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lighting control that meets your needs bright ideas for greater security and efficiency office life presents a whole host of very different challenges not only for those who work there but also for the building lighting ­ at reception in the corridors and in the offices themselves merten s intelligent technology not only allows you to flexibly adjust lighting to your individual requirements ­ it can also have a positive influence on your energy bill and your safety and security use movement to control lighting ­ with merten indoor and outdoor movement detectors merten indoor movement detector m-plan aluminium merten outdoor movement detector aluminium with merten indoor movement detectors the lighting in corridors stairwells offices toilets basement access steps or seldomused rooms can be switched on as it is needed as soon as someone enters and not before the light is switched on ­ automatically conveniently and energy saving a positive side effect of the higher installation

intelligent conference room technology impress at the push of a button relax ­ in future presentations in your conference room are going to be that bit easier to handle from a technical point of view at any rate instead of running around pressing buttons before the start of your presentation an intelligent conference room lets you control everything conveniently from a central switch unit and that with just one touch of a button perfect presentation ­ with the multi-function push-button with room temperature control unit artec 4-gang multi-function pushbutton with room temperature control unit aluminium before you begin your presentation you can ensure that everything is in place by activating the presentation scene the screen moves automatically into position the projector switches itself on the blinds are lowered the light is dimmed the integrated room temperature control unit ensures that the temperature is pleasant in this way every kind of office can be individually and

intuitive operation ­ with the ip touch panel 10 merten ip touch panel 10 m-plan glass design you can intuitively and conveniently control lighting or blinds in large offices and conference rooms via the ip touch panel this is enabled by the tp visu software which clearly presents the control elements this means looking for the right switch is a thing of the past by setting up specific scenes such as presentation everything your require is set up with a single command and you can start your presentation straight away

all-round facility management keep your controllers happy if you want to keep your energy costs under control you don t necessarily have to employ another controller knx can do the job just as easily it provides you with direct access to a whole array of functions which are normally controlled monitored and operated decentrally and separately from one another a bus line connects the various utilities in your office building in this way information can be exchanged for all building functions control building functions centrally ­ with the merten ip touch panel 10 merten ip touch panel 10 m-plan glass design want to check the occupancy of conference rooms from reception or control lighting and blinds from the same place perhaps view statuses and readings change set values set scenes or list group signals no problem the knx gives you access to all of your building technology presented via the merten ip touch panel 10 the gate keeper can see at a glance if people are still in the

merten connect radio system flexible and adaptable connect radio push-button m-plan aluminium connect radio push-button 2-gang m-plan aluminium companies are constantly in flux take reorganisation as an example an open-plan office is to be created from many smaller offices this change in the use of a building would previously have required significant expenditure of time and money to adapt the electrical installations accordingly but there is another solution it s cheaper and more flexible intelligent building system technology from merten lets you modify or expand functions at any time instead of running from your desk to the light switch at the door in an intelligent office from merten you can control the lighting just as required conveniently and wirelessly from your desk all you need for this is the merten connect radio system

switch ranges merten design ­ as versatile as your company no matter what your office building is like merten has a switch range to go with it classic modern exclusive ­ whatever you need for wherever you need it indoors outdoors or in damp rooms to ensure your electrical installations have a uniform appearance all our switch ranges cover a large spectrum of individual appliances and functions best of all if you want to change the design of your switches ­ because of modernisation for example ­ it s easy to match the new frames and rockers with the existing flush-mounted inserts system design artec polar white antik light grey aluminium stainless steel black grey polar white trancent white dark brazil antique brass polished brass/polar white satinated transparent trancent aluminium frame artec aluminium rocker special flush-mounted range aquadesign polar white white aluminium anthracite dark brazil

switch ranges with depth because good connections are everything all our switch ranges cover a multitude of functions from light switches and blind push-buttons to inserts for connecting telephones computers and other communication technology and not forgetting frames with labelling option and overvoltage socket-outlets m-plan is presented here as just one example of the wide variety of tasks and functions that our switch ranges are able to take on naturally all merten switch ranges are available with this variety of functions and if you have a very special request we are always happy to adapt our products to your individual needs

m-plan as an example of the switch design range approximately 210 different functions available

references highly recommended bertelsmann stiftung berlin photo rainer mader the world is getting smaller and intelligent building system technology is winning over offices throughout the global village so don t be surprised if you keep coming face to face with merten after all solutions for intelligent buildings know no boundaries our references · office building of dresdner bank frankfurt germany · formula 1 racing track shanghai china · exxon singapore · cologne tower in mediapark cologne germany · administrative headquarters of bayer ag leverkusen germany · schattdecor rosenheim germany · ig metall frankfurt germany · mainterassen frankfurt germany · volvo cars ghent belgium · spreespeicher berlin germany · deichtorcenter hamburg germany · oval office hamburg germany · german bishops conference bonn germany · bertelsmann stiftung berlin germany · raffay vw car dealership hamburg germany · hitachi power office duisburg germany · deutsche ausgleichsbank bonn

an intelligent office is just one click away we are sure you have gained a first impression of the possibilities that merten s innovative building system technology has to offer you can get a second ­ multimedia ­ impression from the free merten multimedia cd-rom with more examples of how the technology can be used in day-to-day office life you can find out more about merten s switch ranges as well as all you need to know about knx pay a visit to the virtual merten office and discover how your office can also become more efficient more comfortable and more secure with merten s intelligent building system technology our internationally experienced project leaders are available to give you more information or to arrange a personal consultation merten free cd free you can either order the merten cd at or access it directly under the same link clear practical and informative ­ the merten multimedia cd-rom with examples reflecting day-to-day office life shows you all

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