under driver seat • crosswind assist1 • eco start/stop function not available on worker • heat insulating glass • passenger van suspension • remote opening/closing of windows se ating • 2nd row seats 2-place removable • 3rd row seats 3-place removable • grab handles in headliner 2nd 3rd rows • premium rear interior trim with armrests • rear-seat floor pockets with quick release 12v outlets for rear seat row right left air conditioning rear airbag window all rows4 assist handle b-pillar • • • • • • • • audio system speakers four rear child safety lock sliding door interior rearview mirror plastic floor covering in rear compartment roof