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scope mount drill jig in Gunsmithing Tools by MidwayUSA, Inc.

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jigs fixtures and gauges gunsmithing tools ... 215-082 $189.99 b-square stockbolt drill jig kit kit includes crossbolt wrench ... crossbolt location kit product price drill jig kit 424-273 43.49 accessories ... 453-079 6.29 b-square barrel sight drill jig with the sight drill jig any round ... barrel can be perfectly drilled and tapped complete with #31 bushings ... drill bit and 6 x 48 tap 503-364 35.99 b- ... kit design to be used with a 1/4 drill or drill press this handy kit allows ... quality installation comes with a 5/32 drill bit with adjustable drill stop 7/32 ... adjustable safety counterbore drill bit and a #10 drill bit and guide ... fixture 783-373 43.49 b-square scope mount drill jig fixture aligns holes with the ...
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jigs fixtures and gauges gunsmithing tools ... receiver this block provides a secure mounting point for a padded vice for flattop ... 693-841 254.99 forster universal sight mounting fixture designed for high-precision ... drilling and tapping for receiver sights scope ... the most common spacings for sights and scope bases fixture product price fixture ... .99 accessories product price 3 x 56 drill jig bushing set 624-482 15.99 6 x 48 ... drill jig bushing set 649-656 15.99 8 x 40 drill ... jig bushing set 668-482 15.99 10 x 32 drill jig bushing set 515-406 15.99 gtr ... tooling action blueprinting jig featuring 2 dial indicators and 4 ... contact points this jig positions a rifle action in perfect ... 546-552 19.99 gtr tooling recoil lug jig this steel jig clamps into the 3-jaw ...
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gunsmithing tools jigs fixtures and gauges sdm 1911 firing pin ... great for holding small stock taps drills wire and other small tools a hole ... for squaring and leveling work such as scope bases when a jig is not available the ... marked for use great for setting up jigs and fixtures when absolute precision is ... a barrel in any 1911 serves as a jig and v block that offers an adjustable ... dial test indicator with dovetail mount this angled head indicator with a 1-3/8 ... dial and three dovetail mounts allows it to be adjusted for easily ...
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jigs fixtures and gauges gunsmithing tools ... weigand 1911 scope mounting drill fixture this steel fixture accurately ... of the mandrel and use a 3/8 electric drill to turn the mandrel and polish the bolt ... for the 1911 and can be carved and drilled for custom applications made of non- ... action rifle bolts to accommodate the mounting of a rifle scope contains one set of ...
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jigs fixtures and gauges gunsmithing tools ... williams blackpowder octagon barrel drill fixture designed for installation of ... scope mounts and open sights on blackpowder guns ... 1911 beavertail grip safety fitting jig the perfect fitting jig for installing ... with its unique compound radius the jig attaches to the hammer and thumb safety ... holes for perfect indexing the jig guides you as to how much and where the ... on welding kit includes bolt welding jig mauser heat sink heat control paste 3 ... handle of a 98 mauser to allow use of a scope includes forging blocks bolt heat sink ...
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