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50 tcr 50 caddock tf020 ultra precision film resistor solid core silver clad insulated wire 9 pin miniature pc mount gold plated socket audioquest binding post wrench 10 gauge solid copper wire teflon insulation 18 gauge copper magnet wire 10 gauge copper magnet wire right angle 18 mini jack each end ear c 1002 isodamp xlo direct gold plated insulated tinned copper flat braid pvc tinned copper flat braid enamel magnetic wire gauge iec 320 female enameled magnet wire 24 gauge film foil polypropylene capacitor list high purity copper tube sleeved tinned copper flat braid ear equipment feet 30 gauge copper magnet wire 16 gauge copper magnet wire 14 gauge copper magnet wire 16 gauge copper magnet wire green 41 strand tin copper bare wire carbon film resistor nevada city ca high temperature 20mm tube bullet terminal male and female copper 16 pin ic socket wire terminals bullet male and female copper type percy audio cardas audio 2 conductor shielded audio cable litz audio grade ac female power connector audio grade resistor hi end audio screw 17 round pin audio connector audio plastic wiring junction box 7 lug audio on off switch bare copper wire 10 ga 18 gauge stranded tin coated copper wire 18 copper cable price per foot 10 gauge 4 conductor wire flat 10 copper cable price per foot 10 32 brass set screw cup point male to female 10 32 standoff 43 95 s 10 coolant replacment caddock tf020 nichicon muse prp 9372 kimber postmaster wbt binding hovland musicaps deflex panel

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2.5 cardas binding posts ccgr machined five way binding post available in unplated or silver/rhodium plated tellurium copper app 60µ ag 3µ rh with gold plated lock nut both are available in two lengths and mounted in a removeable no turn black plastic plate to fit .5 holes on standard .75 centers or as individual posts in a .310 hole choose short model to accommodate chassis thickness up to .175 or the long pictured for up to .900 an additional .250 gained if used individually without insulators deduct 10 for four or more sets a stereo set is 4 posts for ± l r channel short or long ccbp unplated posts $49.00 per stereo set 2 prs ccgr plated posts $75/long $65/short per stereo set ccbp cpbp insulated posts not pictured with low mass contacts to fit spade lugs or bare wire no bananas mounts with a single screw and clamps spade with a single knurled knob available in a short version for metal chassis or long for speaker cabinets specify length and ag/rh plated or bare

trt dynamicap wondercap trt s superbly transparent dynamicap design and a small selection of the previous generation lower cost wondercaps dynamicap features unique construction with metal end caps and individually hand soldered 19ga silver clad copper wonder wire leads these are the finest metallized capacitors available today tolerance typically ±5 dynamicap .033µf s are exotic film foil construction wondercap .7800pf are polystyrene film foil all dynamicap wondercap .10µf and larger values are metallized polypropylene if bypassing dynamicaps use no more than 1/100 the value of the main capacitor value to avoid spectral overlap you may find bypassing is not required at all with these very transparent capacitors two dynamicap types are available for values .10µf e for coupling and power supplies in electronics and the l type which is specifically made only for passive crossovers in loudspeaker systems please specify type e electronics or l speaker when ordering sizes listed

nichicon electrolytics low distortion mechanically damped designed specifically for audio superb sonics at very reasonable cost the nichicon muse acoustic series comprise types kz fa fg fx and fs polarized and the es non-polar electrolytics covering a range of .47µf to 22,000µf at up to 100vdc the kz is their premier small board mount cap with the fa/fg very close in quality the more compact fx and fs permit higher capacitance and voltage ratings not available in the kz fa/fg all feature radial wire lead termination ±20 tolerance 85°c the db ±20 and gb ±10 series are 50v bi-polar capacitors for speaker crossovers 68µf maximum value the kg gold tune super through series large can electrolytics are nichicon s premier power supply types for high end audio equipment up to a maximum 100vdc rating all are solder lug except some smaller kg types which are snap-in where noted the super through have gold plated solder lugs all are ±20 85°c the nt series are not specifically

