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method marine supply page 3 method marine dive lines the dive centre at method marine has a large selection of high quality innovative up to date and affordable dive gear we carry many different lines of dive gear including scuba pro aqua-lung us divers seaquest deep-sea princeton tec oceanic opus ocean cressi-sub national divers suunto bare sportswear and whites manufacturing we have taken special care to listen to what you the customer are interested in and then put it into our stock selected from the manufacturer that offers the best item for the best price if there is something that you need that we don t stock we can order it from our extensive list of suppliers dive gear table of contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 aqua-lung accessories deep see accessories national divers opus ocean scuba pro accessories aqua seal products scuba pro bcd sea quest bcd aqua lung bcd scuba pro fins scuba pro dive boots scuba pro dive

page 5 to order call 250 725-3251 fax 250 725-2111 7 scuba pro bcd the scuba pro bcd offers the best in quality and versatility the accent bc is one of the most comfortable front adjustable bcd s on the market weight integrated patented wrap around air cell construction and dual v high volume pockets add to the excellent features of this bcd 8 sea quest bcd some of the features include adjustable bungee cords replaceable bladder plate-less double cylinder and weight integration models include the classic classic plus classic sport super-hawk lady-hawk and the wyland signature classic plus featured at the method marine dive center are the pro qd and the black diamond some of the functions include 3 dimensional buoyancy bag patented weight release system folding pockets and durable 840 denier nylon also available are the balance spectrum 3 spectrum 4 spectrum 1 and for women the diva lx libra and diva qd 9 aqua-lung bcd the aqua-lung line of bcd s has been redesigned for 2001 many new

page 6 to order call 250 725-3251 fax 250 725-2111 12 scuba pro d ive h oses scuba pro hoses are available for high pressure or low pressure both in a variety of lengths we also carry hoses for your bdc and dry suit with excellent quality and durability 13 scuba pro instruments all gauges are analog for reliability many different combinations are possible with three different consoles to choose from depth gauges are available in metric or imperial and compasses are liquid filled and feature dual readouts 14 uwatec this line has many new improvements and innovations including a new hardened nylon cover that is easily replaced without specialty tools all computers feature backlighting there is a free battery replacement program for some computers this coupled with scuba pro s line allows for virtually any combination of instruments to suit your needs 1 5 scuba pro d ive gloves scuba pro hyper flex dive gloves are available in 3 mm and 5 mm neoprene hyper flex gloves feature velcro

page 7 to order call 250 725-3251 fax 250 725-2111 18 wh ites hoods wet or dry hoods zippered or zipper-less with 7 mm side panels and 3 mm skin in face and neck seals available in sizes all sizes 19 apex dive hose apex hoses are available for high pressure or low pressure if you need a new hose between your first and second stage or a new dry suit inflation hose come and see us and we will fix you up 20 aqua lung dive hose quality high and low pressure whips for regulators dry suits and inflators for aqua lung manufactured products 21 aqua lung in stru ments aqua lung makes a stand-alone electronic pressure gauge with digital and analog gauges built-in clock backlight and air time alarm the pivot matrix is a full featured dive computer with a swivel console 12 dive memory and replaceable battery also available is the pivot data pro 2 for basic analog pressure and depth readings 22 oceanic dive ins truments makers of the most innovative instruments in the industry oceanic invented the

page 9 to order call 250 725-3251 fax 250 725-2111 28 sea quest d ive knives the sea quest knives feature the ez-lock 3¾ blade with an overall length of 8 allowing for a generous grip the revolutionary positive locking sheath system releases the knife with a simple hand motion features include serrated edges lanyard holes blunt tips and 420 stainless steel construction the black jack knife features 420 steel and a locking handle with one hand sheath removal for cleaning 29 krep p d ive knives the krepp line of dive knives offer the perfect mix of ruggedness and affordability we stock three knife styles to choose from 30 scuba pro knives scuba pro knives available are the k3 bcd knife the k4 ideal for attaching to your arm or leg the k5 with a 4½ blade and the 5½ blade with a steel hammer on the handle 31 opus dive lights opus makes a small 2-aa key-chain/mini dive light and a 1-aa clear or yellow bcd light one is a strobe bulb and the other is a constant bulb these lights make

