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caddock tf020 ultra precision film resistor 9 pin miniature pc mount gold plated socket 12 position rotary selector switch solid core silver clad insulated wire audioquest binding post wrench ear c 1002 isodamp xlo direct gold plated insulated tinned copper flat braid teflon tube socket iec 320 female enamel magnetic wire gauge enameled magnet wire 24 gauge pvc tinned copper flat braid film foil polypropylene capacitor list high purity copper tube sleeved tinned copper flat braid ear equipment feet 41 strand tin copper bare wire 30 gauge copper magnet wire 16 gauge copper magnet wire 18 gauge copper magnet wire brass male to male adaptors carbon film resistor 14 gauge copper magnet wire 10 gauge copper magnet wire 16 gauge copper magnet wire green high temperature 20mm tube nevada city ca bullet terminal male and female copper 14 female to 14 male nut adaptor metal film resistor 4 40 solder lug terminals 16 pin ic socket wire terminals bullet male and female copper type 25 male to 125 male mini stereo plug cable 3 feet x 5 feet into metric brass plates and angles and strips ring locked inserts and studs installation types of lugs used for power and control cable termination percy audio cardas audio 2 conductor shielded audio cable litz audio grade ac female power connector audio grade resistor cable audio blue star hi end audio screw 17 round pin audio connector audio plastic wiring junction box 7 lug audio on off switch 30 06 prp 250v 3 15 amp fuse 11 pin male connector round spline adapter 11 to 14 cardas grno caddock tf020

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2.5 cardas binding posts ccgr machined five way binding post available in unplated or silver/rhodium plated tellurium copper app 60µ ag 3µ rh with gold plated lock nut both are available in two lengths and mounted in a removeable no turn black plastic plate to fit .5 holes on standard .75 centers or as individual posts in a .310 hole choose short model to accommodate chassis thickness up to .175 or the long pictured for up to .900 an additional .250 gained if used individually without insulators deduct 10 for four or more sets a stereo set is 4 posts for ± l r channel short or long ccbp unplated posts $49.00 per stereo set 2 prs ccgr plated posts $75/long $65/short per stereo set ccbp cpbp insulated posts not pictured with low mass contacts to fit spade lugs or bare wire no bananas mounts with a single screw and clamps spade with a single knurled knob available in a short version for metal chassis or long for speaker cabinets specify length and ag/rh plated or bare

black gate electrolytics unrivaled performance in a unique graphite impregnated electrolytic design with esr 1/5 to 1/20 that of ordinary electrolytics minimal phase delay and extremely low noise floor exceeding -160db for some models no other electrolytic compares for low distortion sonic purity and extremely long life up to 10x other electrolytics wkz is a premium polarized capacitor for the b supply in vacuum tube audio equipment up to 500vdc wk 220µf 200v power tank is a unique asymmetrical non-polar design for high current applications vk and fk are the top model black gate polarized types for low noise applications up to 350vdc standard and ultra compact pk polarized provide black gate high performance at lower cost ac series are 50v ±10 bi-polar types for speaker crossovers very compact size with film capacitor performance n nx nh are superb ultra low noise non-polar caps for the most critical coupling power supply applications 85° c rated nominally ±20 tolerance except

solo alpha-core copper foil air core inductors unique 5 tolerance 16ga 14ga 12ga inductors wound from an ultra-thin .003 4n copper foil with polyester polypropylene insulating materials and a varnish dip coating made in the usa by solo solo out of business phasing out alpha-core low dc ac resistance very low power loss minimal phase shift and skin effect resistance to 100khz no hysteresis distortion the most transparent inductor made today rapidly becoming the inductor of choice in high end speaker systems all values listed below are stock sorry due to manufacturer s new high minimum line item requirements custom values no longer available 16ga are 1.0 high no more 16ga after our stock is gone 14ga are 1.25-1.42 high 12ga are 2.0 high diameter approx as listed .05mh 16ga .062 dcr 1.30 d 3.95 .05mh 14ga .048 1.35 11.85 .20mh 14ga .098 1.65 13.95 .22mh 14ga .100 1.80 14.50 .22mh 12ga .070 1.90 22.50 .30mh 14ga .125 1.95 15.50 .39mh 14ga .145

caddock mp-820/821 kool-tab power film resistor non-inductive 50ppm tcr 5 100ppm 4 values 10=1 8=5 micronox film bonded to copper tab 20 watts at 25°c if resistor is mounted on appropriate heat sink or chassis 2.25w at 25°c in free air without a heat sink 300v maximum working voltage momentary permissable overload is 2x rated power @1.5 x vmax for 5 seconds superb transparency for tweeter networks perhaps too fragile for some midrange/woofer networks excellent in electronics heatsinks 20w 2 x 2 x 1.25 1.85 10w 1 x 1 x 1.5 @65¢ 5w clip on 1 square @55¢ 6.5gr heat sink grease 1.75 deduct 10 for 10 per value see page 15 for high performance thermal grease 3.50 9.50 4.00 9.50 4.50 9.50 5.00 9.50 5.50 9.50 6.00 9.50 6.50 9.50 7.00 9.50 7.50 9.50 8.00 9.50 10.0 8.50 12.0 8.50 14.0 8.50 16.0 8.50 22.1 8.50 33.2 8.50 49.9 8.50 75.0 8.50 100 8.50 150 8.50 174 8.50 200 8.50 221 8.50 249 8.50 301 8.50 332 8.50 402 8.50 453 8.50 499 8.50 549