roederstein resista resistors german metal film resistor used extensively in high end audio equipment copper leads ferrous end-caps 1 tolerance 50ppm tcr very reliable mk3 no longer manufactured so quantities limted for some .5w values only 1.0 mk8 1.69 3.01 3.32 4.99 5.00 prp 7.50 prp 10.0 prp 12.1 15.0 17.4 20.0 prp 22.1 prp 24.9 30.9 33.2 prp 34.8 40.2 45.3 49.9 prp 54.9 60.4 64.9 68.1 69.8 75.0 shown actual size mk8 .350 d x .750 l leads .030 d mk3 .125 d x .325 l leads .022 d 80.6 84.5 90.9 prp 97.6 prp 100 prp 110 prp 121 130 137 140 150 prp 162 prp 174 187 200 prp 210 221 prp 243 249 261 274 prp 287 301 prp 316 332 348 374 392 402 422 453 475 prp 499 511 523 536 549 562 prp 576 590 604 619 634 649 665 681 698 715 732 750 768 787 806 825 845 866 909 prp 931 953 976 1.00k prp 1.02k prp 1.05k prp 1.07k 1.10k 1.15k 1.18k 1.21k prp 1.24k 1.27k 1.30k 1.33k 1.37k 1.40k 1.43k 1.47k 1.50k prp 1.54k 1.58k 1.62k 1.65k 1.69k 1.74k 1.78k 1.82k prp 1.87k 1.91k 1.96k 2.00k prp 2.10k 2.21k

tx2352 nude vishay bulk foil resistors s102 chip non-inductive bulk metal foil resistor tcr ±2.0ppm max radial lead package copper leads nominal tolerance is 1 but measures typically .25 current noise 025µv/volt of applied voltage values below 100k .6w/70°c values above 100k .4w/70°c 300vdc maximum voltage all values below are stock any custom value from 1-250k is available for a 10 surcharge allow two four week lead time most of our stock is now the nude type without the epoxy case for better sonics vishay 1280g trimming potentiometers bulk metal foil pc mount type much superior to any cermet or conductive plastic trimmer the best available .75w 15ppm 26 turns for ultra-precise adjustment $12.50 each except 10 13.50 10 20 50 100 200 500 1.0k 2.0k 5.0k 10.0k 20.0k actual size silicone rubber encapsulation provides a cushioning layer which isolates the resistive element from external stresses one-piece transfer molded case as shown but most of our stock is now the film

tkd stepped attenuator the best off the shelf assembled attenuator that you can buy discrete resistive elements are used for each position in a series configuration assuring very precise tracking between channels mounting is accomplished by three standoffs and screws on the front of the control so only a hole large enough for the 6mm shaft is required in your faceplate each stereo control requires a footprint 2.125 h x 1.75 w and 2.0 deep behind your front panel the shaft extends one inch beyond the back of the panel to which ithe control is mounted 40 steps 1db steps to -24db 1.5db steps to -31.5db -33.5 -37.5 -39.5 -42 -45 -48.5 -53 -58 -65db specify 10k 100k or 250k impedance $295.00/stereo attenuator $195.00/mono attenuator our cost on these has doubled so we will not restock after these are gone 250k available in mono only now tkd potentiometers conductive plastic element cp2511 model attenuators and balance controls 25mm square by 27mm deep with 9mm threaded bushing mount

tubes i carry a small selection of the most popular tubes in current manufacture from ram labs and a few n.o.s gold aero as well as an occasional other type or two neither of these companies are tube manufacturers as such both specialize in purchasing tubes in large quantities from various sources they believe to manufacture the best tube of a particular type then they test and match these tubes to a very high standard this process assures you of the lowest noise possible in their highest grade tubes as well as very close matching and extremely low gas for power tubes all backed by a 90 day warranty my primary stock is from ram labs as they offer the best pricing on graded tubes and gold aero is out of business a ram labs ln grade 6dj8 for example is typically the best one in ten a sln would perhaps be the best of a hundred tubes tested even their standard grade tubes are quieter than an average off the shelf tube you may find the same tube for less elsewhere but you have no

