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new switch and socketoutlet base

quickflex® advantages at a glance connecting adjust switch connecting made easy · screwless terminals with funnelshaped insertions for easy and quick wiring · ergonomic connections are angled at 35° making installation considerably easier · circuit diagram on rear for a safe overview of the wiring · easy-to-operate easy-access release levers · low mounting depth for greater freedom of movement when wiring quickflex® flush-mounted insert switch super-fast fastening · just three short turns of the quickfastening screws and the base will sit securely in the box · 100 safety due to fully-insulated retaining ring · 100 flush claws for easy and safe installation in cavity wall boxes · easy claw-return makes changes to mounting and realignments easier than ever convenient front-side testing · clear and easily recognisable connection markings fast and safe alignment · the 1mm steel retaining ring is indestructible and resistant to bending even on uneven walls · its rounded

retrofit intelligently quickflex® modules operation the great advantage of quickflex® is its needs-oriented flexibility when it comes to mixing and matching components in practice this means that you can intelligently retrofit individual functions as and when you need let s take a socket-outlet as an example starting with the quickflex® schuko socket-outlet insert you can add a quickflex® function module and the appropriate quickflex® cover and now you have a quickflex® socket-outlet with a perfectly matching additional function and without any special effort the quickflex® function modules can also be easily fitted into the socket-outlet insert or the switch insert to do this you do not need to dismantle the inserts quickflex® led indicator light module quickflex® cover quickflex® schuko socketoutlet insert quickflex® led lighting module quickflex® cover quickflex® surge protection module quickflex® cover

led indicator light module ·the module shows if the mains voltage is present if the led is not lit up this indicates the installation or power supply needs to be checked ·the integrated led ensures reliable illumination with a low level of heat development life span is long but its energy consumption is low ·the module increases the ways in which the quickflex® socket-outlet can be used ­ and where it can be used too current-indicating control lamps on socket-outlets are mandatory in many public or partly-public buildings such as hospitals quickflex® schuko socket-outlet insert with led indicator light module for retrofitting surge protection module · this module ensures direct line-side fine protection by reducing voltage surges to a tolerable amount · it protects all socket-outlets within a radius of 5 m that are connected to the same circuit · the module is equipped with audible and visual fault signalling · the integrated led lights up when the module is functioning

lighting module switch ·this module enables two further functions 1 control light function lights up when the light is switched on a good choice for a light switch outside a bathroom for example 2 orientation light function useful for switches in a staircase for example that have to be found in the dark in order to switch on the light ·the integrated led ensures reliable illumination with a low level of heat development life span is long but its energy consumption is low it is available with various coloured lights the led comes in red ­ for simple functions ­ or in a multicoloured version with the latter you can choose whether it lights up red green or blue or combine all three colours as required quickflex® off/twoway switch insert quickflex® led lighting module for switch/push-button quickflex® cover quickflex® twocircuit switch insert quickflex® led lighting module for double switch/pushbutton quickflex® cover quickflex® two-circuit switch with lighting module for

system m light-emitting socket-outlet brilliant

system m emergency light insert electronic signal insert for doorbell visual and acoustic alert emergency light insert a high degree of safety is crucial in emergency situations the merten emergency lighting insert plays its part during a power failure the emergency lighting insert with integrated battery provides valuable help with finding your way in the dark people in the building can use it to find the emergency exit more easily and quicker for example the insert fits seamlessly into the system m design look the emergency lighting insert is supplied centrally with 230 v using this power to charge up its integrated battery combined with the central plate it can be inserted into 60 mm in diameter installation boxes electronic signal insert for doorbell whether you prefer an electronic gong or would rather have a buzzer merten can provide the right solution for the door alert five different signal tones can be assigned to up to three door situations e.g a different tone is assigned

m-smart jumbo bright colours for special applications jumbo the big switch from merten adds a new dimension to the action of switching twice as big as standard switches you cannot fail to miss the jumbo switch in the system m design seeing and switching become one in medical environments for example where important functions have to be instantly recognisable doctors nurses and patients use the jumbo instinctively because there is no way around something this big particularly if the jumbo is in its new ruby red warning colour 161 mm jumbo the big switch in m-smart design system m available in the colours polar white and ruby red

coloured socket-outlets and rockers special colours for any use targeted use of colour can make day-to-day life that little bit easier and safer to make sure that different functions and assignments are clearly marked merten includes rockers and socket-outlets in special colours in its range different circuits for example can be marked by different colours whether it is yellow blue red or light grey ­ colour lets users recognise how switches and socket-outlets are assigned without difficulties e.g special circuits with external/special protection in a hospital rocker switch in ruby red m-smart design frame in glossy polar white system m system m rockers with large labelling field orange insert art no meg3370-0302 ruby red insert art no meg3370-0306 green insert art no meg3370-0304 yellow insert art no meg3370-0307 system m schuko socket-outlets for special circuits yellow insert art no meg2302-0307 blue insert art no meg2302-0378 light grey insert art no meg2302-0329 system m

performance-related dimming merten has carefully tuned its rotary dimmers to typical applications the new universal rotary dimmers automatically recognise the connected load like the tried and tested rotary dimmers for ohmic inductive and capacitive loads different power stages are available the 1-10v electronic potentiometer insert is used to trigger fluorescent lamps with electronic ballast all dimmer inserts are controlled via the central plate with a rotary knob which is available in the system m design the rotary knob which sits on a 4 mm thick metal axis for all inserts functions as both a push two-way or off switch · more stable and larger connecting terminals 2 x 2.5mm2 and conical interior for quicker wiring and greater safety · new 4 mm metal axis for greater stability · sturdy high-gloss galvanised retaining ring universal dimmer inductive dimmers explanations of symbols for dimmers 230 v incandescent lamps 230 v halogen lamps dimmable wound transformers electronic

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