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Merten GmbH
Lösungen für intelligente Gebäude
Fritz-Kotz-Strasse 8
Industriegebiet Bomig-West
D-51674 Wiehl

Telefon: 02261/702-01
Telefax: 02261/702-284

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system m the new array of surfaces the elegant appearance of system m switches with three different surfaces to choose from · extra-glossy surface made of shatter-proof thermoplastic · classymatt surface made of shatter-proof thermoplastic · glossy surface made of extra scratch-proof duroplastic thermoplastic brilliant extra-glossy surface made of shatterproof thermoplastic ­ particularly easy to clean inserts/colours · white glossy · polar white glossy · active white glossy frame design · m-smart · 1-m · atelier-m · m-plan · m-plan ii thermoplastic classymatt classymatt surface made of shatterproof thermoplastic inserts/colours · white · polar white · anthracite · aluminium frame design · m-smart · m-arc · m-star · m-plan · m-plan ii duroplastic extra scratch-proof glossy surface made of extra scratchproof duroplastic inserts/colours · white · polar white frame design ·

atelier-m classic and modern combined to perfection confident style the popular atelier design is now available in system m thanks to the new interpretation of this range of frames atelier-m now integrates the entire assortment of system m with more than 280 functions active white glossy white glossy atelier-m polar white glossy system

m-arc dynamic and elegant design the dynamic transition from rocker switch to frame gives the harmoniously curved m-arc its individual character anthracite anthracite polar white sand polar white polar white anthracite aluminium colour midnight blue aluminium colour m-arc polar white classymatt system m

m-plan ii the super-slim switch series the integrated solution for modern architecture all but 3 mm of the control interface is concealed in the wall using the flush-mounting adapter up to 280 system m functions can be installed 1-gang to 3-gang frames are available the innovative and simple installation technology can be used for flush mounting in almost any type of wall 3 mm m-plan ii aluminium colour system m m-plan m-plan ii

transparency of form and function trancent switches can be beautiful the lightest of touches on the glass surface is enough to dim the lights switch them on and off or control the blinds trancent ­ clear flat discreet with an exposed glass surface and the possibility of integrating it in the intelligent knx intelligent building technology trancent can also be labelled individually best of the best satinated transparent trancent satinated system design

argus smoke detector system 100 merten ­ 100 safe argus smoke detectors are vds-certified argus basic smoke detector polar white should every room have a smoke detector basically yes but there s a difference between minimum protection and optimum protection the rule of thumb for minimum protection is one smoke detector in the corridor and bedrooms of every floor each one mounted on the ceiling optimum protection based on the individual living situation is achieved by installing and ideally networking argus smoke detectors from the cellar all the way to the top floor the life-saving advantages that smoke detectors offer have convinced seven german federal states to make smoke detectors compulsory in private living areas with the newest generation of the approved argus smoke detector system merten offers you uncompromising brand quality and a broad range of smoke detectors for different requirements all argus smoke detectors are vds-certified for safety and security with a flat design

twinbus video intercom visibly more comfort and security functionality in its most beautiful form are comfort and security high on your list of priorities when receiving guests preferably with sound and images for perfect control and does sophisticated design also rank high on your list then the perfect solution for you is the new twinbus video intercom from merten with its many benefits for you to enjoy · twinbus technology · attractive look coordinated system m switch design in 42 system m colour and frame options · excellent sound and picture quality · versatile functions · easy operation can be integrated in 42 system m colour and frame options 8 call tones incl 3-tone gong different sounds for calls from entrance/floors/internal choice of menu language german/english brilliant 2.0 colour tft 22-level custom controller for brightness colour and contrast cursor keys for camera selection internal call or switching brightness settings etc special functions switch on outside

application examples ­ private home living the good life intelligent blind control · central control of the electrically operated blinds and shutters in the study parents bedroom and children s room at the press of a button comprehensive messages · if windows and doors are left open a warning is shown on the information display at the entrance door individual lighting control · the central off switch at the front door deactivates all loads such as the lighting or appliances connected to socket-outlets timed heating control · pleasant room temperatures are ensured by individual temperature control for each room flexible building management · all the building technology can be controlled from home or while you are away

imagine a better life · your business trip finishes early and you raise the underfloor heating to a comfortable temperature at the w-lan hotspot at the airport by pda · you use your ip touch-panel 10 to close the window and switch off the light in the living room while lying in bed · popping into an internet café on holiday you check your building monitoring system related messages and camera images great everything is in order · you view consumption data such as electricity consumption from your laptop merten@home ­ always at home wherever you are connect radio control centre laptop touch-panel smartphone lighting heating blinds entertainment outdoor areas household monitoring data management

system m 1-m atelier-m m-plan m-plan/m-plan ii m-plan with metal frame with real glass frame 1-m/active white brilliant white/polar white rocker made of extra-glossy thermoplastic brilliant ruby/polar white polar white thermoplastic brilliant rhodium grey/polar white rocker made of extra-glossy thermoplastic brilliant 1-m/polar white onyx black/polar white rocker made of extra-glossy thermoplastic brilliant ruby/aluminium colour polar white chrome/polar white rocker made of extra-glossy thermoplastic brilliant 1-m/white diamond/polar white rocker made of extra-glossy thermoplastic brilliant sapphire/polar white white platin silver/anthracite atelier-m/active white diamond/aluminium colour sapphire/white rocker made of high gloss thermoplastic brilliant aluminium colour atelier-m/polar white mahogany/polar white anthracite atelier-m also available in white