page 10 to order call 250 725-3251 fax 250 725-2111 34 cressi-su b d ive m ask cressi-sub makes a legendary full face mask very affordable featuring large view lenses called big eyes cressi-sub continues to produce remarkable innovative dive gear 35 scuba pro masks and acce ssorie s masks include the fino a low profile and volume mask with a two window design the micro frame ul is ultra light with a frameless design and extremely low volume the avalon uses a wide single lens design large purge valve and nose pocket the xq trivent uses a three window design and purge valve the focus uses a two window design with an easy to reach nose pocket the full face mask has a separate regulator compartment removable accessories plug and optional alternate air source adapter providing automatic air override in emergency situations 3 6 sea quest m ask s and accessories sea quest offers exceptional quality masks at affordable prices featured in our dive center is the ventura mask single lens in a

page 11 to order call 250 725-3251 fax 250 725-2111 39 apex dive regulators we currently stock the tx 50 one of the best performing regulators in the world its second stage is integrated with a venturi system and diver adjustable cracking resistance control apex invented the first successful dry environmentally sealed system guaranteed to deliver greater reliability and performance also available are the tx150 tx100 tx40 t20 nitrox-tx50 and nitrox-tx40 40 scuba pro d ive regulator s all scuba pro regulators have a lifetime warranty second stages available include s600 s550 d400 g250 r380 r190 for octopuses we offer two choices the r380 and r190 octopus for first stages scuba pro offers the mk 20 ul and the mk 18 uld the lightest first stage ever produced other first stages include the mk 20 mk 18 mk 16 and mk 2 plus 41 aqua lung dive regulators aqua lung regulators include the calypso titan titan galacia conshelf and for nitrox ean calypso octopuses include the xlc octopus low

page 13 to order call 250 725-3251 fax 250 725-2111 50 sherwood dive tank available items from the sherwood line include 13 and 40 cu ft pony bottles 80 and 100 cu ft aluminum tanks sherwood k tank valves and tank boots 51 redl weig hts and accessories available from redl sports are 5 lb blister packs of size 0 shot perfect for pocket weight belts or no ditch pockets on bcd s 52 scuba pro weig hts and accessor ies scuba pro makes a variety of options for weight systems including the pocket weight belt the xtek weight system and the accent weight system accessories include inox metal buckles black nylon buckles and extra weight pockets 53 sh erwood d ive weig hts the dive centre carries soft yellow 3.5 lb ankle weights a nice alternative to the chiclets style of ankle weights dive belt webbing is also available 54 tom cat dive weights and accessor ies from 2½ lb bullet leads up to 10 lb leads the tomcat line has whatever weight size you need for your weight

page 14 to order call 250 725-3251 fax 250 725-2111 55 sea quest wetsu its sea quest wetsuits are being redesigned come in and see our new product guide for more information 56 deep see wetsuits deep see makes high quality and economical wetsuits in children s sizes 2mm 3mm 5.75mm and 6.5mm thicknesses 57 bare wet and dry su ites this line has unbeatable pricing and quality for dry suits we offer trilam atr hd trilam atr light nex-gen pro dry and supra dry for wetsuits we offer the sport combo the supra farmer john/jane a 7 mm hooded extreme full suit a 7mm no-zip extreme a 5mm full suit shorties rush and attack styles and styles for children 58 scuba pro wetsu its you have options galore with scuba pro wetsuits choose from the s-tex or trade wind systems shorties jackets hooded vests arctic suits tropical suits steamers and farmer johns from 5mm to 7mm scuba pro wetsuits have you

page 15 to order call 250 725-3251 fax 250 725-2111 59 aqua lung wet and dry suits aqua lung provides some unique options with their suits wetsuits are available in mariner and Élan tropical 3.5 mm suits and the warmer 6.5 mm nordic styles they offer three different models of dry suits come into the method marine dive centre and ask for more information 60 wh ites wet and dry suits whites wet and dry suits are manufactured on vancouver island come in and check out the new catalogue 61 viking dry suits viking dry suits can be disinfected easily to prevent disease transfer with fish farm diving come in and check out the product guide to order yours