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hotels grand hyatt singapore in the course of an extensive renovation of the grand hyatt in singapore the entire lighting control system was replaced as well the switch range selected was the attractive aluminium version of m-plan it is wholly in keeping with the exclusive atmosphere of this hotel in the heart of singapore s commercial district m-plan

hotels mandarin oriental prague czech republic photo david turecky in the heart of prague near karlsbrücke the mandarin oriental five-star hotel was born after a complete renovation of the karmelitska medieval cloister the historical 500-year-old walls now accommodate 99 deluxe rooms and 22 exclusive suites the historical building that s protected by a preservation order incorporates all state-ofthe-art technology that a luxury hotel can offer among the technology is the merten system m with a combination of classy matt and polar white inserts with m-star frames in satin silver every room and suite has dimmable lighting the extremely silent and extendable system m dimming inserts offer an optimum solution there are up to four independent dimmable light sources per room providing a pleasant atmosphere at a historical site m-star

hotels the ritz-carlton beijing china photo chao yangfeng the ritz carlton beijing was designed by the international architectural firm wimberly allison tong goo the luxury hotel is on the hub of the capital s dynamically growing finance district the ritz-carlton is well known for its extraordinarily high design demands and places great value on the stylish decor of its hotels for this reason after having equipped the ritz-carlton hotel in berlin merten was once again chosen to fit all of the hotel rooms with the multi-award winning switch ranges m-plan and m-star from system m m-star

hotels steigenberger zingst germany photo tm-studios the steigenberger strandhotel zingst is located at an optimal beach location directly on the pier in zingst the baltic sea resort nordic clarity and mediterranean congeniality come together beautifully in this exclusive four-star residence created by star designer anna maria jagdfeld and her team from berlin amj-design she plays with the colours of the sea white and nature olive and sand accented with coral red the new three-storey building offers 121 first-class rooms and luxury suites the simple elegance of the merten artec range fits perfectly with the architecture artec

hotels schlosshotel bensberg germany photo althoff hotels residences one of the most impressive baroque castles north of the alps for which versailles and winchester castle provided the architectural inspiration is now a grand hotel of international renown it was completely renovated in the year 2000 merten installed a knx bus system and modified its antik switch range to suit the exact requirements of schloss bensberg in order to ensure that the switch design complemented the interior perfectly antik was given a colour-matched white decorative cover peter silling hid from cologne designed the interior antik actual size

industrial and office buildings ferrari showroom seoul korea photo saint-gobain the ferrari showroom in seoul has been designed completely out of glass and metal for walls ceilings and floors the sports cars from modena with their traditional red colour can really look their best in this bright and transparent environment the stainless steel version of the artec surface range combines timeless design and a clear use of form thus making it a modern classic ­ just like ferrari s prestige automobiles the knx bus system controls lightscenes and thus helps present the cars in the best light possible artec multi-function push-button with ir receiver

industrial and office buildings msv arena duisburg germany intelligent technology from merten has been installed in the new msv arena in duisburg in the vip area this technology can be operated using the lcd minipanel mt 701 you can thus control lightscenes and temperature safely and efficiently the m-smart system with its modern design was chosen as the switch range here mini-panel mt 701

industrial and office buildings council of bishops bonn germany photo dietmar strauss merten created a comprehensive knx solution for the building designed by the architects kissler effgen single room regulation blind control regulation of air conditioning ventilation and lighting control of lightscenes functional modules visualisation technology the home of the council of bishops in bonn is equipped with the latest in building technology argus glass smoke detectors

private homes schÖner wohnen magazine house of the year 2004 photo bks architects the 2004 house of the year was designed by bks architects lübbecke and is equipped with the latest merten technology the aluminium version of the m-plan switch range is characterised by its clear and understated design idiom and is thus ideal for the atmosphere of this home m-plan

references overview industrial and office complexes schools hospitals and retirement homes public buildings and hotels ­ no matter what type of property is involved merten s solutions are acclaimed the world over you will find a small selection of these solutions here and if you want your own property to be the next to benefit we will be glad to develop a solution for your individual requirements one call is all it takes deichtorcenter hamburg photo jÖrg hempel the ritz-carlton berlin germany administration and office buildings · office block of dresdner bank frankfurt germany · formula 1 racing track in shanghai china · exxon singapore · cologne tower in mediapark cologne germany · administrative headquarters of bayer ag leverkusen germany · csc ploenske wiesbaden germany · ig-metall frankfurt germany · mainterassen frankfurt germany · volvo cars ghent belgium · spreespeicher berlin germany · deichtorcenter hamburg germany · oval office hamburg germany · german

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