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5875 West Van Horn Tavern Road
Columbia, MO 65203-9274 USA

phone: 001.573.447.5116
fax: 001.573.445.6093

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handgun iron open sights sights bo-mar dan wesson revolver sights these steel sights install easily onto dan wesson revolvers using the factory holes no gunsmithing required fully adjustable with a longer sight radius for increased accuracy front sights are .125 wide rear sight finish product price target blade blue 814-287 68.99 front sights finish product price .500 height blue 171-644 17.99 .550 height blue 449-951 17.99 bo-mar 1911 front sights bo-mar front sights feature solid steel construction and are .125 wide for fast target acquisition with a wide tennon stake-on design gunsmith fitting will be required a b fast draw finish product price .210 height a blue 427-687 11.49 .230 height blue 187-956 11.49 .3125 height blue 219-243 11.49 undercut finish product price .250 height b blue 262-076 11.49 .280 height blue 257-759 11.29 .3125 height blue 325-226 11.49 bo-mar ruger mark 1 2 adjustable sights for ruger mark 1 and 2 with 5-1/2 bu

handgun iron open sights sights heinie straight 8 night sight sets straight 8 night sights consist of a tritium dot on the front sight and a slightly smaller tritium dot on the rear sight which glow in the dark when aligning this sight picture put one dot on top of the other dot making an elongated figure 8 the traditional has a vertical rear sight and the slantpro is slanted forward for an improved sight picture both are serrated to eliminate glare and feature a contoured shape which makes them snag resistant for concealed carry gunsmith installation required slantpro finish product price 1911 with heinie cuts pictured blue 805-202 121.99 1911 with kimber cuts blue 723-009 121.99 browning hi-power blue 637-719 121.99 all glock models except 36 blue 709-794 102.99 glock 36 blue 144-140 102.99 sig sauer p220 p229 blue 689-979 102.99 sig sauer p225 p226 p228 p239 blue 285-778 102.99 traditional finish product price 1911 with heinie cuts blue 559-061 121.99 brow

handgun iron open sights sights novak 1911 rear sights millett series 100 front sights a b c snag-proof novak-style sights that fit standard 1911 rear sight dovetails sturdy steel construction fitting may be required gunsmith installation is recommended a b sights are designed to install in the same way as the factory original pin-on type sights will require locating and drilling the hole for the cross pin beretta sights fit over the original front sight and require drilling for cross pin beretta 84 85 92s 92sb finish product price orange bar matte 725-467 19.99 plain serrated matte 219-286 19.99 browning hi-power 0.340 dovetail front finish product price orange bar matte 175-067 12.99 white dot matte 396-553 12.99 colt python finish product price orange bar matte 499-478 11.99 colt trooper finish product price orange bar matte 485-713 11.99 dan wesson finish product price orange bar matte 405-627 12.99 ruger gp 100 super redhawk finish product pri

handgun iron open sights sights sti 1911 sight set with tritium inserts these 3-dot sights feature tritium inserts one piece blade and dovetail front sight sti front sight cut with standard bo-mar cut in the rear requires installation by qualified gunsmith description finish product price adjustable blue 418-864 119.99 fixed pictured blue 972-429 86.99 truglo brite-site sight sets brite-site handgun sights feature a 3-dot design for fast target acquisition and are available in 3 configurations fiber optic sight sets consist of high contrast front and rear sights for daylight shooting tritium sight sets consist of 3 tritium inserts that glow in the dark for low light situations the combination tritium fiber optic sets contain both tritium and fiber optic technology for excellent visibility in all lighting situations all sights are green except the fiber optic front sight which is red durable steel construction fiber optic finish product price 1911 kimber front and rear cuts

rifle and shotgun iron open sights sights brockman s marlin generation 3 winged adjustable sights a dpms ar-15 front sight posts description product price a1 round style pictured 114-551 2.39 a2 square style 373-128 4.39 a2 national match 463-361 10.79 dcm-cmp 844-511 13.79 extended front sight post 810-857 15.79 levang aperture 281-804 22.99 sights are cnc machined from steel bar stock and feab ture compact wings to protect the sight in thick cover the peep rear sight features an adjustable windage and elevation screw and a removable aperture insert the front sight has a screw-lock elevation adjustable sight post to ensure zeroing with a wide range of bullet weights drop-in for the marlin 336 444 1894 and 1895 lever action rifles but easily adapted to many other rifles and shotguns mounting screws included description finish product price peep rear sight a black 572-708 124.99 front sight b black 387-944 74.99 dpms ar-15 ashley front sight posts drop-in front sight replac

