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vectronics high-performance electronic kits fun to build and use comprehensive soldering course kit designed for schools and individuals includes theory quizzes pc board and components for soldering practice used endorsed by universities vo-techs businesses and others order vec-1500k $29.95 crystal radio set kit lets you relive the experience of early radio pioneers this baby really works wind your own inductor wire up the earliest radio circuit without soldering a thing and listen to the magic of radio that needs no power put up an antenna connect a ground stations will come in amazingly loud and clear 13/4x5x61/2 has antenna wire earphone simple level order vec-121k $19.95 full featured cw keyer kit is the best electronic keyer bargain in radio self-completing dot-dashes and dotdash memory forgive timing errors front panel volume/speed 3-65 wpm controls weight adjusts 25-75 sidetone 300 -1000hz has lm386 audio amp for external speaker iambic a or b fully auto or semi-auto bug mode sleep mode battery saver use 9v battery 13/4x4x 31/2 in simple skill level order vec-201k $24.95 cw memory keyer kit stores 512 characters in four 128 character non-volatile eeprom message memories carry on entire qsos by just pressing memory message buttons true sinewave sidetone with soft rise and fall time eliminates harsh keyclicks has all features of vec-201k cw keyer kit 13/4x 63/4 x51/4 in simple order vec-221k $69.95 tunable ssb/cw audio filter kit has sharp four pole peak and notch filters zero in with frequency control adjust bandwidth for best response tune frequency from 300-3000 hz notch is an outstanding 50 db 1 watt amplifier speaker/phone jacks 12 vdc at 300 ma 13/4x43/4x51/4 in intermediate skill level vec-841k $34.95 super cw audio filter kit gives you three bandwidths 80 110 180 hz eight poles gives super steep skirts with no ringing pull cw qsos out of terrible qrm plugs into phone jack to drive phones qrm down 60 db one octave from center frequency 750 hz for 80 hz bandwidth improves s/n ratio 15 db use 9v battery 13/4x4x 31/2 in simple vec-820k $19.95 super cw filter amplifier kit has powerful 1 watt audio amplifier to drive speaker 8 poles active ic filtering uses cascaded low-q stages 3 bandwidths 80,110 180 hz center frequency 750 hz up to 15 db use 9-18vdc 300 ma max 13/4x4 x31/2 in simple skill level order vec-821k $29.95 super ssb audio filter kit improves readability with 8 poles optimizes audio bandwidth reduces ssb splatter low hi-pitched interference hiss static crashes background noise use 9 volt battery 3 1 4x4x 3 /2 inches simple skill level order 1 vec-830k $19.95 qrp transceiver kits for 80/40/30/20 meters give you vxo frequency control broadbanded transmitter circuitry solid one watt plus output shaped keying .3 uv sensitivity direct conversion receiver includes crystal for popular qrp frequency 13/4x 43/4 1 x5 /4 intermediate skill level order vec-1380k 80 meters vec-1340k40 meters vec-1330k 30 meters vec-1320k20 meters $59.95 each 20/30/40/80 meter receiver kits shortwave receiver kit give high performance covers lets you listen to the entire band or tailor to cover world covers 75/80 49 desired portion copy 40 30 31 20 25 22 19 cw/ssb/am ne602 612 mixer17 16 15 and 13 meter bands explore am oscillator lm386 high gain audio ssb cw wwv rtty and packet signals amplifier 13/4x43/4x 51/4 in vernier reduction drive smooth regeneration moderate skill level order vec-1120k 20 control rf stage includes all metal cabinet meters vec-1130k30 meters vec-1140k 40 2 earphone jacks use 9v battery 21/2x7x6 in meters vec-1180k 80 meters $29.95 ea intermediate skill level vec-102k $79.95 20/30/40/80 meter qrp cw 2 meter monitor kit receives transmitter kits have variable 144-148 mhz low noise high crystal oscillator tuning front panel gain rf preamp gives you excelswitch selects 1 of 2 crystals 1 lent 0.1 uv sensitivity air variable tuning crystal included transmit and capacitor has 8:1 reduction dual conversion receive switch connect receiver superhet provides selectivity and stability 13/4 x4x31/2 in intermediate skill automatically eliminates squelch tails built-in 1 level order vec-1220k 20 meters vec-1230k speaker squelch tone volume controls.19 /4 30 meters vec-1240k 40 meters vec-1280k antenna 9v battery 2x41/4x4 intermediate 80 meters $29.95 each skill level order vec-104k $99.95 2/6/10 meter fm receiver kits let you aircraft receiver kit tunes entire voice tune in the world of amateur radio