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Catalog: Metal Preparation & Finishing
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5875 West Van Horn Tavern Road
Columbia, MO 65203-9274 USA

phone: 001.573.447.5116
fax: 001.573.445.6093

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1 gallon 240 gr hp 30 caliber 32 oz 9 gun blue blue wonder cold blue bluing solutions brass and bullets cut and form metal finish finished finisher finishing finishing wheels firearm finishes gun blue gun blue 32 oz gun blue cold gun blue gallon gun blueing gun blueing process gun bluing solution gun cleaner gun finishing gun parts kit kasenit surface hardening compound 1 lb liquid abrasive sandpaper liquid gun blueing liquid gun bluing metal can metal oxidizers and colorants metal polish metal polishing metal shanks metal spray gun metal surface brushes metal surface preparation tools mixing gun parts page 98 parker low pressure pilkington classic american rust blue plastic wood to plastic wood rifle bullets roll forming metal rust blue speer 50 gr tnt hp spray gun spray gun cleaning spray gun parts spray guns spray guns for water stainless steel solutions stainless steel spray wheeler engineering wonder gun

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stripping metal preparation and finishing blue wonder gun cleaner a powerful concentrated cleaning gel that is great for deep cleaning the steel prior to applying blue wonder gun blue a superb bore cleaner as well it will take care of tough copper lead and plastic barrel deposits 4 oz tube 444-070 8.99 tipton heavy duty gloves these heavy-duty green vinyl gloves are perfect for any job where skin protection is recommended to determine glove size use a measuring tape and measure hand around the palm at knuckles with hand flat and do not include the thumb medium gloves fit hands that are 8-1/2 and below large fit hands 9 and above description quantity product price medium 6 pair 318-046 5.29 large 6 pair 166-036 5.29 harris international laboratories evapo-rust this high-quality blue and rust remover is non-toxic non-flammable non-corrosive biodegradable and safe to use in the home there are no offensive odors and the product is reusable 1 gallon liquid 184-160 29.99 wheeler en

metal preparation and finishing polishers and buffers cratex abrasive points and wheels cratex points and wheels can be mounted on portable motor tools and used in a broad range of deburring bullet cylinder flat edge knife edge smoothing and point point wheel wheel polishing applications they are designed to aid in polishing molds dies patterns and light castings deburring and damaskeening projects and to clean contact points and solder spots coarse is 46 grit medium is 90 grit fine is 120 grit and extra fine is 240 grit bullet points arbor hole .qty dia length product .price extra fine 1/16 20 9/32 1 157-688 10.39 extra fine 1/16 100 9/32 1 644-320 49.99 extra fine 1/8 20 1/2 7/8 411-748 21.89 extra fine 1/8 100 1/2 7/8 372-892 108.99 extra fine 1/8 20 3/8 1 664-132 19.49 extra fine 1/8 100 3/8 1 793-924 94.99 fine 1/16 20 9/32 1 647-365 10.39 fine 1/16 100 9/32 1 885-644 49.99 fine 1/8 20 1/2 7/8 631-246 21.89 fine 1/8 100 1/2 7/8 419-00

polishers and buffers metal preparation and finishing formax satin-glo greaseless polishing compounds use for deburring polishing trimming blending breaking edges and removing machine marks pits and surface imperfections excellent for cleaning rusty surfaces and as a polish prior to metal finishing made completely free of grease oil or wax composed of abrasive grits blended into a mixture of glue and water which serves as the adhesive binder the work surface is left clean and dry requiring no cleaning refrigerate after opening description quantity .product price 80 grit 3 lbs 702-698 7.89 120 grit 3 lbs 714-758 7.89 180 grit 3 lbs 813-026 7.89 240 grit 3 lbs 526-482 7.89 320 grit 3 lbs 168-097 7.89 400 grit 3 lbs 686-895 7.89 600 grit 3 lbs 962-898 7.89 formax loose cotton cloth polishing wheels loose type buffing wheels are sewn only once around the arbor hole leaving the edges of the wheel free these 20-ply 1/4 thick polishing wheels are excellent for buffing and polishing metal

