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its easy to use just plug in your 8 pin microphone rotator replacement pot for ham ii iii mfj weather proof window feedthrough panels hf vhf uhf mobile antennas cw reader with built in keyer convert sq feet to sq meters 600 ohm open wire line 300 ohm tv twin lead bnc male to so 239 connector ham radio license guide ham radio high current dc outlets mfj enterprises in starkville ms 50 ohm ham dummy load mfj 868 swr wattmeter mfj noise canceling filters mfj 2 element 40 meter beam kit for hi q antennas to use mfj 1924 ham radio mfj dual band vhf uhf tv antenna 20 meter dipole antenna ham radio mfj 299 vhf uhf mobile antennas dual band yagi antenna 2 meter dual band yagi antenna ham radio mfj 52 hy gain 8 band vertical antenna dual band vhf uhf antenna for mobile 450 ohm ladder line 10 meter antenna tuner 50 ohm dummy load dual band vhf uhf antenna for base 450 ohm ladder line loss dual band 2 meter 440 2 element 40 meter beam hy gain 450 ohm ladder line stranded copper boom to mast clamp dual band antenna no ground plane 3 inch cross needle meter 450 ohm ladder line solid stranded copper cross needle meter movement 50 ohm non inductive resistor 450 ohm ladder line mounting nmo to so 239 cross needle panel meter 2 element 40 meter beam mini uhf male to bnc female coaxial adapter connector convert sq meters to sq feet 300 ohm antenna twin lead 450 ohm open wire line 500 pf air variable capacitor pl 259 to bnc adapter convert 30 sq meters to sq feet rg 8 cable with pl 259 connectors 16 volts 200 amps voltage regulator air variable tuning capacitor

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automatically tunes any unbalanced antenna ultra fast 20,000 virtualantennatm memories antenna switch efficient l-network matches 6-1600 ohms at 200 watts 1.8-30 mhz digital swr/wattmeter audio swr meter radio interface combinations of buttons mfj weather protected 95 you can t remember remote intellitunertm a fast-response highship code b resolution bargraph gives you an auto-ranging 20/200 watt power mfj-927 meter you get 60 segments each for for25995 ward and reflected power and 36 segments ship code a for swr try that with an 8 segment bargraph that makes you change power ranges and doesn t even give you reflected power you can read inductance and capacitance directly in uhy and pf this turns you into an expert l-network designer match your load read the resulting l/c values then use them to build your fixed l-network or knowing the l/c values you can determine r and x of the load impedance mfj compact 200 watt intellitunerstm 219 mfj-929 the

hf/vhf/uhf swr analyzers for all your building needs mfj analyzers measure swr from 270-480 mhz basic hf/vhf swr analyzer tm 209a ship code mfj-229 95 read swr of any antenna from 270 to 480 mhz just plug in your antenna coax set the frequency and read swr easy-to-read lcd displays frequency and swr and has a logarithmic swr bargraph for precision tuning two line high-contrast lcd has 32 huge 1/4 inch characters select any desired frequency range for tuning examples tune from 280 to 295 mhz 320 to 350 mhz or 400 to 450 mhz tuning knob has a built-in 10:1 vernier reduction drive for precision tuning you can use the mfj-229 to adjust dipoles verticals yagis quads and other antennas and determine their swr resonant frequency and bandwidth test and tune stubs and coax lines you can determine velocity factor impedances and estimate losses of transmission lines adjust and test rf matching networks and rf amplifiers without applying power use as signal source for testing and alignment

safeguard expensive gear from static electricity and lightning surges mfj lightning surge protectors handle 400 watts pep or 1500 watts pep mfj-270 95 charge tube that safely shunts up to 5000 mfj-272 1.5kwatts 95 amps of peak impulse current harmlessly to an independent ground swr less than 1.1:1 ship code a less than 0.1 db loss use up to 1000 mhz ship code a safeguard mfj-270 handles 400 w pep mfj-272 mfj-272 your expenhandles 1.5 kw pep mfj-270 and mfj-272 $39.95 sive equipdo not protect against a direct lightning hit so-239ment from mfj-272mf so-239 pictured static electric mfj-270 $29.95 so-239 to so-239 mfj-272n $44.95 n ity and lightning induced surges on 50 ohm mfj-270mf $34.95 so-239 to pl-259 connectors coaxial line mfj-270n $34.95 low-loss n-connectors mfj-272mf $44.95 so-239 to pl-259 mfj s guardian angeltm lightning mfj-97 $9.95 replacement gas discharge mfj-97h $19.95 replacement gas surge protectors has an ultra-fast gas distube for mfj-270 discharge tube for mfj-272

mfj-653 hamproaudiotm speech mfj-653 articulatortm greatly improves transmit 95 speech intelligibility for super punch ship code a based on extensive speech research the mfj-653 uses optimized frequency shaping to concentrate the energy in the band of frequencies where speech rf output power with low distortion intelligibility is concentrated it also a highly effective noise gate downward removes powerful low frequencies that expansion with front panel level and delay overwhelms the important high frequencies controls smoothly removes annoying backthat carry intelligibility ground noise picked up during speech pauses you can boost the highly intelligible band the results you ll be heard and underof frequencies centered around 2 khz by up stood powerful highly intelligible speech to 16 db and gently remove the powerful low gives you a commanding presence that frequencies that have little intelligence the slices through dx clutter high-pass filters cutoffs are 1.1 khz and 500 hz you