rotary switches/attenuator kits attenuators i stock 45 position shallco and 24 position elma rotary switches for building attenuators there are three configurations commonly used that you may opt for in building attenuators with these controls any of these assembled with holco/prp and or vishay resistors will outperform an off the shelf pot from any manufacturer p&g included enclosed with any attenuator kit are instructions and a spreadsheet showing the correct resistor for each position and a graph of the attenuator taper we have a good selection of tapers and resistance values available ladder l-pad usually constructed as a pair of mono controls this type control features a switchable series and shunt resistor for each position so the audio signal passes through only a single series element no matter how many db of attenuation input impedance is constant output impedance varies absolutely the best choice for interstage use in electronics where constant load is desired excellent for

soldering aids tools soder-wick flux impregnated copper braid for removing solder from circuit boards and connectors quite frankly no desoldering tool works better than solder wick and it functions as a heat sink while you are desoldering board components essential if you are doing rework on older equipment and replacing circuit board components or cleaning up connectors for reuse 10 spool of .110 wide desoldering braid $6.75 each audioquest binding post wrench fits 7/16 1/2 posts steel inserts $6.95 arctic silver 5 high performance thermal grease a unique high-density filling of micronized silver and enhanced thermally conductive ceramic particles providing superior level of performance and stability for critical applications where maximum thermal protection is required arctic silver 5 thermal grease will ensure thermal transfer to your heat sink with efficiency far greater than any silicone or similar compound customers report significantly improved heat dissipation with

record cd tape treatment last power cleaner new record cleaner for first play will remove mold release and extra strength cleaning 1/2oz size with microfiber applicators $35.50 last formula 2 record preservative reduces friction between stylus and record groove for better tracking and virtual elimination of record wear 2 oz $36.95 16 ounce 220.00 last formula 3 all purpose record cleaner for gentle cleaning anytime $20.95 last formula 4 stylus cleaner for safely cleaning of stylus and cantilever assemblies without attacking the elastomer suspension 1/4 ounce size with cleaning brush $20.50 last formula 5 stylast stylus treatment reduces stylus tip/record groove friction and extends stylus tip life up to 10x normal 1/4 ounce size with applicator $29.95 untreated record groove after 50 plays last treated record after 200 plays last 4+5 kit combination kit with 1/4 ounce each cleaner stylast $42.95 last formula 6 cd/video disc cleaner with applicators for cleaning all digital

damping sheets compounds mounting hardware sorbothane adhesive backed .1 thick 6 square sheets of sorbothane which you can slice up and apply to tonearms cartridge bodies etc especially effective in constrained layer applications where it is sandwiched between other materials $16.95 each ear isodamp sd self-adhesive semi-rigid damping sheets from the industry leader in vibration shock and motion control maximum performance with minimum weight and thickness low memory resists cracking in tightly angled spaces meets ul 94v-o certification for flame resistance the best material available for free air damping of metal parts circuit boards and chassis covers and enclosures sd-40 is greenish brown in color sd-125 is black three variations of this material are available sd40 .040 thick sheet .37 pounds per square foot 12 x 27 29.50 or 9 x 12 11.00 sd40al .040 thick w 5 mil aluminum constraining foil for increased damping and flame resistance 12 x 27 45.00 or 9 x 12 16.50 sd125

hospital grade ac receptacles superior quality connectors for better ac power transfer and better sound hubbell 20a hospital grade duplex outlets higher contact pressure and more rugged construction than standard wall receptacles ivory color use a plastic outlet box if isolated ground is desired heavy duty 8300-i type $23.95 each less 10 for 6 less 20 for 12 iec power plugs these are the type of connectors used on virtually all audio components that have detachable power cords i have both the commonly used 10-15 amp style and the much better 20 amp connectors unfortunately almost no one uses the 20 amp type which has much larger higher pressure lower resistance contacts but is not interchangeable with the 10 amp types if you are converting equipment to utilize a detachable power cord or are willing to replace the male connector on equipment that uses a 10 amp iec connector then by all means use the 20 amp style the 20 amp male requires a 33mm x 25mm hole with 42mm hole centers for

bybee quantum purifier descriptions all quantum purifiers are specially shielded using ers stealth carbon fiber material and are cryogenically treated to enhance performance large purifiers typically used in ac applications and with loudspeaker transducers $170.00 each sorry recent huge price increase length 2 inches diameter 1/2 inch leads one inch 14 gauge copper current-handling 15 a voltage >1000 v small slipstream purifiers typically used in lower-current ac circuits non-ac analog and digital circuits and smaller midrange drivers and tweeters where limited space prevents use of the large purifiers $83.50 each length one inch diameter 3/8 inch leads one inch 18 gauge copper current-handling 4.3 a voltage >1000 v distributed by michael percy audio 11731 stillwater creek road nevada city ca 95959 530 470-8650 fax 470-8651