simply physics tonecones molded from polypropylene ppn with replaceable aluminum tips these cones are far more inert than an all metal design more attractive and they won t corrode the largest size tone cone features a hollow spoked body which can be filled with your choice of damping material or simply physics molded santoprene insert material the large 2 h by 1.5 d hollow tone cones and the medium size cone 1.5 x 1 feature aluminum tips and are drilled to accept the optional 1/4 20 machine thread studs so that you may attach these cones securely to your speakers and turntables i can provide matching brass female threaded inserts which can be installed in the base of your speakers or turntable plinth with an absolutely flush neat fit you need only drill a 5/16 hole 1/2 deep and press or hammer the insert into place also available is a small 1/2 high by 1.5 diameter all ppn tone cone with large 2 tone cone with 1/4­20 stud $9.00 large cone w/santoprene inserts and stud

spectra dynamics deflex damping deflex corner blocks designed for use with the deflex panels corner blocks will fit into any enclosure with unreinforced square corners every corner in an enclosure has the potential of reflecting sound back on its original path 75mm size only $2.50 each deflex wrap this is a ribbed damping material 15mm thick and is intended for damping flat panels in horn loaded and transmission line speaker systems and for wrapping port tubes or any curved surface inside speakers easily bent to shape and cut 8.25 x 11 sheets $22.50 each 10 deduct 10 magnapad gold a complementary product from spectra dynamics designed to be glued to the back of speaker magnets and absorb unwanted vibration at the magnet structure and prevent further sound reflection advanced polymer material 8mm thick with the same concentric ring surface emulation characteristics as their deflex panels available in three diameters 75mm 2.50 125mm 3.95 175mm 4.95 225mm 9.95 each hexi-flex tiles

kiwame carbon film resistors compact 1000vdc rated 5 2w @70°c and 1200vdc rated 5 5w @70°c types especially suited for tube electronics low noise very natural sound actual tolerance measures typically 0 5 both have 0.030 tinned copper leads my customers rave about these two watt 0.16 d x 0.50 l 1.10 each five watt 32 d x 0.95 l 2.25 each 10 discount for 25 or more per value kiwame 2w .150 d x .50 l 10 12 15 20 22 24 30 33 39 47 51 56 62 68 75 82 91 kiwame 5w .35 d x 1.0 l 100 110 120 130 150 160 180 200 220 240 270 300 330 360 390 430 470 510 560 13 15 16 20 22 24 27 30 33 39 47 56 68 75 82 91 100 120 150 620 680 750 820 910 1.00k 1.10k 1.20k 1.30k 1.50k 1.60k 1.80k 2.00k 2.20k 2.40k 2.70k 3.00k 3.30k 3.60k 180 200 220 240 270 300 330 390 470 510 560 620 680 750 820 910 1.00k 1.10k 1.20k 3.90k 4.30k 4.70k 5.10k 5.60k 6.20k 6.80k 7.50k 8.20k 9.10k 10.0k 11.0k 12.0k

power wraps goal to reduce noise in power cords from airborne rf and from conducted rf on the ac power line application power cords for audio cd dvd and sacd players transports and dacs power cords for preamps and amplifiers power cords for all home theater components goal to reduce the noise generated by electronics back into the ac line application power cords for video monitors tvs tuners and digital components power cords for fax machines computers peripherals and printers goal to reduce noise and brightness in cables carrying an audio or video signal application audio interconnects speaker wires and digital cables audio and video cables for home theater components video cables for computer monitors and tvs goal to reduce power line rf from other sources application power cords for refrigerators and air conditioners power cords for computers and computer monitors power wraps come in three sizes .375 diameter 12-inch long power wrap 15.95 .56 diameter 12-inch long power wrap