soundcard and tnc accessories prewired interface cables switch between your tnc or microphone by simply pushing a button you won t have to unplug your microphone and plug in your 8-pin modular tnc every time you want to work packet or other digital modes just plug these pre-wired cables into your rig s microphone conrj-45 microphone plug nector and into your tnc and you are ready to go no more hunt ing for hard-to-find connectors and wiring up complicated cables -no more plugging and unplugging to work voice/packet works with hf vhf and uhf radios with 8 pin round or 8 pin mfj-1272b/m modular microphone connectors including kenwood icom yaesu 95 ship code a alinco radio shack and others for radios with the 8-pin round microphone plugs select the b models for radios with the 8-pin modular rj-45 modular telephone jack select the m models 8-pin round plug-in jumpers let you quickly set-up for virtually any radio microphone factory set for kenwood and alinco includes

mfj vhf/uhf magnet mount mobile antennas magnet mount dual band 144/440 mhz mobile mfj-1724b this mfj-1724b is the world s best selling 95 dual band 2 meter/440 mhz magnet mount powergaintm dual band 144/440 mhz mobile mfj-1729 mfj s powergaintm is ham radio s most 95 powerful dual band magnet mount mobile adapter mfj s powerful 31/2 inch magnet base holds your antenna firmly even at highway speeds the base has a scratch resistant rubber guard to protect your car the mfj-1724b black stainless steel whip looks like an attractive cellular antenna only 19 inches tall you can park in your garage without knocking is over low swr across both bands keeps your transceiver safe from overheating get excellent gain on 440 mhz band and 2 meters handles 300 watts pep 15 feet coax pl-259 ship code b band mobile or ht free bnc handheld 24 mobile antenna it s perfect for your dual power safely get a whopping 2.6 db gain on 2 meters and 6.3 db gain on 440 mhz perfect for dual band mobiles or hts

mfj hang playtm collinear array antennas 2-elements 2 db gain 4-elements 4.5 db gain handle 1500 watts very quiet four times the receiving capture area of a half-wave dipole you ll hear dx you ve never heard before they require a balanced line tuner or a tuner with balun you can virtually hang and playtm when you receive them no cutting soldering tuning or trimming is required just follow the easy installation instructions and you ll be up and running in no time they are completely assembled and include super strong custom fiberglass center insulators authentic glazed ceramic end insulators heavy duty 7-strand 14 gauge hard copper element wire and extremely strong solderless crimped construction with larger capture area and power gain you ll hear work more dx than ever before a pair of these antennas at right angles can provide worldwide coverage these arrays radiate bi-directional perpendicular ½ ½ë ½ ½ë mfj reached back into time when radio was king and brought

new question pools mfj quickstudytm ham radio license guide tm mfj publishing guarantees that you ll pass your written exam on your first try if you don t pass we ll refund your money of to mfj within 30 we in full you can t lose send copythe receipt proof ofoffailuremfj quickstudy .days of1failing and class will refund purchase price your limit per license mfj-3211-technician mfj-3213-general mfj-3215-extra and get your license with a minimum amount of study time so you can start enjoying the hobby right away each mfj license guide has all of the exact questions given on the written exam each question on the exam has a multiple choice answer but why take the extra time to study the wrong answers it ll just add to the confusion and doesn t help you pass the exam mfj gives you only the correct answers when you take the exam the answer jumps out at you no confusion nothing to clutter the mind it s an instant correct answer because you only studied the right answer study the

hy-gainr 43 multi-band self-supporting vertical antenna get 160-6 meters coverage and 1500 watt operation with a single antenna · includes legal limit balun and base mount assembly new hy-gain r the hy-gainr th-1 is a full-size high-effiency 26 foot 20-15-10-6 meter full legal limit rotatable dipole that is inconspicuous and super low-profile it is almost invisible from across the street with its 13-foot turning radius and tiny 9 pound w ne weight it fits on even small roofs and is perfect for town houses apartments and condos it is easily turned by a lightweight tv rotator such as the hygainr ar-35 if necessary it can even be mounted inside a large attic for antenna restricted duplexes apartments and neighborhoods and this antenna is no wimp its bidirectional pattern can help reduce qrm and/or noise while maximizing your th-1 95 signal in the directions that you want so you can work some real dx high efficiency traps provide operation on 20 15 and 10 meters with up to a

al-82 specifications input circuit type pi-network slug tuned coils maximum vswr at resonance 1.2:1 minimum 2:1 vswr bandwidth 20 max drive power permissable 130 watts typical drive rated output 100 watts output typical ssb pep voice operation 1500 watts typical cw continuous operation 1500 watts 30 second pep two tone test 1800 watts plus 1/2 hour pep two-tone test 1800 watts power supply circuit type full wave bridge capacitor input no load voltage 3600 volts full load voltage 3300 volts full load current .8 amp regulation 10 or better transformer 32 lb hypersilr capacitors 26 ufd total computer grade maximum draw at rated output 13 amps ac input 240 v 50/60 hz tubes type 3-500 classic 2 continuous dissipation 1000 watts warm-up time 5 seconds metering multimeter plate current plate voltage drive/alc power output pep watts grid meter reads pa grid current alc negative going 0-20 v phono jack efficiency cw 65 typical efficiency ssb envelope crest 62 typical mars/warc yes set to

amateur radio catalog you also get efficient full-size heavy duty tank coils computer grade capacitors heavy duty high silicon core power transformer slug tuned input coils operate/standby switch transmit led alc dual meters qsk compatibility with qsk-5 option and much more specifications · output power 800 watts pep 600 watts cw · all band operation covers 160-15 meters including warc bands can be user modified for al-811h 12 and 10 meters only the ameritron al-811h · four 811a tubes uses four gives you four fully neutralized rugged fully neutralized low 811a transmitting tubes you get suggested retail cost 811a pa tubes absolute stability and superb per· vertical tube mounting formance on higher bands that can t prevents shorting of tube filament/grid be matched by un-neutralized tubes prolongs tube life ameritron mounts the 811a tubes · fully neutralized vertically not horizontally to prevent improves stability and performance on hot tube elements from sagging and