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Control building functions flexibly, easily and economically: KNX

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control building functions flexibly easily and economically knx how to make your building smart

can all your demands be met under one roof anyone planning to build a new private home or commercial building can expect more than just a lot of hard work they also face the challenge of meeting any number of individual technical and financial requirements and these demands have increased enormously in recent years this is particularly true in the areas of building management and electrical installation where many different factors have to be taken into account flexibility considering that most buildings are designed for use over several decades it s inevitable that sooner or later the uses to which its rooms are put will change the obvious solution building functions which can be adapted to the needs of the user easily and cost-effectively without tearing open walls and laying new cables cost efficiency not only the one-off construction costs but also the subsequent running costs are decisive in ensuring the cost efficiency of an investment of this kind the following applies the

knx in private buildings living the good life in terms of comfort take the following example getting cosy in the evening no longer means going from one switch or thermostat to the next instead simply press a single button to activate all the desired functions in one go blinds are lowered atmospheric lighting is switched on and the room is heated to just the right temperature settings such as these known as scenes can be created exactly as you want them ­ and you can do so via remote control pda touchscreen or pc multi-function pushbutton 4-gang with room temperature control unit system design flexibility comfort safety and security cost efficiency intelligent blind control · central control of the electrically operated roller shutters and blinds in the study parents bedroom and children s room at the press of a button · automatic protection from excessive sunlight or storms is provided by awnings and blinds that react to sun and wind sensors timed heating control · pleasant room

comprehensive messages · warnings about open windows and doors via information display at the front door · forward messages to for example a security company or your neighbours via telephone · intruder deterrence with movement detectors that switch on the lighting in and around the house individual lighting control · the central off switch at the entrance door deactivates all loads such as the lighting or appliances connected to socket-outlets · individual light settings whenever and wherever you want in the living room dining room for reading or while watching tv easy to save and to activate by remote control for example via pda smartphone or via touchscreen · if you hear things going bump in the night just hit the panic button next to your bed to illuminate your house and garden with bright light · keep burglars at bay by making it look as though someone is at home when you are absent or during long holidays info display system m push-button 2-gang plus system design

knx in commercial buildings working made easy flexibility and cost efficiency are particularly important when it comes to commercial buildings this is where intelligent building management with knx really comes into its own in the presentation room for example at the touch of a single button you can activate a whole series of functions in preparation for a presentation groups of luminaires are switched off or dim med the blinds and the projection screen are lowered to create the right conditions for the presentation and the projector and microphone are switched on automatically and finally ventilation and heating create an optimal environment naturally all these different functions can be adapted to meet specific requirements flexibility comfort safety and security cost efficiency intelligent blind control · automatic control of the sun awnings via light sensors in accordance with the current sunlight intensity · automatic blind retraction via wind sensors during strong wind ·

individual heating control · presence-dependent room heating · immediate closure of the heating valve when a window is opened · heat is supplied automatically at the exact time required and individually via controllable room temperature control units no need to turn the radiators up and down manually automatic lighting control · time-dependent automatic switching off of light sources during work breaks or on weekends · daylight-dependent adaptation of the lighting for optimum working conditions through light control with intelligent heating control energy costs can be reduced by up to 30 · automatic lighting of corridors staircase timers and rooms which are seldom used thanks to the argus indoor movement detector multi-function push-button 4-gang with room temperature control unit system design argus presence with lighting control argus 180/2,20m up system

knx technology all buildings are made intelligent with knx merten ­ there from the start the central idea of a standard for home automation and building control across different manufacturers was fundamentally moulded by merten merten is one of the driving forces behind innovation and technology in building system technology an initial complete product palette was already available in 1991 nowadays the merten product range covers a full range of switch cabinet components in addition to design and function-oriented control interfaces and sensors universal dimming actuators blind actuators switch actuators power supplies binary inputs gateways etc further information about the worldwide standard for knx building system technology can be obtained from the home page of the knx association and the german eiba the use of intelligent knx technology in the various types of buildings can be experienced online at knx ­ the only worldwide open

knx ­ simple intelligent proven with conventional electrical installations you have to determine in advance how and where your building s switching systems will be installed before construction even commences but with knx from merten you can keep your options open that s because everything in the system can be changed or extended at any time ­ without the usual mess and without laying new cables in addition all building technology devices and installations are connected via a single bus line the bus line is laid in parallel to the 230 v power supply when you activate a sensor for example a push-button an actuator e.g the roller shutter control will carry out all the switching commands required the conventional solution many separate lines meaning less flexibility the intelligent solution knx ­ one system one standard many multi-task functions for maximum flexibility actuators command receivers sensors command

knx in comparison long-term savings intelligent building technology doesn t just offer you flexibility convenience and security it pays for itself as well over the long term you could save up to 30 on the usual costs in comparison with conventional solutions even though the cost of an knx solution from merten may seem more expensive than a conventional solution at the planning and building stage the costs fall dramatically when it comes into use the reason initial investment costs account for only around 25 of the entire cost of a building on average the operating costs when the building is used however account for 75 and this is where big savings can be made because as time goes by what you need from your building management will change it may be that a private home will be inhabited by several generations or that rooms in commercial properties are put to different uses due to reorganisation new owners or new tenants costs relative to the individual construction phases costs in

there are as many areas of application of knx as there are possibilities offered by intelligent building management here is a small selection of projects we have realised further details and examples can be provided by your local merten representative after all we at merten regard ourselves as a partner to all those involved in planning investors building owners architects electrical planners and electrical fitters administration office buildings · office block of the dresdner bank frankfurt germany · exxon singapore · cologne tower in the mediapark cologne germany · office administration building bayer ag leverkusen germany · csc ploenske wiesbaden germany · ig-metall frankfurt germany · mainterassen frankfurt germany · volvo cars ghent belgium · spreespeicher berlin germany · oval office hamburg germany · turning torso malmö sweden schools public buildings · central station nmbs/sncb brussels belgium · den haag city museum netherlands · catholic church of st

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