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Unbeatably tough

schuko socket schuko sockets socket outlet schuko double schuko sockets schuko cee socket cee wall socket network termination waste water treatment water treatment plant chemical resistance of polyamide 4 pin rocker switch lid springs stainless steel combination switch socket combination switch socket socket e10 hidden hanger quick screw hanger waterproof rocker switch ammonia safety waterproof rocker switches

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special surface-mounted ranges impact-resistant agrar unbeatably

impact-resistant robust endurance some buildings really put electrical installations to the test workshops production halls and public buildings such as concert halls and multi-storey car parks have all had one common requirement for many years the impact-resistant switch range impact-resistant switches are water heat and coldresistant and can withstand extreme mechanical stresses they are also fit for use under harsh conditions in line with vde 0620 this should come as no surprise all the models in this range are made from high-quality technical components and first-rate thermoplastic material designed for such use actual size

agrar the specialists sometimes electrical installations are not only subject to climatic and mechanical stresses sometimes they are also exposed to aggressive substances but not even these can get past agrar this switch range combines the best of the impact-resistant range with all-round resistance against chemicals and corrosion this is important in order to ensure safety and guarantee reliable electrical installations on a long-term basis typical areas of application include farms nurseries dry cleaners waste water treatment plants the chemical industry and buildings in coastal areas agrar meets the ip 55 protection standard and consists of a polyamide housing which is extremely resistant against ammonia vapours in particular actual size

high protective shroud to prevent unintentional switching and protect the mechanics from damage highly-flexible captive rubber seal can be illuminated as defined by german workplace regulations secured with four rustproof captive stainless steel screws can withstand aggressive atmospheres thanks to corrosion-resistant parts made of special metal alloys and a highly chemical-resistant polyamide housing vde-approved network terminals in all devices stainless steel pins and lid springs the agrar product range schuko® triple socket-outlet rocker switch rocker control switch schuko® socket-outlet slide with gland connecting element double entry

switches waterproof in line with ip 66 rocker and housing upper sections secured with stainless steel screws all upper sections can be illuminated in line with current german workplace regulations available as accessory e10 neon lamp in different colours high protective shroud to prevent unintentional switching and protect the mechanics from damage highly-flexible captive rubber seal upper sections secured to lower sections with four quick-mounting screws sealed and secure hidden wall mounting with four screws to protect against vandalism and malicious dismantling socket-outlet waterproof in line with ip 44 vde-approved network terminals the impact-resistant product range hanger with bend protection sleeve and strain relief combination schuko® socket-outlet two-way switch 5 cee 17 socketoutlet slide with gland connecting element double

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