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Lösungen für intelligente Gebäude
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new connect radio system convenient flexible

connect radio system modernisation made easy merten radio technology 100 environmentally safe the merten connect radio system does not permanently transmit signals but rather only when a radio transmitter is actuated sensor network and the radio transmission capacity is negligible in comparison to wireless dect mobile telephones mobile phones or wlan systems for example and is 100 environmentally safe the radio transmission capacity of dect mobile telephones and mobile phones is 10,000 times higher than that of the merten radio system comparison of radio system transmission capacities transmission capacity w watt /mw milliwatt 100 w 10 w 1w 0.1 w 10 mw 1 mw sensor networks zigbee dect mobile telephones/mobile phones does this sound familiar the light switch isn t where you need it next to the bed next to the living room sofa or next to the bath for instance wouldn t it be convenient to place the switch exactly where you need it at a later date and to do that without having to tear

bedroom application example dreamlike simplicity central off application example the safe solution 2 1 1 3 2 2 3 3 4 3 does this situation sound familiar you have just made yourself comfortable in bed and then you notice that the ceiling light is still on but of course the only light switch is next to the door wouldn t it be nice to know that everything really is switched off when you leave the house the light the coffee machine the iron all the usual stand-by devices and the heating too merten has the solution simply replace the switch next to the door with a radio push-button and place another radio pushbutton next to the bed and if you also want to switch on or dim the standard lamp without getting out of bed the light can simply be connected to a radio plug adapter your benefit dreamlike convenience the merten connect radio central unit gives you all the answers at the push of a button simply press central off and all the desired electrical appliances are disconnected from the

patio application example flexible for your requirements presence simulation application example clever planning 1 2 2 3 3 3 2 1 the pleasant evening on the patio is over the guests have left and only the garden lighting is still on how convenient it would be if you could simply switch it off from the living room do you want your house to look lived in while you are enjoying your holiday the connect radio system can do that for you too by simply simulating your presence to the outside world if you haven t had a switch next to the patio door for this purpose up to now the connect radio system can change this quickly simply place a radio push-button in the required position or use the move the mobile radio push button from merten you can also use move to dim the garden lighting and to switch it on or off and you can do that from any position your benefit increased convenience simply select the simulate presence function on the merten radio central unit before leaving the house the

solutions for intelligent buildings merten gmbh co kg p.o box 100653 d-51606 gummersbach germany tel +49 2261 702-203 fax +49 2261 702-328 subject to technical modifications