metal preparation and finishing polishers and buffers formax buffing wheel compounds these buffing compounds are formulated specifically to create a high luster finish and remove stains and frost marks red jewelers rouge is a 1-1/2 x 11/2 x 7 bar and all other compounds measure 2 x 2 x 10 description product price black emery 873-844 5.79 formulated with sharp cutting aluminum oxide abrasives and developed for use with sisal/cloth buffing wheels forster polishing roll the forster polishing roll is a multi-purpose cleaning and polishing product that comes in one continuous length that can be cut or trimmed to size the silicon carbide impregnated material helps prevent rust and can be washed and reused roll measures approximately 2 x 24 629-452 7.09 black excello 432-507 6.39 general purpose buffing formula for all types of stainless steel blue moon rouge 777-733 6.39 general purpose compound for high-luster color buffing on stainless steel aluminum brass wood clear lacquer

bluing parkerizing and finishing metal preparation and finishing agi parkerizing kit with step-bystep video a complete parkerizing kit that provides excellent results at home or in the shop includes enough cleaner degreaser and neutralizer to parkerize several guns color is controlled to produce a dark gray or a charcoal black as desired ideal for refinishing military or sporting firearms of all types includes agi s 46-minute instructional video that makes parkerizing easy you will be shown agi s methods step-by-step including preparing the metal degreasing tank set-up how to mix the finish what parts should never be parkerized touchups neutralizing and reassembly 731-489 59.99 du-lite complete firearms bluing system this complete system includes just about everything to blue up to 100 long guns it features 4 steel bluing tanks that measure 6 x 9 x 40 the tanks are held by a solid angle-iron tank stand to eliminate the danger of tipping heat is provided by two 39,000 btu/hr gas b

metal preparation and finishing bluing parkerizing and finishing lauer lcw parkerizing solutions manganese phosphate is ideal for firearms that must perform under adverse weather conditions the porous surface lends itself to absorption of oil or spray-on/bake-on finishes zinc phosphate is especially suited as an undercoating for lcw duracoat firearm finishes this dull non-glare gray coating is perfect for hunting guns or for replicating a military finish just degrease blast and immerse parts in the solution then oil or coat with a finish such as lcw duracoat manganese phosphate charcoal to black product price 16 oz liquid 350-951 6.59 1 gallon liquid 245-936 30.99 zinc phosphate gray product price 16 oz liquid 165-481 7.09 1 gallon liquid 122-455 25.99 lauer lcw duracoat firearms finish duracoat s unique combination of chemical and water resistance adhesion and abrasion resistance hardness and impact resistance are unmatched can be applied to ferrous metals alloys synthetic

bluing parkerizing and finishing metal preparation and finishing lauer lcw duracoat camocoat camopak firearm finishing kits lauer lcw duracoat clear finish duracoat clear can be applied over duracoat colors bluing stainless color case hardening etc for enhanced protection from rust and corrosion must be applied with an airbrush conventional automotive spray gun or a high volume low pressure hvlp system can be mixed to give a matte to high gloss finish description product price 2 oz liquid 172-501 17.49 4 oz liquid 810-024 27.49 urban urban mirageflage vietnam tiger stripe wilderness mirageflage winter twig woodland prestige woodland signature afghan amstripe belgian desert mirageflage desert storm marsh snow signature underbrush lauer lcw duracoat firearms aerosol finish kit contains duracoat hardener and sprayer with propellant duracoat and hardener must be mixed 4 oz description product price matte black 397-131 24.99 semi-gloss black 605-701 27.99 each camopak comes with

late additions brass and bullets speer rifle bullets 22 caliber 224 dia quantity .product price 40 gr spp 250 823-454 22.49 40 gr spp 500 128-210 42.49 40 gr spp 1000 644-328 79.99 40 gr spp 2000 739-491 148.99 50 gr tnt hp 250 234-827 24.49 50 gr tnt hp 500 376-848 45.99 50 gr tnt hp 2000 413-853 148.99 52 gr hp 250 173-275 25.49 52 gr hp 500 722-442 47.99 52 gr hp 2000 917-915 172.99 52 gr m hp bt 250 949-460 28.49 52 gr m hp bt 500 913-621 50.99 52 gr m hp bt 1000 416-390 95.99 52 gr m hp bt 2000 155-222 176.99 55 gr spt 250 642-240 22.49 55 gr spt 500 511-944 42.49 55 gr spt 2000 899-226 145.99 55 gr spt with cannelure 250 356-580 25.49 55 gr spt with cannelure 500 895-501 47.99 55 gr spt with cannelure 1000 212-843 87.99 55 gr spt with cannelure 2000 175-910 163.99 62 gr fmj bt with cannelure 250 161-538 28.99 62 gr fmj bt with cannelure 500 938-167 52.99 62 gr fmj bt with cannelure 1000 628-108 99.99 62 gr fmj bt with cannelure 200

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