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Pu r s u e y o u r p a s s i o n fo r C o r ve t t e h e re New Products 1 3-7 Protection 2 8-17 Engine/Performance 3 18-55 Exhaust 4 56-76 Suspension 5 77-95 Transmission 6 96-99 Brakes 7 100-109 Wheels 8 110-119 Electrical 9 120-132 Exterior 10 133-177 Interior 11 178-253 Car Care 12 254-259 Lifestyle 13 260-315, 323 Corporate 316-317 Index 318-320 Order Form 321-322 See our order form on pages 321-322 for ordering information. Table of Contents section pages section pages Mid America Motorworks, M-Curve, Performance Choice , and Funfest logos are registered trademarks of Mid America Motorworks, Inc. Copyright 2006 Mid America Motorworks Corporate Offices: #1 Mid America Place, Effingham, IL 62401 (217) 540-4200. All manufacturers' names, symbols descriptions are used for reference only. They do not imply that any listed product is the product of these manufacturers unless otherwise noted. Chevrolet, Chevy,

Replace Your EGR Switch-Most Common Cure For Trouble Code 32 On 1985-89 Corvettes! Replacing a bad EGR switch, once a labor-intensive process, is now a simple 15 minute solution away. Mid America Motorworks' EGR Switch and Harness Replacement Kit allows splicing into existing wiring or complete rewire of switch. You choose! FREE Hardware and instructions included. 35 Pu rs u e y o u r pa s s i o n fo r Co r ve tte h e re Engine/Performance 3 Diagnose It Yourself Quickly, Easily And Inexpensively With The EZ Link Scanner Trust the scanner that the pros use! The EZ Link Diagnostic Scanner plugs right into your Corvettes onboard computer outlet with complete, preloaded OBD II software so you dont need to hassle with cartridges. Easy to read, portable unit retrieves engine data and monitors sensor performance in plain English, then quickly pinpoints any problems in 29 seconds. Self-powered unit can scan, store and access information at any

68 Pu rs u e y o u r pa s s i o n fo r Co r ve tte h e re Toll Free: 800.500.1500 Unleash 25-30 Horsepower With 1984-91 Stainless Steel Twin Tip Mufflers In addition to the performance gains these slim design Twin Tip Mufflers will also streamline the rear view of your Corvette. Stainless steel construction resists the elements and corrosive exhaust fumes to give and receive years of good looks! Easy bolt-on installation with provided instructions. Uncover That Classic European Sound Twin-tip 1984-91 Custom Mufflers give you that low, throaty European sound and tremendously appealing looks! Newly designed for easier installation and a better fit. 2.25" inlet. If It Looks Stock And Sounds Stock Its Quiet Flow Mufflers Mid America Motorworks Quiet Flow Mufflers are the ONLY aftermarket mufflers available that are as quiet as your stock 1984-91 system. For the first time and at half the price of GM, you can now purchase aluminized OEM mufflers that

Toll Free: 800.500.1500 Two Easy Ways To Order Your Calipers Today 1) Send us your stock rebuildable calipers, and well send you stainless steel caliper units in exchange. 2) Order calipers and include a refundable deposit of $50 per caliper. After you receive your new calipers, simply send us the old rebuildable ones with a copy of your invoice and we will refund your $50 per caliper deposit. Note: We reserve the right to refuse any calipers for refund, which are broken or damaged in any way, or have already been sleeved. Previously sleeved calipers which are rebuildable are worth $25 core value. All threads checked, cleaned and chased. Teflon-coated steel bleeder screws eliminate rust and corrosion build-up to ensure clear bleed ports. Grade 8 Bolts Stainless Steel Sleeves ACDelco Pistons Includes Pad Pins and Cotter Pins. Hardened, polished, mirror finish ensures the best seal between bore and piston. Double Lip Seal Thoroughly cleaned and coated

133 Pu rs u e y o u r pa s s i o n fo r Co r ve tte h e re Exterior 10 Convertible Door And Vent Window E 63-67 Seal, door LH 604-025 $69.99 63-67 Seal, door RH 604-026 $69.99 F 63-67 Seal, door Auxiliary LH (L-shaped) 604-027 $24.99 63-67 Seal, door Auxiliary RH (L-shaped) 604-028 $24.99 63-67 Fastener Kit, door auxiliary weatherstrip push-in (plastic) (8pc) 600-054 $6.99 G 63-67 Seals, windshield/hinge pillar (pr) 606-113 $89.99 63-67 Retainer, windshield pillar (w/screws) 612-947 $29.99 63-67 Fastener Kit, windshield/hinge pillar seal 612-948 $4.99 H 63-67 Seal, door vent window LH front 604-033 $54.99 63-67 Seal, door vent window RH front 604-034 $54.99 I 63-67 Seal, door vent window LH rear 604-037 $29.99 63-67 Seal, door vent window RH rear 604-038 $29.99 J 63-67 Stop, upper side window 601-620 $9.99 63-67 Seals, outer side window (pr) 601-622 $24.99 1963-67 Weatherstrip Kits 63-67 Weatherstrip Kit,