rifle and shotgun iron open sights sights lyman 20 globe front sights these steel sights feature a large 7/8 diameter tube that offers the shooter a large field of view includes 2 post and 5 aperture inserts accepts other anschutz-style inserts height given is measured from bottom of dovetail to center of aperture 0.375 dovetail finish product price 0.825 high blue 510-642 35.99 0.700 high blue 511-517 37.99 accessory product price insert set 766-991 13.29 marble s rear sights semi-buckhorn these steel sights were offered as a full buckhorn factory-installed option on many early winchester lever action rifles flat-top they feature a unique double step elevation adjustment and a reversible sight notch piece with both u-shaped and v-shaped notches for precision sighting carbine-style blade is 1-7/8 long and the rifle-style blade is 2-3/4 long lyman 93 match globe front sight fits the target sight dovetail mounting block commonly used on many match rifles features a

rifle and shotgun iron open sights sights meprolight tru-dot tritium sight set meprolight tru-dot sights are up to 20 brighter than other tritium sights the front dot is slightly brighter than the rear sight to help the shooter focus on the target light tubes are sealed with a patented bonding process that makes them impervious to solvents and oils and the sight bodies are constructed of steel tru-dot sights have a 12-year illumination warranty set color finish product price ar-15 a2 green front/green rear matte 796-210 79.99 front sight color finish product price ar-15 green matte 227-768 34.99 ruger mini-14 green matte 441-638 39.99 necg classic express sights and bases unfinished express sights feature a standing blade and folding leaf blades sight requires purchase of separate base the base height listed is to bottom of dovetail both sights and bases are steel and unfinished in the white blades are supplied flat to allow for customization with a v or u notch sigh

rifle and shotgun iron open sights sights schuster ar-15 national match rear sight aperture hood protector vinyl tube slips over the extended rear sight aperture to protect lens from being scratched black 884-634 1.99 truglo tru-point shotgun front sights machined metal fiber optic front sight sits close to the rib and features interchangeable green red yellow and orange fiber optic inserts description finish product price benelli super black eagle m1 super 90 with 5/16 vent rib matte 338-943 30.99 beretta field grade with 6mm vent rib matte 459-713 30.99 mossberg winchester with 3/8 vent rib matte 544-971 30.99 remington with 1/4 vent rib matte 645-278 30.99 ruger red label matte 764-351 30.99 springfield armory m1a match sight kit designed for the m1a rifle this kit is complete and ready to install the all steel rear sight has 1/2 minute windage and elevation sight adjustments and a hooded peep the kit also includes a replacement front sight matte 116-391 154.99 trug

rifle and shotgun iron open sights sights williams wgos guide open sight bases these bases are milled from high tensile strength aluminum alloy and include 6 x 48 mounting screws they feature dovetailed elevation and windage adjustments designed to be adaptable to a variety of firearms and may require drilling and tapping rifle requires the use of a williams rear sight blade sold separately description finish product price small matte 735-321 16.29 hole spacing .5625 fits .660 730 barrel dia williams muzzleloader rifle front ramp fire sights front sight features a high visibility fiber optic fire sight blade integrated into the ramp which makes it less susceptible to damage fits dovetail slot made of steel and aluminum height listed includes dovetail octagon finish product price .450 high .531 width blue 650-370 15.99 .500 high .531 width blue 582-500 15.99 .550 high .531 width blue 289-091 15.99 round finish product price .450 high .531 width blue 672

shotgun beads sights galazan ivory front and rear shotgun beads handmade ivory sights for high-grade shotguns feature tapered drive-in metal bases front sight approximate diameter .135 rear sight approximate diameter .080 648-273 29.99 necg shotgun bead these genuine ivory beads will look great on any shotgun 6 x 48 threads in two sizes description product price .157 dia bead 295-691 10.49 .197 dia bead 298-426 10.49 lyman shotgun beads lyman shotgun sights are equipped with oversized ivory-like beads which are easy to see under any light conditions and can be fitted in minutes number 10 sights press fit are for use on double barrels screw fit are for non-ribbed single barrel guns gunsmith installation required description threads product price front sight #10 bead press fit pictured n/a 759-613 5.79 front sight #10d bead screw fit 6 x 48 764-116 5.79 middle sight #11 bead press fit n/a 764-305 5.79 williams shotgun beads gold and silver replacement shotgun beads i

sights sight pushers and adjusters b j machine pi glock front sight combination tool tool is made from steel and has a hollow pin punch on one end and a hex driver on the other 724-147 18.99 millett dual-crimp stake-on sight installation complete tool set necessary for the correct installation of millett dualcrimp and stake-on style front sights kit includes application tool modified vice-grips drill jig 3/16 cobalt drill 3/16 carbide drill carbide reverse countersink slide bushings file guide and plastic box complete instructions included 269-426 169.99 b j machine pi model 500 universal sight tool this tool is designed to remove install and adjust front and rear dovetail sights for semi-auto handguns this tool can be used by hand or it can be used in a bench vise for sights that are extra tight tool comes with 2 sight tips 1/4 round and 1/4 square steel and polymer construction 163-458 122.99 smith wesson revolver rear sight installation tool this handy tool is used to

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