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The innovative user interface for building control

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control options a house in pocket format nowadays owners and users of buildings have one thing in common above all else their desire for safety comfort flexibility and efficiency merten@home offers the ideal solution to meet these needs ­ in a more convenient and flexible way than ever before it does not matter which input medium you wish to use to control building functions whether you opt for a pda a pc a touchscreen or a television the intuitive user interface is always structured in the same way after securely logging in with your personal password first select the building you wish to access such as your own home your apartment your practice in town or your holiday cottage in the mountains to regulate the building functions you require such as heating or lighting you can then choose from four convenient control options · floors · rooms · functions · programs however you decide to view or control individual functions it only takes a few clicks with merten@home do you want to

example 1 monitoring from an internet cafÉ making sure you can relax on holiday you are away on your well-earned holiday and have agreed with a neighbour that she will water your plants while you are away to be on the safe side you go to an internet café and log onto your personal merten@home address at home now you can view all the monitoring functions just to make sure that everything is in order have a great holiday step 1 after you have logged on at home select the surveillance system item in the functions menu

step 2 on the surveillance system summary page you will not just see all the current surveillance settings from here you can also click on all messages to view all the registered activities step 3 the list of messages received shows that the movement detector and the cameras have been activated near the entrance door and in the conservatory patio area the alarm system has also been deactivated and switched back on after a brief period of time you can therefore conclude that your neighbours watered your plants between 12.29 and 12.56 step 4 after clicking on the front door camera image you can see that your neighbour really has paid a visit you can now relax and log out

example 2 controlling the heating via your pda your house in pocket format let us assume you are waiting in the airport lounge for your flight home at the end of a business trip abroad to avoid having to come home to a cold and unwelcoming house after a stressful week you go online with your pda via the w-lan hotspot and call up your personal merten@home address in internet explorer when you have successfully logged on select the living room from the rooms menu to turn up your underfloor heating a few hours before you get back welcome home step 1 dial through to your home via the w-lan hotspot using secure ssl-coded access step 2 in the rooms menu select living room

step 3 you can view the current settings for your living room at a glance the heating still shows a room temperature of 16 degrees which you set before your departure you can now increase the temperature to 22 degrees step 4 enter the time from which the temperature should be changed to do this select the required day of the week and enter the start time you can now log out

example 3 controlling building functions via your television non-stop enjoyment the champions league final is due to start at any minute to experience this gripping football event in the right atmosphere use the remote control to dim the lights in your living room from where you are sitting now nobody can interrupt your enjoyment however if someone should ring at the doorbell you can also display your front door surveillance camera on your television screen and simply open the door using your remote control fair play step 1 using your remote control you switch from the football match to merten@home and select the comfort item in the programs menu step 2 to create the right lighting atmosphere to match the gripping football match activate the television lighting scenario

example 4 activating presence simulation via your touchscreen away but still at home do you want to make sure that you closed all the windows and doors when you left the house ­ without having to check through the whole house again do you want to make sure that there is no evidence of your absence with merten@home you can always double check that everything is in order before leaving home you can check that all the windows and doors are closed via your touchscreen in the hall not only that you can also conveniently activate the presence simulation have a pleasant day step 1 select the all elements item in the functions menu

step 2 you can see that the dormer window in the bedroom is still open and decide to close it step 3 to activate the presence simulation before leaving the house go to the safety item in the programs menu step 4 when you click on presence simulation the lighting and music is switched on and off at pre-specified times and the blinds are moved up and down step 5 now all you have to do is log off and enjoy your day out

technical requirements everything you need for merten@home

in order to use merten@home you must have an ic 1 eib internet controller installed high quality at a reasonable price the user-friendly interface is already integrated in the turnkey cabinet device so you will not be faced with additional software costs to use merten@home while you are away from home simply log on to the domoport internet service via internet explorer or netscape navigator entering your address code this guarantees ssl-coded access to your ic 1 making it just as secure as home banking this enables you to control all the building functions ­ convenient simple and mobile with merten@home you can live and work more safely flexibly and efficiently and with a higher level of comfort and convenience visit for an online demonstration and further information you are welcome to contact the merten sales team for personal advice and assistance the centrepiece of merten@home the ic 1 eib internet controller further technical requirements · pda based on microsoft

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