Foil-Backed Sound Deadener 68-82 Front only 601-934 $79.99 68-82 Coupe, complete set 601-936 $139.99 68-75 Convertible, complete set 601-938 $139.99 Full 10 lb. Crate, 601-442 $29.99 3M Spray Adhesive, 16.8 oz. 100-813 $16.99 3M Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive 100-812 $19.99 Sound Deadener Heat Shield In One Our Foil-Backed Sound Deadeners were used at the factory on many Corvettes for good reason: insulation against HEAT, NOISE and COLD without affecting the carpet fit. This 3/8" fiberglass-reinforced, fire retardant material acts as an acoustic barrier, insulator (R 18.3) and withstands temperatures over 500 F! Order the die-cut set for simple installation, and add an entire 10 lb. crate of extra pieces to cover any area the factory cuts leave uncovered. INSTALLATION RATING See page 179 Carpeting For A Classic, Ordered By The Set Or Only What You Need Installing our Performance Choice carpeting is like having your 68-82 come off the assembly

Sunvisors, Mirrors, Pedals Pedal Pads A 84-96 Sunvisors, w/lighted vanity mirrors (GM) (pr) 603-106 $279.99 84-96 Sunvisors, w/lighted vanity mirror (reproduction) (pr) 614-171 $179.99 B 84-96 Sunvisors, with RH vanity mirror, pair (replacement) 618-654 $119.99 C 84-93 Sunvisor Nut 603-108 $1.99 D 84-96 Sunvisor Retainer (GM) 603-110 $12.99 E 84-96 Sunvisor Spring (GM) 603-112 $9.99 F 84-96 Trunion, outside mirror 606-315 $4.99 88-93 Mirror, RH w/heat (GM) 604-626 $299.99 88-96 Mirror, LH outside rearview, paint-to-match (GM) 604-627 $299.99 G 88-96 Mirror, RH outside rearview, paint-to-match (GM) 604-628 $299.99 H 84-96 Mirror, ins. rearview, w/o maplight (GM) 603-114 $76.99 84-96 Pad, brake pedal, auto transmission 603-118 $12.99 G B J I K C E F D H 90-96 Pad, brake pedal, manual transmission (GM) 603-120 $6.99 I 84-89 Pad, brake clutch pedal, manual transmission (GM) 603-122 $9.99 J 90-96 Pad, clutch pedal,

Black Epoxy Paint *100-794 $9.99 258 Pu rs u e y o u r pa s s i o n fo r Co r ve tte h e re Toll Free: 800.500.1500 A Satin Black Finish Our Black Anodize Paint is specially formulated with high adhesion polymers to create a scratch resistant, showroom-new black finish on chrome, polished aluminum and most alloys. Colormatched to highest quality anodized alloy trim. Comes in 11 oz. aerosol. Instructions included. Black Anodize Paint *100-510 $9.99 Hide Unsightly Rock Chips And Door Dings Cure your Corvette's "measles" with custom mixed-to-match original paint colors. Compact bottle fits in your glove box or rear storage compartment and includes a brush for precision. 1 oz. bottle. Works great with our Chip Repair Kit, 106-134. Please have paint code ready to order. Great For Underhood Detailing Our Black Reconditioning Paint is a fastdrying lacquer, perfect for underhood and chassis use! Produces a standard semi-gloss black finish when dry. 12 oz. aerosol.

291 Pu rs u e y o u r pa s s i o n fo r Co r ve tte h e re Lifestyle 13 For The Next Generation Of Corvette Owners Our Youth Cap And T-Shirt Combo includes a velcro-adjustable youth cap rolled with a white 100% screened cotton t-shirt. Cap is embroidered with the script "Corvette". Cap Colors Navy, Red, Pink Sizes S (7-8), M (10-12), L (14-16) Cozy Sportswear For Your Corvette Kid Our Corvette Hooded Sweatshirt is a sueded 80% cotton/20% poly blend, which is ultra soft against delicate skin. It is lightweight to provide warmth without bulk. Traditional athletic styling with hood and front kangaroo pockets is distinguished by "Corvette Kid" screen printed across the front. Imported. Colors Pink, Blue, Gray, Red, Navy Sizes 1 yr, 2 yr, 3 yr Pink (PK) Blue (BL) Gray (GR) Red (RD) Kids Love Corvettes Too Our Corvette Kid Track Jacket and Pants are made of the coziest cotton poly blend material, fabric sueded for softness and durability.

MID AMERICA MOTORWORKS #1 Mid America Place P.O. Box 1368, Dept. 66F Effingham, IL 62401 PRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID MID AMERICA MOTORWORKS Dress Up The Gauges On Your C5 All pieces in our Billet Gauge Bezel Set are precision machined from T-6061 aircraft aluminum and anodized to prevent oxidation for a smooth satin finish. Kit includes individually packaged bezels for the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, battery gauge and oil pressure gauge and FREE mounting adhesive. Instructions included. 97-04 C5 Gauge Bezel Set 613-047 $149.99 A B Keep Your Seats Looking New Our C5 Seat Protectors help prevent grease smudges, oil and dirt from the shop and daily wear while enhancing the look of your interior, with the rich, full-color embroidered C5 emblem. They wear like iron with the flexibility and comfort of cotton! Constructed with secure-fit elastic, each cover easily slips on or off in a flash. Handy back pockets offer