repeater aircraft band 118-136 mhz picks up air action with these superb educational kits traffic 100 miles away track progress each covers the entire fm sub-band and of incoming/outgoing traffic in your runs off your 9v battery experience what area gain advanced weather information and it s like for ham radio operators in your area discover how the national air traffic system really works great way to learn about aviation plug in speaker or headphones for clear reception 3 1 use 9v battery drives external speaker/phones 1 /4x4x3 /2 intermediate vec-1002k 2 meters 13/4x4x31/2 in intermediate vec-131k $29.95 vec-1006k 6m vec-1010k 10m $34.95 each shortwave converter kit converts am am radio transmitter kit lets you set or am/fm radios to shortwave receivers up your own am station and broadcast at a push of a button choose 2 1 mhz crystal clear programming from your stubands between 3 and 22 mhz popular dio with you as the disc jockey choose 13,16,19 25 31 41 49 and 60 meters internaclear frequency from 530-1750 khz tional bands on/off bypass ne-602/612 mixerstandard line level or microphone input oscillator ic and tuned input circuit 9 v battery easy connection audio level adjustment 13/4x4x31/2 3 1 1 /4x4x3 /2 intermediate vec-101k $27.95 inches simple skill level order vec-1290k $29.95 49 mhz wireless band monitor receiver kit lets you explore weak wireless signals from miles around baby monitors cordless phones walkie-talkies wireless intercoms and more electronic tuning covers just the 49 mhz band intermediate skill level order vec-1016k $34.95 emergency and business band receiver lets you gather news first hand tune in local fire police ambulance business etc master 2-way radio lingo operating procedures and police 10codes as you find the real story 9v battery intermediate vec-1012k $34.95 voice activated recorder switch kit can remotely and auto record conversations speeches don t waste tape by not recording silence plug in remote recorder jack and it activates when it hears speech built-in mic on/off use 9v battery simple vec-483k $19.95 blinking tower led electronic badge kit be proud of who you are listed in the boy scout badge handbook this is a great evening project for your boy scout troop and a great way to introduce them to ham radio and basic electronics order vec-5100k $12.95 fm stereo transmitter kit lets you connect your cd player tape or other source and broadcast clear stereo programming on the fm band realistic grand movie theater sound use to assist hard-of-hearing frequency adjusts 88-108 mhz 9v battery or 515 vdc moderate vec-1292k $39.95 5 watt 2 meter fm transmitter kit lets you transmit voice and data afsk data up to 1200 baud and fsk data to 9600 baud jumper select reactance or direct fm modulators reliable motorola nbfm xmitter ic/pa transistor crystal controlled x8 frequency multiply -60 dbc spurs harmonics 12-14 vdc 1.5a 5-pin din mic jack 13/4x43/4x 51/4 difficult vec-1202k $99.95 144/220/440 mhz low-noise preamp kits soup up your antenna system pull in weak signals great low-noise performance immunity from damaging electrostatic dis1 charge 1x1 /2 simple vec-1402k 144 mhz vec1422k 220 mhz vec-1444k 440 mhz $17.95 high-performance 2 meter preamp kit ni-cad/ni-mh battery charger kit counter surveillance monitor kit lets pulls weak signals out of noise boosts safely quick charges expensive batteries you search out and remove electronic no overcharging many in less than an bugs highly sensitive wideband receiver signals provides razor-sharp bandpass filtering elimihour hts cell phones camcorders lap top detector higher pitch audio occurs when bug is nates electrical noises w/built-in balun 9-14 vdc 13/4x43/4x51/4 in moderate vec-412k $49.95 near 9 v batt moderate vec-8218k $39.95 11/2 x3x1 intermediate vec-1402dk $59.95 the giant book of vacuum-tube preamplifier kit lets the giant book of electronic projects portable cd amplifier kit has 4 electronic you enjoy the vintage sound of a real vec-1901 $19.95 includes 19 kits projects watt per channel amplifier plug in a life vacuum tube preamp high degree on this page building tips comportable cd player and a pair of 8 plete parts lists parts placement,pc of even-harmonic distortion includes tube 110 vac ohm speakers.fill your room with music 12v board layouts test/alignment more power supply moderate vec-1680k $99.95 battery/12 vdc simple vec-1604k $19.95 volume i 88 vectronics kits fun to build and use cases available for most kits listed above $14.95 add c example vec-201kc $14.95.