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rosengold glitters meyer imports rosengold glitters esson munich vienna berlin zurich dresden our rosengold glitters create a wonderful texture of time and space that transports you to a location of long ago where only the best was good enough for the kings of state this is a new line for meyer imports developed in concert with our factories in germany named for some of the most storied cities in europe our famous gold glitters uniquely blended with our wonderfully decadent rose and other glitters create our very unique rosengold line rosengold tiny sample set six bottle set 311-m-0625 rosengold corked bottles vintage styled six bottle set 311-m-0621 signature essentials rosengold glitter set 311-m-0624 www.meyer-imports.com providing the highest quality products from small independent european manufacturers to professional artists designers and retailers around the world for over 20 years • to talk 415-209-6939 • to email service@meyer-imports.com • to see product