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solutions for classrooms and corridors a shining example of efficiency the typical school day sees many requirements having to be met with regard to lighting blinds heating air-conditioning and ventilation particularly in corridors and classrooms merten s intelligent technology not only allows you to flexibly adjust these building functions to your individual requirements ­ it can also have a positive influence on your energy bills save up to 30 on heating and electricity costs with merten presence detectors merten presence detector with presence detectors you can save up to 30 on your heating and electricity costs the lighting only switches on when the presence detectors installed in the corridors classrooms gym and changing rooms sense that someone is there and when they leave again the lighting will switch back off if the lighting can be dimmed it will automatically adjust itself to the external brightness in this way even long corridors can be monitored without interruption and

solutions for corridors and gyms perfect protection hard to beat ­ impact-resistant anti-vandalism schuko® socket-outlet flush-mounted anti-vandalism impact-resistant schuko® socket-outlet flush-mounted some situations especially in corridors or in the gym are just too much for normal school electrical installations this is where merten s special solutions come to the rescue if in the heat of competition the gym light switch gets hit more than the back of the net or if herds of students sometimes treat corridors and outside areas to a stampede ­ anti-vandalism switches socket-outlets and impact-resistant flush-mounted socket-outlets are the right solution this anti-vandalism range of switches specially designed for the rough and tumble of the school day can withstand blows kicks tools and even flames water off a duck s back ­ aquadesign aquadesign polar white aquadesign is ideal wherever switches are exposed to damp moisture wind and rain such as in changing rooms and shower

fit for sport at the push of a button ­ with plantec plantec control and display unit from now on you can prepare for your sport lesson in total comfort without leaving your changing room while your students are getting ready all you need to do is press a button to create perfect sporting conditions if basketball is on the timetable for example the light switches to 200 lux the ideal level for school sports all partition walls are raised and the ventilation system prepares a pleasant temperature whether you prefer to set up the gym to your requirements with a single button or to activate each function individually ­ merten s convenient control unit is as simple as on your marks get set go safe and tough ­ the anti-vandalism key switch anti-vandalism key switch should you need to fine tune lux levels in the gym in the middle of a lesson there s naturally no need to go back out to the changing room just use the sturdy anti-vandalism key switch that can be installed right there in the

solutions for the school hall top-of-the-class organisation reveal all with one click ­ the merten ip touch-panel 10 merten ip touch-panel 10 design m-plan real glass whether courses visiting days for parents or festivals ­ there is always some kind of event on in the evening at schools intelligent technology from merten lets you anticipate all these with tranquillity time-controlled heating creates a pleasant temperature in the required rooms in plenty of time the relevant corridors and classrooms can be switched conveniently to maintained light so that course participants parents or guests can find their way to the classrooms safely all controlled centrally and conveniently with the merten ip touch-panel 10 showing the way ­ the merten led light signal merten led light signal m-smart polar white toilets emergency exits and stairwells all have to be clearly indicated at all times orientation within school buildings is child s play with merten s illuminated led light signals

ready for presentation at the touch of a button ­ with plantec plantec control and display unit plantec multi-function push-button with room temperature control unit whenever there are speeches in the school hall speakers should ideally be able to concentrate beforehand on what they are going to say instead of on the equipment with plantec one touch is enough to lower the blinds unroll the screen switch on the projector activate the air conditioning and finally to dim the lights the merten multi-function push-button with room temperature control unit ­ more than perfect event presentation artec knx multi-function push-button 4-gang with room temperature control unit aluminium with the merten multi-function push-button with room temperature control unit the school hall and any other room can be individually and conveniently heated or cooled as needed and also with precision thanks to a time control function all display functions can be controlled simply and conveniently using the

solutions for efficient facility management in good hands keep everything under control ­ with the merten ip touch-panel 10 merten ip touch-panel 10 design m-plan real glass one person who always has everything under control the caretaker but at the intelligent school this needs no more tours of inspection the caretaker can just look at the merten ip touch-panel 10 to see where windows or doors are still open and at night they will reveal if the school has any unwanted visitors or that lights and heaters are still switched on if there is a heating malfunction the caretaker can be notified immediately the technology that makes all this possible the merten knx building management system knx connects up all your school s utilities using an intelligent bus line in this way information can be exchanged for all building functions the advantage is that you can control a multitude of building functions conveniently safely and efficiently

switch ranges as individual as each student whatever architectural style characterises your school merten switch ranges have a variety of designs to suit classic or modern for indoors outdoors or in rooms subject to moisture to ensure your electrical installations have a uniform appearance all our switch ranges cover a large spectrum of individual appliances and functions best of all if you want to change the design of your switches ­ because the building has been redecorated for example ­ there s no problem matching the new frames and rockers with the existing flushmounted inserts system design artec polar white antik light grey aluminium stainless steel black grey polar white trancent white dark brazil antique brass polished brass/polar white satinated transparent trancent aluminium frame artec aluminium rocker special flush-mounted range aquadesign polar white white aluminium anthracite dark brazil

system m m-smart active white m-arc polar white white polar white/anthracite polar white/aluminium polar white m-plan m-plan ii aluminium anthracite sand/polar white midnight blue/aluminium polar white m-plan real glass aluminium anthracite aluminium/anthracite polar white/aluminium diamond/polar white m-star diamond/aluminium mahogany/polar white sapphire/anthracite ruby/aluminium chrome/polar white chrome/anthracite satin silver/anthracite polished brass/polar white polished brass/white other attractive colour combinations are possible

references merten ­ the teacher s favourite templin grammar school from germany to belgium to china merten s intelligent building system technology has long passed the test of day-to-day operation in schools our references · academy of music berlin germany · university of hamburg germany · ahlhorn grammar school germany · buxtehude vocational training centre germany · haus des lehrers berlin germany · sebastopol school centre osnabrück germany · iub campus centre bremen germany · unicom ii bremen germany · media docks lübeck germany · hohen neuendorf primary school germany · sixth form centre 2 hennigsdorf germany · templin grammar school germany · michendorf grammar school germany · uli schwarz institute shanghai china · ufsia university antwerp belgium · faculté polytechnique mons belgium

merten free cd a day in the life of the intelligent merten school we are sure you have gained a first impression of the possibilities that merten s innovative building system technology has to offer you can get a second ­ multimedia ­ impression from the free merten multimedia cd-rom with more examples of how the technology can be used in day-to-day school life as well as detailed information on merten s switch ranges and on knx visit the virtual merten school and discover how your school too can become more efficient more comfortable and more secure with merten s intelligent building system technology our internationally experienced project leaders are available to give you more information or to arrange a personal consultation free you can either order the merten cd at or access it directly under the same link clear practical and informative the merten multimedia cd-rom with examples reflecting day-to-day school life shows you all you need to know about knx and

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