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aquadesign system m ip 44 system design ip 44 aquastar water-tight technology and

splash-proof protection ip 44 watertight ingenuity if switches are exposed to damp moisture wind and rain as in damp locations workrooms garages basements swimming pools or outdoor areas then a special solution is called for switches that meet the ip 44 standard merten has a range of waterproof switch ranges available aquadesign the attractive and elegantly shaped series system design ip 44 the waterproof version of the system design switches artec and antik system m ip 44 the waterproof version of the multiaward-winning switch design m-smart m-plan and m-arc aquastar for demanding applications where a flush-mounted solution is impossible or too complicated

aquadesign waterproof on the inside beautiful on the outside the aquadesign range proves at first sight that functional can look good balanced proportions a high-quality surface and an elegantly-shaped frame give the waterproof switch range an individual look aquadesign is weather-resistant scratch-proof uv-stable and available for an impressive range of products covering numerous applications this ranges from switch rockers and indoor movement detectors through to communication inserts and special adapters for use by system m components aquadesign is typically used in professional kitchens laundries and outdoor areas such as terraces for example it has most recently received the good design distinction watertight scratch-proof and thanks to its smooth thermoplastic surface easy to clean the bushing of both the standard snap-in version and the screw-in frame version is dowelled into the wall which means aquadesign provides increased protection against theft safe above all for

ip 44 for system m system design can be used anywhere it doesn t matter whether you choose m-smart m-arc m-plan or artec if high-quality design is important to you then the system m and system design switch ranges remain unrivalled this is particularly the case if you want a consistent switch design throughout the house and this multiaward-winning switch range isn t just available for indoors outdoor switches are extremely waterproof in line with ip 44 classic examples include the doorbell on the front door and the socket-outlet on the terrace system m and system design rockers rockers with opening for symbols as well as socket-outlets are all available in ip 44 variants a special gasket provides the necessary protection against water and the elements system m m-plan design switches with ip 44 protection system m m-plan design rocker with opening for symbols and ip 44 protection system m m-plan design schuko® socket-outlet insert with snap-in hinged lid and ip 44 protection system

afraid of the water anything but

aquastar withstands wind and rain if electrical installations are exposed to moisture splashing water or mechanical stresses and a flush-mounted solution is either impossible or too complicated then you need aquastar the break-proof plastic housing of this merten surface-mounted range meets the ip 44 standard retains its protective function even in cold weather and is designed for the tough wear-and-tear of everyday use after all this has always been the consistent focus of its ongoing technical development it is typically used in garages basements laundries and terraces actual size

robust the break-proof insulating thermoplastic housing no distortion or deformation the rear of all switches and sockets are fitted with spacers for uneven walls can be illuminated and labelled for the clear allocation of functions and areas of application transparent field on switches push-buttons and socket-outlet includes a grey paper label with white backing for immediate labelling rust-free impossible to lose and quick to install quick-mounting screws practical and easy to connect aquastar with generous wiring area and plenty of space for through-wiring even for 5 x 2.5 mm² installation friendly the screwless terminal with release handle easy to connect the base that can be removed for all devices function and area of application always clearly allocated all socket-outlet hinged lids switches and light signals can be retrofitted with a labelling field easy to align to problematic surfaces during installation thanks to diagonal arrangement of fixing holes the aquastar product

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